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Northern Kingdom 0: Prologue

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It seemed amateurish, with flat, uninspired dialogue and a vaguely familiar sense of town and character design. Towns were sparse and uninteresting, and the dragon's lair was a giant cringe-fest. Some good ideas, but not enough was fleshed out and explored. When the dragon attacked, we were taken to an area of the map where we had previously been told 'we didn't feel like visiting', which was a blatant lie. But still, it was not a horrible scenario, but not very good either. Average

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The amount of details in the beginning makes it interesting to explore the towns. However, the towns get steadily emptier towards the end, except the final town. The ship seemed a bit empty already. There were many people, only few talked to me.


The logic of the story worked but I feel there's unused potential. Some interesting and important-seeming personalities disappeared (as if they had no role after all), like Karthax and Frederico.


Unless I missed something, the prologue doesn't really give clues of any larger plot or picture that could be related to NK1: accidents just seem to happen to the main character. Except that one more meaningful thing happens: the party and the main character get together gradually. But the player is guided very well through the scenario and the action keeps playing interesting.


The characters whom I talked to seemed sometimes distant, so did the main character. I agree with Gizmo that something seems to be missing. Clues about the characters' backgrounds and the larger picture that I mentioned might have helped.


The non-fighting character viewpoint is interesting in many ways. the constant running from monsters in the beginning, for example, gave me a feeling there was an unknown great danger somewhere. (On the other hand, I was disappointed when one danger after another was left behind without an explanation.)


I didn't find combat overly hard and there were enough shops to satisfy my shopping needs. However, there was not much variety in battles in the combat town, cave wilderness.


Overall, I'd say this scenario goes forward nicely. The world feels sometimes a bit empty or distant, though there are also interesting details. I think what I missed the most here was giving a little more clues of some larger story, despite that this is just a prologue.

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This is a good newcomer scenario. The nodework is sufficient, the story given is sufficient, the town design is sufficient; but throughout there always seems to be something missing. The minute attention to certain details that seasoned writers would have considered. It always seemed wierd getting to decide where the rest of the adventuring group got to go/do/fight since my 'favorite' character was not portrayed as a leader. I was impressed with the townsfolk dialogue. Giving each farmer their own name and bit to say was a nice touch. I did feel that, for a prologue, it went too long. Imho the decision to join the adventurers or go home should have been the end either way. There was no need to start the adventure in the prologue.


That said: technically sound, almost bug free, no custom graphics, storyline semi-original. It's the same old adventuring story just told from the view of a humble farmer.



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Why can't Kelandon make NK1? This was still an interesting scenario to play through.


A few comments...there is a bug in the town after the maze, that if you don't join the adventurers (saying you need to think about it longer) the second time, the game is unwinnble. Also, I didn't like the fact that "things will turn out better for you" because the ship crashed.


Oh well. NK0 is still fun. Good

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