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Terrors Martyr


Eh. Read my review at The Lyceum. AVERAGE (5)


Terror’s Martyr’s Review


When people discuss how one might bring up their skills when they have none, there are two camps. One says to make an epic you’ll never finish, just to gain experience. The other says that a short work that’s fairly good is desirable compared to something that’s never released. Glynn’s scenario most certainly falls into the second, to an extreme. I doubt it could get much shorter (unless you’d count Streila Spies).


First off, good graphics are used to make the place feel somewhat like a spaceship. For however little one gets to see, it’s a definite strong point. On another note, the slaver graphics are more or less corny edits, and the green carpet graphic shown here isn’t a great improvement either.


To sum the plot up, you’ve wandered straight into a group of intergalactic slaver people, who capture you and bring you on their ship. I was hoping for an explosion with the leader firing his gun at me, an explosion, or at least a sound, but all I got was a dialogue. The description was mediocre, but I was expecting a bit more... This process repeated itself, then the ship was invaded, and remained intact until I stepped on a node. Sadly, this was not on every square in the room, because Glynn forgot to make a terrain type to call the node for him. True to the pattern, not a single noise or explosion was called the entire scenario. I then repeated the process another time, and was given two choices, neither of which mattered because the scenario ends anyway.


The major downfall of this otherwise moderately good scenario is how short it is. It is the shortest scenario you can play in real time. Even Ugantan Nightmare is longer in that respect, or at least ties it. I played through it once to see just how fast I could blaze through it without reading the text, and it amounted to 50 seconds, no lie. The text really isn’t that deep, either. Glynn made absolutely no effort in this scenario to lengthen it up a bit with anything plot-related. While many scenarios suffer from trying to make themselves seem longer, this one suffers for missing ample opportunity at giving itself some extra action. I felt especially robbed when the slave liberation people were supposedly ‘fighting’ the slavers, and there were only friendly people on the ship. The way the blasted ship was made was decent, but no matter how many body terrain you have, the entire ship was deathly quiet. The way the scenario was presented, I was never captivated for any 10 seconds at a time. The action wasn’t there at all, and it hurt the scenario a lot.


If the scenario were to have any more good points, it would be having a completely bug-free status (despite a few glaring errors and perhaps a word spelld incorrektly) and being finishable. Glynn himself said that this would be his first finishable work, and an intro to a sequel. I can’t say I’m relatively intrigued by this one, but it is finishable. Liberation is rated G, and is for any party level, seeing as there is no combat whatsoever. I recommend you play this scenario, seeing as even if you think it’s a total waste of time, it won’t be wasting much of it.

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