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  2. Yeah, I'm going to include detailed changelogs, credits, etc. in the next ZIP. I'm just kinda sluggish about improvements right now, yet stubborn enough to believe I'll get it done quickly. The biggest changes I'm planning to make to New Market City are some modifications to the party-leveling feature to make it a little simpler and more intuitive, and adding a small library with advanced tips as well as some of Jeff's jokes. I'm going to move the Tip Of The Day jokes there to make room for actual tips in the Tip Of The Day feature. I'm trying to make the game easier to understand
  3. Many thanks for the confirmation, Milu! It’s not always easy to determine whether work is being used with the appropriate permissions, which is one reason I just wanted to check the proposed modifications were all above board. The best way to check is directly from the creator, of course! So thanks for chipping in! Nice work on your scenarios, by the way. They’re well put together, very comprehensive, and with a good amount of attention paid to fun, little details. They’re great packages! Just out of curiosity, Almighty Doer of Stuff, what modifications are
  4. It also makes it easier for Jeff to partially obscure objects with nearby walls and shrubbery.
  5. Just that you're offset above your character who may be walking in a straight line for/from your perspective, but the map/ground is twisted 45 degrees to one side. Probably a leftover from the old hex mapping days.
  6. I'm not sure I understand what you're saying here. I usually play isometric RPG's, since the viewpoint where you see out of the character's eyes (not sure what the name for that is, since I never use it) generally gives me motion sickness. But the maps for those other isometric games are usually oriented in the conventional way.
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  8. Probably tied into the isometric viewpoint of the player
  9. Thank you so much for this phenomenally useful guide! I know you're the Grand Old Man of the forum here, so people expect you to know everything, but writing this out must have been a LOT of work, and you deserve MASSIVE thanks. W WNW NW NNW N WSW CW CNW CN NNE SW CSW C CNE NE SSW CS CSE CE ENE S SSE SE ESE E Any idea WHY Jeff chose to make the map in a non-standard way? I have to remind myself a dozen times an hour that East is in what I would think of as the South, and West is what I would think of as the North. The T
  10. I'm also glad to see this project is still alive
  11. I'm glad to see that people have still found my scenario(s) useful! I give my permission to modify and distribute my scenarios under the GNU GPL 3.0 licence. (I'd release new versions if I had the time, but unfortunately, at the moment, I don't.)
  12. You don't necessarily need a license in order to have permission to use someone's work, absolutely. If there's no license, and they give you permission, that's just fine. (You can't use a license unless the license actually applies. That means the requirements for the license need to be met. This depends on the license but might include things like the original release stating the license and including the full text of the license.) Finally, if we're talking about modifying and distributing somebody else's creative work as a new version of that work, please operate b
  13. I'm confused. It seems there is a clash between points 1 & 2, and point 3? Could you clarify, please? Oh, you mean I can't claim a license unless it's publicly proclaimed, but if I in good faith believe I'm free to use it, I can state that in a note with the content without mentioning a particular license, with the understanding that the author may request I stop modifying/distributing it?
  14. ADoS, given the immense confusion in this thread, I'm just going to go ahead and make a clear proclamation about what you need to do for anything you are linking to off the forums. I think this is uncontroversial but if you'd like to it to work differently, just say so and the mods can have a discussion and get back to you. - If you have email permission to use somebody's work as-is, and there's no evidence suggesting otherwise (or that there are license issues), that's fine. - If you have email permission to distribute a modified version of somebody's work, and there'
  15. Should I request for Milu to state it in a post here? I'm emailing her because having looked closely at the email, it's clear the graphics are CC-BY-SA but it's not so clear about the scenario. She said we can "use" it. I'd like to go by the books as much as possible but I also don't want to be a pest. Tim Farland, Luz Piazuelo, and Andrew Hunter likewise gave us permission to use their graphics, via private communication. For Luz, it's via PM on this forum, but for Tim and Andrew, it's only through email... For Andrew Hunter, neither he nor Jeff Vogel could remember who owned the rights to th
  16. ...this is exactly why licenses are stated with the release. An offhand comment in an email does not a license create.
  17. My mistake, it's CC-BY-SA. I just checked the email. Good thing I haven't tried sharing a modified version yet. But the fact remains that... ...the scenario copyright is not the same. You're not to blame. Seems simple enough. https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/ I hope including the emails in a document distributed with the modified scenario is sufficient.
  18. Milu hasn't released their work under GNU GPL 3.0 if all they've done is say that in an email. At the very least there needs to be a notice included with the released file that spells out the license. It looks like you are also supposed to include the text of the license itself, which makes sense. There's a whole list of requirements if you look up the license itself: https://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.txt Note there's a section there on the requirements for releasing modified versions as well. But the original release has to meet the license req
  19. There are two versions of New Market City, both in that archive. I don't know what the difference is. Those are Milu's unmodified versions. Milu has released all their BoE work under GNU GPL 3.0, including scenarios and graphics, as communicated to me via email, upon my request. When I modify and include that scenario, I will include the appropriate notes. Given that it was communicated via email, is there some special protocol I should use to make it known?
  20. I would just add that if it actually is GNU GPL 3.0, permission to distribute derivatives is conditional based on using the same license, which you don't seem to have done here. (Unless this is the original, I can't tell.) And -- as I exhorted in the other thread -- if you're distributing a modified version of something and not the original, THAT NEEDS TO BE CRYSTAL CLEAR. Where you link it for download, and in the downloaded item itself. I genuinely can't tell if what you've linked here is your modified version or the original.
  21. With the mention of Sharyn's "3 big mistakes" during her earlier reign with Sacramentum being one I assumed with that we would get 3 Queen's Wish games each dealing with one of those in unique regions with our initial protagonist being the "troubleshooter" to Sutter's "heir/successor" and Delia's "sage/advisor". Also having the story being wildly different due to our earlier choice could complicate QW2 and if we had to use decisions from both games to create the story for QW3 (if it happens) would be extremely taxing for the size of the Spiderweb team. My guess would be
  22. Can I just check your source for linking this particular licence to the two New Market City scenarios? I’m asking because I was a little surprised to read this. I don’t recall any mention of a licence being connected to these scenarios before. I had a check of my copies, and of the copies hosted on the website you linked to in your post, and I couldn’t find any mention of a licence in those packages either. That worries me a little – if a package is released under a given licence, I would usually expect this to be explicitly stated in the package itself. Of course, it m
  23. It's worth noting that while each faction of Serviles wants you to do something different in the endgame, it's not exactly right to describe the endings as tied to factions- it's possible to get the Trajkov ending without ever joining the Takers, or to get the Obeyer ending having joined the Awakened, etc. What matters is what you do in the endgame, and which faction leaders are alive at the end of the game. Also maybe worth noting: While each successive Geneforge game establishes certain events from the prior game as canon, the canon series of events never precisely matches up wit
  24. The sluggishness is the only problem I notice under OTVDM. I don't know how to stop it, but hopefully it's not too bad. It's a little bit annoying but it doesn't disrupt my life much. Valley of Dying Things, A Small Rebellion, and The Za-Khazi Run, in that order, as they are listed in the Start Scenario menu. The stories are independent, but in terms of party level progression, that order should get you in the right place. There are high-level party builders out there if you want just the right level parties for any given scenario. Some are built to be paired with scenarios, althou
  25. Thanks for the commentary googoogjoob, I was really surprised by the Trajkov ending. As my first spiderweb game, I'm happy that it's left me in a place where I actually want to use my current game to explore as many of the other endings as possible. Plenty of other RPGs where I'd pretty much be done with the game right now. I'm anxious to see what happens when I return to the shapers with news of a still-active geneforge. The big question is, is there any ending where the Obeyers actually come out on top (or at least not completely wrecked)? I feel like what they are actually,
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  27. Interesting! You know Jeff has done a good job when people's real emotions and real ethical values are engaged when they play.
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