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Oreh's Legacy

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An interesting story...


It was a rather short scenario. It told a story about a hero. Some of the towns were designed rather sloppy, and I couldn't get past one dungeon without cheating (i.e. using Leave Town - tell me if it's possible to get past).


Overall, though, interesting and rather fun to play through - but certainly nothing spectacular.


GOOD - 6.3


EDIT: I'll check out the stone wall thing later, but I'll give it the benefit of a doubt for now. Oh, and TM, you've been given instructions to make the party, so try playing it now.

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Bruce Mitchell


Quite enjoyable.

First time I played it, I couldnt finish it because I kept on getting An error has occurred in this program. This occurred after the death of the bad guy, in the Grand Hall, right before the Epilogue which then leads to the end. Could only close BoE, not ignore the problem. This was Version 0.0.1. At that time I rated it a 3 and said that if it had finished properly, I would have scored it two points higher.

Playing it for a second time, I managed to trigger the bug again, but after reloading managed to finish it successfully. So,AVERAGE - 5.

Not a must-play but worth it if you're looking for something new.

You don't need to leave town to get past one dungeon. At the stone wall, go into the cave wall to the north of it to get past.

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I thought it was quite good with a unique way of telling a story. I didn't run into any problems until what I thought was the final speech before ending the scenario. Then I got an error. The nodework wasn't spectacular but the author shows promise. The dialogue is a bit graphic. I'd give it a PG-13. The combat is balanced with the given party. Worth a look.


GOOD - 6.6

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