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  2. Please excuse if this question has been asked before, but if it has I can't find it. I have created a minor artifact and have plans to turn it into a major artifact eventually. I just found a Golden Crystal. So, the question is, will the effects of enhancing the minor artifact disappear or be carried over when I create the major artifact?
  3. So many months later I have finally had time to defeat the final boss in Avernum 4. I have to say that if you are patient, the final dungeon is easy enough (even with my Tool Skill maxed out at like level 5 or 6). My Vahnatai friends, whom I recruited to assist my in my final foray, I found to be fairly useless as they just got distracted and stayed behind, not helping me with any difficult fighting as I made my way through the level. The actual final battle, with hastes, blessings, invulnerability potions, summons and high defensive skills seemed to me to be relatively easy to survive (in fact my magic users were entirely unscathed). I am just sad that I couldn't leave after vanquishing the final foe, as I'm not sure if I completed every small quest I could (in fact, I definitely did not complete the cauldron dust quest as I did it in the wrong order) and I wanted to increase my tool skill to turn off some more of those machines. All this said, I feel like my characters were only really sufficiently strong by the very end of the game. Prior to getting into the Abyss I pretty much had to save after every hostile interaction. And this was on normal mode. On to Avernum 5 I guess, I am interested in a slightly different plot line (as this seemed very analogous to Exile 3 / Avernum 3).
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  5. I think that the tool tip may carry over from older games and mechanics. Per discussions on these boards and some experimentation on my part, caster level determines if you can learn a spell at all and then to read the level three spell book for a spell, you need a certain combination of Arcane Lore, Sage Lore, Vahnatai Lore, and two objects. Not to mention that for certain of the books you need particular levels of Move Mountains, Dispel Barrier, Clearances or quest steps to just get to the barrier. I believe that there are four spell books that Sage Lore does not help with, one of which requires 11 Arcane Lore to read. Those same four spell books due not receive the bonus from Vahnatai Lore.
  6. There are also some spells that Sage Lore does not work for learning the level 3 version. There are not a lot of them and you can get by without them, but they exist.
  7. I think that one is extremely hard, but possible if you get enough damage in before he can flee the last time. That is one of the scripted fights where actions occur as damage reaches a certain level. You can do them when stun or slow prevents the final part of the script from occurring. Sometimes your attacks will cause two scripted actions to occur as you go past two damage break points in the script.
  8. OK I now think the point in OP was a bit silly (yes Vahnatai have influences from Asian cultures, no the 80s attitude of catching up to Japan was probably not a factor), but this discussion of sliths is interesting! A two-tined spear for spearfishing makes a lot of sense for an amphibious race. (I've tried to make this post three times, here's hoping three posts don't show up...)
  9. Oh that's what's going on? I have +12 from three characters with Sage Lore, I was really surprised to find something I couldn't read. This is obnoxious, the in-game tooltips never would have led me to expect this... oh I guess it does say that Sage Lore counts as arcane lore for learning spells--I guess it didn't occur to me that there were uses of Arcane Lore besides learning spells.
  10. There are several scripted fights where you think you can do it differently, but you aren't able to do it. Some occur because Jeff altered them in beta testing so you can't kill a monster or others where the script read unkillable until you are at a certain point in the game like in Avernum 4. Enjoy trying to find a different way to do things and have extra saves from before when they don't work out.
  11. In the serpent cult, I had the bright idea that if I sanctified the altar, I wouldn't have to fight worms when I got upstairs, since after all the altar controls the worms. Nope. In Fort Haledon, I figured if I get through to the commander without killing any vahnatai, they'll stop attacking me. So I used daze adrenaline rush to run past everyone and get to the office and show the commander my orders. He's very embarrassed, but the vahnatai keep attacking me. So I run and escape town--in the end, no casualties .But when I talk to the commander, he still says he's responsible for their deaths. I kind of feel like this should have gotten me an extra eight or so vahnatai when we attack the ziggurat but I guess that's overcomplicated. Anyway, I guess there's a limit to how complicated the game's scripting can be, there can only be so many conditionals. Wondering if anyone else has had experiences like this.
  12. It seems that non-targeted damage spells i.e. divine retribution of inferno wands work on him even when not death cursed. I don't know whether they are supposed to work that way or if that was just an oversight by the programmers.
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  14. I don't care if I'm bumping an old thread with this – I just wanted to say this is absolutely amazing work. I love the world of Avernum so much, especially with these graphics. This render will make it so that I can always revisit it even if the games don't run anymore. Please do Avernum 3 and thank you so much!
  15. Yes it's not the ones in Gnass (They are my bros). You have to access these maps by going through some sub-sub-terranean tunnels. The first encounter you have is with some sliths conducting a ritual sacrifice when you emerge from the tunnels (This area and the map to the north: http://ironycentral.com/harehunter/Avernum4/Maps/M67_SlithLands.html). I appreciate that this game is quite old now. I am late to the party.
  16. The sliths in Glass are friendly. All others are hostile and you might find someone that might have an interest in Gnass or the Castle. It has been too long since I played it and can't remember more.
  17. Hello, is the slith 'fort' that is located roughly north of the castle area the subject of an assigned subquest in the game, or is it simply a place where you go in and kill a bunch of sliths in an unsolicited fashion? I feel like most of the quests in the area I have accomplished. Thanks for your input, Cinoo
  18. So I've been struggling my way lately through N:R and I think my thoughts mimic that of most people who've played it. I absolutely love the setting. I'm a big classic era geek. Being able to play both Romans and the peoples they conquered (with a bit of imagination this could all take place in Belgium under Ambiorix' uprising) is one of the most unique things in RPG. It takes effort to work my way through it but it's so worth it. I'm just struggling against an outdated UI. In the beginning, the FOV thing is so jarring, even after many hours. I'm so happy that the skill system is kinda similar to Avernum and Geneforge, because I'd be combatting that too. This game deserves to be remade. If not, one can dream that these games go open source when Jeff Vogel retires. Geneforge and Avernum aren't going to disappear any time soon, they will remain playable and comfortable, but Nethergate .... there's a day in the not-so-far future when nobody will play this gem anymore and that's a shame.
  19. I just opened up the project again and apparently it was made using the oldest version of Unity ever. (pre-2017, for those interested) It might be a while before I get it updated.
  20. Oh, my sanity left long ago. I just need to remove any frustrations interfering with my flow state. I knew about the cheat code but that, well, feels like cheating. Still, thanks for the offer. I better need that stone soon...
  21. The cheat code iampoor - Gain 500 gold. using shift-d and entering it into the pop-up box is still the easiest way to fix the problem. Most of the other ways to fix it involve editing a script in the game. Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. It interferes with enjoying the game.
  22. I bought 3 stone and now I'm regretting not having enough gold to upgrade a fort. : ( Is there a way I can edit my resources? I'm not looking for cheat codes, but a simple bad decision fix.
  23. I mean if we get play as either one side and have them duke it out at their full might, it would have been a wonderful rematch.
  24. Jeff hasn't mentioned anymore Geneforge games beyond the remakes.
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