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Back to Normal

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The good and bad...


This is a good scenario, but it's only good in some ways. The story line, the characters and the comedy is great, top notch. But in some ways it suffers for this. It doesn't take long to finish, and it doesn't have the same emotional impact as, for example, one of Alcritas's scenarios. The combat and puzzle solving is, while perfectly adiquate, not particuly innovative or challenging (as far as my memmory tells me.)

All in all... Good

An excellent scenario, one well worth playing, but perhaps not the best.

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It has a slightly dated feel, although I suspect that's because it had spent a lot of time on Measle's hard drive in a half-finished state. Regardless, the concept is without doubt the best ever and the average nature of most of the scenario is carried along by the brilliant humour. Also, you cannot dislike Cedric the Goblin.

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This was an enjoyable scenario. What it lacked in innovation, it more than made up for in clever dialogue and lots of humor. It's perfect for when you feel like playing a BoE scenario but don't have the time or patience for one of the epics.

It's a tough one to rate, because although I enjoyed it, it was technically simplistic, had no custom graphics, was not particularly challenging, and was very short. I give it Good

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Size, lack of complex special nodes in itself or lack of custom graphics in any scenario don't affect my ratings.


I think a simple scenario (in terms of coding&graphics) can also be excellent. I think there's much innovation in this scenario in terms of story and plot. It may well be one of my favourites - I enjoyed it a lot more than Farmhands.

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Back to Normal is the fourth Blades scenario designed by Stephen "Measle" Masel. This review contains some spoilers and the answers to a few puzzles.


I downloaded this scenario because the description was so intriguing. "A scenario in reverse!" beckoned the text in the Comments area. I thought, this should be cool, I've enjoyed Measle's previous works, and this description suggests some sort of juicy node-filled epic with lots of flashy custom graphics (a first from the generally node-programming lax Measle).


It was the exact opposite, actually. However, it was still highly enjoyable.



First of all the humour. Admittedly, practically all of the jokes were stolen from some well known comic source (Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett, Monty Python), but that didn't render it unfunny. The party hermit, the Church of the Enema, Kissan-Tel. In my opinion, it was much funnier than Measle's oft-raved about Farmhands Save the Day!!, if it was rather small - there are only about ten towns, just four of which are friendly.


The plot is very simple and easy to grasp. You have just rid the valley of a dragon, beat up the goblins next door, and generally plundered and stolen and killed and saved a whole bunch. You've returned home victorious for a well-deserved rest, but your mother won't let you in! She's very angry at you for your misdeeds towards the monsters you've killed, and demands that you go back, apologise, return what you stole, and put everything back to normal. Only then will she relent and let you inside.


Aesthetically, the scenario suffers. There's nothing too glaring, but the outdoors sections are, as can be seen in many of Measle's scenarios, quite empty. The towns are pretty boring looking. There are no custom graphics. This isn't so bad, since there isn't that much combat, but it lowers the tone of the scenario a bit.


Kissan-Tel's music puzzle was very unique, very funny and adequately challenging. However, some of the logical puzzles didn't... well, make much sense. First of all, it was funny how there was a cherry bomb "I just might find useful" in the Dryad's Grove, and second of all, how was I supposed to know that I was supposed to throw it down the priests' toilet? And that then if I asked the priest about a certain puzzle he would help me out with it? I mean, come on. To be fair, there was a hint file included, but I didn't want to cheat. It seemed that every time I finished a quest/mission/whatever I just, for some unknown reason, found the special item which would allow me to complete the next one.


The combat wasn't that challenging. I played it with a level one party and I never was in danger of dying. The Dryad's Grove could have been a bit difficult for some players, but hey, I've fairly completed DM 2 and all the currently existing Echoes scenarios. *ends ego trip*


Dialogue was hilarious, as usual, but not much else. There weren't that many responses that Mrs. Goblin and the her kids answered to, although the ones that they did give were funny.


It was a fun scenario, even though I finished it in four hours. A player, but not a keeper. If you aren't in the mood for a big epic, download it. I guarantee you'll have fun.


I'll agree with TM and give it Good over all.


~ Rosycat

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An reversed adventure...


..and it is executed pretty well. You see, instead of doing things that you do in usual adventurers, you do the opposite, for example, instead of killing something, you revive it. Pretty interesting concept, and all those goblin boys, funny stuff.


My Rating: Good

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This was a very humorous scenario, where you have to undo your whole adventure (consisting of cliched adventuring tasks such as stealing rubies and killing the dragon). It has some good puzzles and combat. One problem though is that you need to charm a gremlin in order to proceed, and the Dryad can kill it.



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