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Spiderweb Software Code of Conduct

These forums provided by Spiderweb Software as a place for players and fans to discuss the games and interact with each other. They are expected to remain appropriate for anyone who may read them, from young children to septuagenarian Eskimos. In order to keep these boards a friendly and helpful place, all members are expected to follow rules, most of which are common sense and courtesy.



1. Cause no harm.
These boards are paid for by Spiderweb Software, a small three-person company run primarily by a guy trying to feed his family. Using this board as a means to solicit, distribute, or discuss cracks or keys will result in immediate, permanent banning! Do not post unauthorized copyrighted material, sexually explicit material of any kind, or about any illegal activities. These boards are not meant for unauthorized solicitation of other products, and all such postings shall be removed. Again, this is a three person company and these forums help them stay in business.

2. Be family friendly, and be just plain friendly!
Make people feel welcome, especially new members. Don't use obscenities in any language, including masked or abbreviated obscenities, or post links to inappropriate material. Please avoid strong language on topics that are sensitive to others. Above all, do not make posts that that harass, belittle, humiliate, threaten or cause embarrassment to any member and any hate speech against a certain group of people, due to their religion, gender, sex, sexual orientation, nationality, etc.

3. Keep the boards clean.
This means posts should be relevant to the topic of the forum and should group similar topics into a single post. Within posts, please try to follow the flow of the conversation. Let old topics lie unless you wish to continue the discussion. Please adhere to rules of grammar and spelling, and please avoid distracting animated avatars and text. Solicitation is not permitted.


Punishment of Infractions

Behavior in violation of the Code of Conduct is dealt with by the moderators and administrators of these boards. Minor violations lead warnings. Repeated violations will result in disciplinary action, including temporary or permanent banning. There is no hard rule for how many warnings one can receive before receiving punishment; this depends on how many infractions and how close together they occur. Serious violations may result in immediate, permanent banning.



Members are solely responsible for all use of their accounts and any posts by them. To prevent unwanted use by others, please use the Logout feature and protect your password.

Information that you post on these forums is available for anyone in the world to see, and once it's online it could be copied by anyone and reposted anywhere, making it very difficult to remove. Don't post other people's real names, pictures or other personal details without their permission, and think carefully about how much of your own personal information you're willing to share with the world: ask yourself whether what you're posting could expose you to harassment or other trouble in real life.

Leave rules enforcement to the moderators and administrators. You are welcome to point out behavior that you believe is inappropriate or that makes you uncomfortable, and you may of course point out to members if they are not following the rules. Moderators and administrators are expected to behave appropriately and impartially, including following all of the rules of membership and not abusing their powers, among which are editing and deleting posts, locking and moving threads, and banning. If you have a complaint about a moderator or administrator, you should email the complaint and any questions to an administrator or to spidweb@spiderwebsoftware.com.

The rules apply to public and private posts equally: while administrators never go through others' private messages without reason, if anyone brings problematic private messages to our attention they will be held to the same standards of politeness and courtesy as all public posts.

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