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Johnny Favourite

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I want to give this scenario somewhere between an eight, and a two. This scenario has a haunting, spooky, and most certainly gory plot, if you play it at 2 in the morning (it really does work that way). Then again, this scenario if played during the day is nothing more than crap. Essentially, one will find this scenario either unbearably disgusting, or genius. I figure I'll average them out, and give this scenario a score it deserves. Should you play it? Yeah, it's a short scenario, even if it is horrible for your tastes. Substandard

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I saw the movie.


The story in this scenario is admittedly based on a favorite movie of the author's. Now there's nothing wrong with that, when there are creative puzzles and combat added to the game. There is none of that. It is just a story. If it were an original story, I might give it a better score.


But it was just a story. I can't say it was bad, nor can I say it was good. It just wasn't a game. I give it Substandard

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Quite comparable to a movie scenario with no actual combat but still disturbing to say the least. Graphic descriptions of violence and dismemberments are imho worse then hacking and slashing through countless enemies. The puzzles weren't too hard to figure out and the scenario was short enough to not be a burden. I didn't hate it, but I didn't love it. It was painful to play yet still worth it if you know what I mean.



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It's actually one of my favourite boe scenarios. It's not quite the plot that got me into it, but much more the "adventure-type" gameplay. It is so not your average "let's make a scenario about fighting demons and then let's try to stick it to an awful and badly written plot", it's more like looking for clues and then discovering the truth- and I kinda loved the movie references, cause I've had already seen it.

Well, it was rather short, and that makes a bad point.

I'll give it Good

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Sickening. That’s all I have to say about Johnny Favourite.


Well, no. That’s not all I have to say. It’s a scenario worthy of review. With a solitary point to make, the scenario makes it extremely well. All it manages to do, however, is to make that point. Where it might have been developed into something more, it simply skimmed by.


Its solitary point is to be intensely violent while not plunging the party into any active combat. In this, it succeeds. Following a cohesive (if somewhat artificial) storyline, it tells a chilling story. The story’s unwinding and the climax are smooth and powerful, presented clearly and concisely.


Despite its limited length, the scenario is also highly replayable. I found myself incapable of, after enduring half an hour of loathing, resisting from playing the scenario one more time to find a better ending. There are several possible endings for the scenario, some of them more satisfying than others. Endings so different within the scope of the short adventure are to be applauded.


On the other hand, Johnny Favourite presents a total lack of interesting characters. What few personalities there are seem to be taken straight out of stock modules. Almost every NPC is totally one-dimensional. This might have been excused were the scenario not based entirely on plot, but in this case it is difficult to tolerate. In a sense, none of the people in the scenario were alive for more than an instant. Their snapshots were taken, each one taking on a single meaning. All possible sympathy for victims of a disaster is lost in grotesque, gratuitous violence.


Terrain loses purpose in the scenario. The atmosphere of the swamp, which could have enhanced the emotions of the plotline, is never fleshed out. Much of the world is blank, but not desolate either: simply very empty. The custom graphics do not serve too much purpose, and seem to have been thrown into the mix for the sake of having something new to look at, not for any impact.


Again, this scenario’s purpose is expertly accomplished. If the player is interested in sampling this purpose, or if the designer wishes to see how real violence can be, Johnny Favourite is a must-have. Otherwise, the entire scenario is meaningless, or worse. And that, really, is all I have to say.


Score: Substandard

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