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The Seventh Plague

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Terrors Martyr


Definitely, Exile Master (and note that I am tempted to take off points merely on the basis of his horrible moniker) placed quite a bit of effort into this one. Perhaps I am biased in reviewing this scenario, seeing how I beta-tested it, but even I can notice most of the glaring errors therein. The basis of the scenario is that an island (which is more like a continent, but I'll touch on that later) is being attacked by "Fleshes", armored warriors who are difficult to beat. The plot in general, however, is somewhat frail. There is, like Exile 3, a "main villain" behind this plague (is he/she Rentar... ...or not?! Stay tuned to this review to find out!). Unfortunately, this villain is extremely undefined and has little if any point. The villain's personality is not defined, and the ending was disappointing. The dungeons ranged from cookie-cutter (Brigand Lair, Flesh Tower) to awful (the demonic temple). Combat was nothing new, nodes were used somewhat, and the graphics were decent. Unfortunately, this scenario suffers from Padres Syndrome- aka, too much outdoors. I tried to helm EM fix up his outdoors (and the first beta was a far cry from the comparatively exotic and entrancing island found in the final release), but there are simply too many outdoor sections used. Don't be surprised if you get lost once or twice.


In summation? Play it if you're bored. It's not awful and shows a good ammount of work, even if it does show many of the author's designing flaws. GOOD (6.6)

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