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  2. One odd thing I found is that cursed studded armor gains a -5 penalty from being cursed, which unlike the other cursed armors gives it a negative value and actually causes it to loop around and have a really ludicrous defence stat, like 256 or something. I think this is only a visual bug - it never seemed to give me a massive AC boost - but I'm not entirely sure. Also, I noticed that Scrolls of Ice Bolt will poison you!
  3. Hi, all. I just bought the big Spiderware bundle on Steam (I've been playing these games for years, but took a hiatus, so I'd never played the Avadon series). The bundle includes the Avadon 3 hintbook (none of the others, for some reason) as DLC. But I've never used Steam before, so (although I've been able to log-in and have poked around the Steam app and the website and have been able to play the games), I have absolutely no idea how to access the Avadon 3 hintbook. I know I'm probably being stupid, but I've already spent a lot of time on this so I'll be grateful if anyone can release me fro
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  5. btw just saw these creatures at opengameart.org and I thought it may fit in with the geneforge universe, what do you guys think
  6. My reading tends to be lighter. I am currently reading David Drake and Eric Flint's Bellisarius series. David Drake really likes ancient Mediterranean cultures and it is interesting so far.
  7. Okay so I am doing many jobs and mini quests and I think this is helping me acquire enough experience and items that should help. My characters are much stronger. I think I went way too soon.
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  9. It's a damn difficult area. I haven't beaten Mutagen (because lack of free time) but I recall the strategy I used in the original Geneforge. Kill one of the spawners as fast as possible if able and run towards to exit to reset the area. Each time through will be a little bit easier because there will be (hopefully) one less spawner.
  10. I tried both the Daze spell and the batons, of which there are many. The problem is that large crowds of tough enemies aren't dazed for long enough for my guy to actually kill people when new enemies are rushing in. He can daze them, but he runs out of energy before he can kill them. This is particularly true in the Ice Walls where the spawners are creating new enemies every round.
  11. I only remember fighting the demon in my Barzite playthrough. It was at the end and by then I had the Omnicharm, multiple stat boosting items, and had consumed all canisters, so I was pretty overpowered
  12. I do hope that the demons would be more involved with the plot in the remake than it did in the original.
  13. Daze is a mind 1 spell, everyone can do it.
  14. Never fought that demon in GF2. Always postponing it till I ended the game.
  15. There should be journal entries for the boss enemies when they die like in the later Geneforges. For instance, the Rotting Demon could be "The Demon stumbles around, then throws its hands into the sky and lets out a scream. You cover your ears because of how painfully loud it is. The Demon then melts into a puddle of foul smelling ooze. You see something solid that remains, a claw"
  16. The gloves work great for single targets, but crowd control has always needed the spray baton or daze which isn't that effective in those zones. Raise missile weapons is the cheapest way to get through the remaining areas where melee isn't effective.
  17. Sorry I disappeared, Real Life has been a horror show. Fortunately I'm starting a new job soon, and so will have less constant worry about money (though also less free time). Anyway. Another one that really bothers me is melee weapon damage scaling with strength, but thrown and archery damage not scaling with anything. Obvious fix is to have those scale with Dexterity the same way melee scales with Strength. However I think I'd prefer Dexterity just affecting hit chance, and Archery and Throwing affecting damage, for balance reasons. Also Archery should add the bonus on the laun
  18. So, I am giving up on a Guardian run on Torment with the Feisty Slap gloves. The previous run was an Agent who basically became a demi-goddess by the time she reached the Geneforge. The Guardian is getting killed in the Sealed Labs and Ice Walls because he can't handle crowds worth a darn. By the time I get his strength to the point (7) that the gloves, with two charges, are effective, he has given up so many points in other attributes that he is depending on Spray Batons for crowd control. They aren't doing the job. So, either the Guardian needs more magic or I need to
  19. My creations are more powerful than me, so in the rare case they turn on me, I usually die.
  20. Yes I basically didn't do anything on the Job Board. I think that I am used to Exile 3 where I sort of ignored that in favour of the bigger storyline elements and it worked out fine. I may have to give some of these jobs a shot; I did think I was advancing quickly. I actually did give some mage skill to my priest but that was my only character which was very diversified.
  21. So the 5 3 5 5 are your levels? Seriously, how did you get all the way over to the cave without gaining any experience? Again, it's been a while since I've played but I don't think they were that low before I crossed the bridge leaving the Ft Monastery area (? starting place anyway). Did you skip the Goblin Complex, Grindstone, & all the other things in that area? Between that & assorted job board quests there should be plenty of leveling opportunities. Anyway, back to party building. In addition to the priest levels I also tend to give everyone a point in m
  22. In retrospect, the priest spells would have been a good idea. At this point, I am not sure when I will be adding in that factor as skill points are quite few and far between. Yes I am playing A4, I neglected to mention. I'll try taking out the pylons one by one from a sheltered line of sight, that's a good strategy. I actually completed the entire cave and managed to survive in the final battle with 1 pylon left, but, it took a lot of tries so I have the sense that my team is quite weak. I've decided to go around killing stuff elsewhere to increase my levels a little bit.
  23. The point is not to extrapolate all mechanics into the setting, it is to opt to reconcile them when one has the option. For starters, it makes for a more interesting world than the alternative. Control has not been a relevant mechanic for me in Mutagen. I put a bunch of points into essence, I make as many very high-level creations as possible, and it's fine.
  24. Discipline Blade is the only item that gives that much of a bonus for fighter skills. Others are only +1 or +2 to a single skill. Having Adrenaline Rush is extremely useful for quick fights where you can cast several area effect spells in one round to take out groups. It is usually recommended since you can wait out the cool down period between those fights.
  25. Thanks @Randomizer I am currently at level 20. My mage and priest respectively have 19 points in mage and priest spells Does it make sense to put all remaining points into fighter tree bases for Adrenalin Rush? I have the discipline blade that put +5 toward discipline, is there anymore item like that in the game?
  26. As Slarty has wisely said to me back when I made more or less the same argument, "The game mechanics in Geneforge very, very rarely do a good job of reflecting the nuances of the world. If they did, let's face it, the Ashen Isles would have been overrun by Vlish..." (Shamelessly stolen from @Triumph's signature). GF1:M does a much better job with the Control of creations, but we're still a long way to go.
  27. Which game? (Avernum 4, 5, or 6) Is the 5 3 5 5 your current levels? (deleted) Ok, I remember it in 4 now & his cave is in the first third of the game - how did you manage to survive at such a low level going that far? Anyway, iirc (been a while) I had my magic users really stock up on energy potions, put them where you can't be seen by the Vahnatai & drop AoE spells (ice spray probably) onto him/the pylons. If he can't see you he won't attack (again, iirc) & you can chip away at him. Or ... send one guy to where he/she can be seen
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