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  1. TERROR'S MARTYR I like the part where the scenario is horrible; that is, I don't like it a whole lot. Poor
  2. BRUCE MITCHELL Too Monty Haul. Combat is way too easy after the free gifts, even before, as in the critical combat you can sit back and let Commander Joel kill them. Final reward includes infinite gold. Meant to be for very high party but a beginner party can complete it. Substandard
  3. THE ALMIGHTY DOER OF STUFF Buggy. The scenario was full of bugs. You don't have to do anything besides walk to Concord, talk to Commander Joel, walk to the Dragon's Den, talk to him again (you don't even have to kill the dragons, or the drakes guarding the den.), then raid the dragons' treasure room and get the supplies from all the cities. It was a serious Monty Haul, and it wasn't very fun. The mountains in the outdoors were also left in their default square formation, and Warrior's Grove was used. Not worth the time it takes to play, but better than some other really bad scenarios
  4. CORWIN This was my first scenario in BOE (other than the Vogel ones anyone remember bandit busywork?) and I'm sorry to say, it almost scared me off BOE. The plot makes little sense, there is no real explanation as to why your personal house (manor) is so extensive. Honestly if it's that well stocked, the PCs are probably major nobility. There is no explanation as to why exotic items are found in almost every locale, and the main plot of super tough goblins is in the end defeated by killing their king. No explanation given to why they got so tough or anything else. Lame. Poor
  5. MILU K I couldn't find any person who could buy my items (other than weapons) in the scenario. If there is one, I'd be glad to know about it... The town design is nice and I considered that one of the strengths of the scenario. However, there are some things that would require polishing and/or fixing. There is a lot of stuff with no or little explanation or purpose. For example, in the house of the party, there are many empty rooms with no items or other interesting things (e.g. special nodes) in them. It's not explained, what the background of the party is - for example, why th
  6. DRAKEFYRE Completely agree with the above For the newer version of the scenario, it shows a lot that we couldn't see before. A lot of better stuff that was cut off from us. Substandard
  7. BRUCE MITCHELL Unpolished Unwinnable. The mayor doesn't recognise you have done the main mission. Unusual town design. Generally poor. Poor
  8. TERROR'S MARTYR I've submitted a review to Alcritas. 3 for most of the scenario, and an additional .5 points for the first sewer not filled to the brim with rats, fungi, roaches and other nasties. Substandard
  9. BRUCE MITCHELL Using version 1.0.7. Much harder to do things out of order than earlier versions. A diverting adventure. Substandard
  10. BOOTS Substandard A strange and paradoxical corner of the Empire is the Province of Denmark: quests are completed before you've begun them, yet left unfinished after you've brought them to their conclusion. Perhaps there is a new Stuff May Or May Not Be Done Flag in Blades? In any case, it is difficult to see past the many distracting flaws in the scenario's programming architecture and judge the underlying story. Characters and town design are gestural; combat has the variety and interest of ordering a la carte in Hoxha's Albania; the plot is a sturdy, if anonymous, treasure hunt: a
  11. TERROR'S MARTYR EDIT: You're right, SM. Spiderweb, in all of its punctually prompt glory, has delayed uploading v. 1.0.2. The newest version is a must, seeing how v. 1.0.1 allows the party to travel in the reverse order of time. With the bug fixes, however, this scenario moves up from "poor" to "mediocre". Nothing special, the plot is obviously one by someone who needs much more experience, but it's also a noticable improvement from Goblin Attacks. Maybe it's not worth playing, but at least the designer is moving steadily in the right direction. I'm hopeful SM will make at least one good
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