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  2. No problem but do me a favor: Whenever someone presents art to you online in a forum, or as a game pack, and it's low quality, consider being honest and telling them. You wouldn't believe how many reddit forums I have been banned from, simply for saying someone's art pack or newbie artwork is clearly not as good as the vast amount of quality work available online. People have no sympathy for the user, who must sift through these garbage posts, and there is no sympathy for the hard work that skilled art requires. If you searched for art packs online, you won't find ones of high quality. It
  3. Thanks for confirming. That is a weird game decision -- Using the Charmed Plate enables one to DOMINATE when they cannot otherwise. Oh well.
  4. You cannot equip items if your weapon skill included points from items like the Guardian Cloak.
  5. I am perplexed that my character has 4-melee and 4-missile, but cannot equip items that require. For instance, to test, I just trained my character to 5-melee. But when I wish to equip the singing rapier, I get: 'Can't equip this item. Minimum Melee Training: 5'. What gives with this?
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  7. I am a shaper. With all the special equipment and a ur-Glaahk dominating an enemy at a time, I seem to handle all the baddies alright. Being an Avernum guy, I was used to getting to top up the stats on my players. But GF1 forces you to 'specialize' I would say. Thanks for your reply!
  8. Thanks! Hadn't noticed that.I usually have my inventory all filled up but had one slot left, now occupied with the Shaper's Belt.
  9. It is in a room in the very bottom very right part of the map. You have to defeat an opponent and press a hidden switch with tool use nine.
  10. You should get the Shaper's Belt as a reward in your inventory. If your inventory was full then it should be on the ground,
  11. The maximum level in the game that you can reach is 21. Depending on whether you read every codex and used the creation canisters as you found them or saved them for later since they always give 25 XP each, you might fall short. Using and/or destroying gives the Geneforge gives about a level depending upon your current level. You can reach level 19 before that doing all the other zones like you have been doing. The Inner Shaper Crypt gives more experience and if you wait long enough the creations respawn for even more. The Sholai in the remaining places give decent expe
  12. Would like to collect the bounty for helping Toivo discover he is part octopus. But can't figure out where he was pointing to for my reward (under his desk???)
  13. I am level 17 so far, having cleared out most of the places. Remaining 'known' places: Spirit City (entering temple), slay Goettsch, Inner Crypt, Central Labs, Guarded Dock not done (just to give an idea of how much I have actually done.) Most of the map is green lines / locations. Never joined Takers (Awakened). Been wiping out Sholai and hope to do the game without joining Takers. Most combat against tough opponents is only putting my experience +1 - 4 or so. Really slow climb up the ladder. While I can take out everything, I had been hoping to get more abilities, more leaders
  14. Hello Redemption, I'm glad to see there are still people roaming those forums, i was a bit concerned they were too old to even get a reply I kinda reached the same conclusion after comparing files by files from that graphic mods and avernum 2 game. Noticed that some files are the same and can be replaced, but most of them a new graphical item would appear, or their place would be changed, or they would be completely changed and thus wouldn't be compatible. In the end I kept about 10% of the files. The art you just provided is amazing, thx a lot. And yes
  15. Huh, guess someone forget to put some blocked to monsters tiles next to the bar there. I always remember in E3 an evil acolyte shopkeeper that kept their default hostile attitude and you have to charm them to go shopping. Oppenheimer, on the surface in a town east of Kriszan, IIRC. And also one isolated road tile near the Inn of Blades.
  16. It's a south section that is east of the cell where you were imprisoned. It's been years since I played so I don't remember which side of the Crystal Soul room it is. There should be a sign or at least a rakshasa that you fought to identify the rooms.
  17. That, in fact, does not make me feel good. 😛 But I'm glad it works.
  18. O Almighty Doer of Stuff, You DO have almighty powers indeed, Your Grace (I know such language makes you feel good, so I'm buttering it heavily 😆). You answered my prayers with a heavenly advise that only the highest sages can fathom in the dark depths of obscurity in which us, miserable vermin, ignorant animalcules, insignificant specks of nothingness, struggle for their very survival in these black abysses that only Your light can penetrate. So I duly followed your advise, O wisest among the very wise, and as I expected from your infallible scrutiny into the deep rece
  19. Last week
  20. Thanks. That's a big part of why I did it. The denizens of this forum have been so helpful on Jeff's other games, I wanted to do something to contribute.
  21. Thank you so much, exactly the info I was looking for.
  22. I got a Phoenix Egg and all, went there, killed everyone. But, to get to the room that I presume the Crystal Soul is in, the "containement chamber", I a certain key, but I have no idea where it is! I have roamed all over that place and I found nothing! I'm completely stuck. How the heck do I get that damn key?!
  23. Faction choice isn't nearly as important as it was in the other Geneforge games. It's even possible to join all 3 factions without too much difficulty. But in terms of unique bonuses: Awakened: You get training that gives +1 to all combat skills. Obeyers: You get training that gives +1 to Create Fyora Takers: You get an amulet that allows you to bypass some of the most difficult maps. Probably the most useful for a pacifist character. There are some other, minor, bonuses, but for the most part your faction choice isn't a big deal.
  24. I just bought this great game and although I finished G1 back in the day I don't remember much. I am on my way to Pentil but am well aware I will have to make some decisions (so far I've been neutral. Which choice makes you more powerful? I think they must be equally balanced so no matter which side you choose you'll get the same power, am I right?
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