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Scenarios Listed By Difficulty

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Here is a list of all the scenarios currently listed in the CSR, organized according to difficulty level.


Low: A Band of Wanderers | An Apology | Back To Normal | Bandits | Changing Faces | Deadly Goblins | Destiny | Earthward Road | Farmhands Save The Day!! | Johnny Favourite | Justice | Masks | Nephil's Gambit | Northern Kingdom 0: Prologue | On a Ship to Algiers | Pilgrimage to Thrakos | Riddle of the Spheres | The Fog | The Foolish Giant | The Magnificent Six | To The Quick | Treacherous Waters | Trouble in Mendor | Two Strands | Valley of Dying Things


Low (Prefab Party): Chains | Corporeus | Dirty Gold | Emulations | Quintessence | Roots | The Election | The Nephils' Defense | Zankozzie's Big Mistake


Medium: Adventurer's Club 2: Asylum | A Small Rebellion | Doom Moon | Lost Hope | Prelude to an Island's Song | Quest for the Orbs | The Draining | The Duke of Rahaxy | The Leaving | The Orb of Hayune | Under the God's Hand


High: 100 Evil Sliths | A Gathering Storm | Aftershocks | Amazonian Saga | Brotherhood of the Hand | Demon | Eye for an Eye | Falling Stars | Goblin Attacks | Islands of the Wheel | Lamentations | New Life | Nightfall | Of Good and Evil | Pyramids | Quests of the Spheres | Requelle's Nightmare | River and Leaf | Rubacus | Shadow of the Stranger | The Dark Side of the Moon | The Forsaken | The Hut of Baba Yaga | The Icy Tunnels | The Isle of Boredom | The Lost Expedition | The Nature of Evil | The Za-Khazi Run | Truffle Days


High (Prefab Party): Echoes: Assault | Nebulous Times Hence


Very High: The Adventurer's Club 1: The Presence | Adventurer's Club 3: Retribution (has 2 threads) | At the Gallows | Bandits II: Ballad of the Red Star | Demon Island II | Doom Moon II: Dragon's Revenge | Echoes: Black Horse | Redemption | Revenge | Spears | Tatterdemalion | The Big Combat | The Lost Tunnels: Part II | Tomorrow | Wreck of the Slug


Very High (Prefab Party): Areni | The Crusaders | The Final Spire


No Listed Difficulty: Attack of the Black Mark Cabbages | Oreh's Legacy | Quest for the Gems | The Cherth Campaign | Lords of Arkon | The Town of Sifeloth | Destiny of the Spheres | The Lost Tunnels: Part I | Mortishire | HammerKeep | Wolf in the Fold | Echoes | Kalloskagathos | The Expedition | The Green and Good Tavern | War Preparations | War of Exile | Savior's Day | The Great War | Avalon | Sir Psycho Sexy | The Fifth Tower of Magi (Utility) | Revenge of Thinshadow | Demon Island | Liberation | The Killing Cave | Terror from the Park | tehGRICH!!! | New Market City (Utility) | Zero Point* | Portal (Utility) | The Seventh Plague |

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Since mods put in the work to migrate all the scenario reviews, I went through and fixed the links, and added ones which weren't there or I missed before.


This was supposed to help find scenarios to play at specific party levels, so this time I also separated prefab party scenarios into their own lists (based on keywords).

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Hi! I just saw this. "The Scenario" (which doesn't seem to be listed), "The Killing Cave", and "Terror From The Park" can all be classified as Low difficulty. None of them have any real combat. They're "humorous" novelty scenarios.

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