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A Gathering Storm

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I liked it


In a time where it seems people want a monster behind every door, a special on each step they take, I think Janet did a fine job in establishing the atmosphere of her scenario. It is somewhat rough in terms of guiding the user, which may cause you to spend extra time wandering around, and I think this is where the label 'boring' comes from.


I give this Average

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This scenario was fascinating, although I found it difficult to follow the plot at times - it took so long to get from one place to the other that I usually forgot previous directions or clues on the way somewhere... I felt at times that the towns were far too large. The custom graphics were very impressive. With more details and more clues on where to go next, I think I could have enjoyed this scenario more. Good

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I actually really enjoyed this. The only time I felt there was a lack of direction was the part where you had to go to Manuka Island. Otherwise, it was actually quite easy. I'm not sure I understand the 'no motivation' complaint. Graphics were, of course, extremely well done, with some stunning dialogues. The writing was often quite creative as well, and for once I liked the ending(s). Akarana's design was very good - there were buildings you don't see in other scenarios: stockyards, a school, a dyeworks.


The absence of punctuation pissed me off, though, and there were several things I just didn't understand. The island clans, while interesting, didn't seem to me to be particularly effective, and some of the towns were much too large, particularly the Abbey. I personally liked the fact that the tunnels were so long, however - it's more realistic that you have to trudge through small valleys, down paths, than that you gallop across an island in no time at all.

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I loved this scenario, the graphics were simply gorgeous and the world and it's people were detailed. I can see how some people have to be motivated to explore but I don't have to be, I love exploring everywhere in a scenario.


Marks were deducted for the lack of exit scenario special item. This doesn't need to be in a scenario but I feel that it would be a nice touch because in several places of the scenario you may get stuck (Remember the escape from the jail?) and have no choice but to go via the Character editor and remove your party possibly wrecking the file.


Another reason this lost marks is that you are not told important things. Like how was I supposed to know that you had to be wearing guard pants and armor to get into the Logging Camp without a fight. I only figured this out because I didn't unequip the guard armor. When you got to the logging camp we could have been told something like " The guards don't let you pass. If you had some way to look like one of the guards you may be able to enter "


I give this scenario Good

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