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  1. You're welcome! Thanks so much for the guide. It really helped early on. I discovered that as soon as I hit 10 stealth, I could basically just waltz through any area... which is kind of broken, but also brilliant. Anyway: Hooray!
  2. Also a quick note on this bit. I discovered accidentally in my first playthrough that if you go around the outside of the map by deactivating the mines, you can skip all the speech checks AND avoid getting the mark from Heustess. You also miss the quest to kill Goettsch, but that seems less important in a run like this. Still, if you're hurting for Leadership, this can be a way to deal with this whole area a bit easier.
  3. I'm attempting a similar run now (Agent, pumping Leadership/Mechanics/Stealth) to get these last three achievements. I wanted to flag this because if you're Taker-allied, this clears without you needing to set foot inside the Lab. Which is AWESOME, because it then bypasses an unclearable map (Pentil East), which helps backtracking. Anyway, awesome guide otherwise/so far. I've definitely referred to it a couple of times!
  4. Awesome, thanks. Clearly I'm just getting unlucky. Tried around 9 or 10 times. I'll keep going
  5. Are the Thahds you need to access the Inner Crypt always in their respective zones? I can't seem to get the one in the Western Wastes to spawn and now I'm worried I looted/sold the orb I need.
  6. Yay! Nice to see you back. Hope the years have been good! The second Avernum Trilogy play more like modern SW than the older Trilogy, but they're still a lot of fun. They regularly go on sale on Steam, so there's a good chance you can snag them for cheap. And, of course, Jeff still have huge demos so you can try stuff out.
  7. Yep! Each level of the unlock spell and whatever school it was boosted the power of it I think, so you would use tools until you were two or three away, and then cast unlock. It was tedious and I'm so glad it's gone. On the other hand, I do not like how my abilities shift around as I unlock new ones/get new items. It's very disconcerting 😛
  8. ...and here I am, just thankful that we no longer have to click and use each living tool one-by-one.
  9. I want to chime in here and say that I agree with you, Felix. I absolutely appreciate Randomizer and Jeff's comments, but even with minmaxing and playing a Shaper in the exact way that has been described above I'm finding torment MUCH more tormenting than in other Spidweb games. I thought I'd turned a corner when I could start making some level 3 creations but nope... Any fight that goes past two rounds (which is most of them) is almost certainly a fail. I think, for me, part of it is that GF1M is quite a bit different to the GF I could play blindfolded, and there's a lot more depth and strategy to creations. I'm at the point now where I'm going to start a new save to get my head around everything on Veteran, because it feels very frustrating to have to be picking away at 3 or 4 zones to get enough experience to finish one of them and progress the story. I'm a bit out of practice with SW games, but in the past I've beaten E1-3, A1-6 (and the remakes), and GF1-5 on the highest settings and this one feels much more punishing and even a little unfair in parts. I'm hoping my opinion changes as I get to play around with the game mechanics a little more!
  10. Awesome, thanks! Torment is more gruelling than I remember, so trying to rinse as much out of the game as I can. ❤️
  11. I did a quick search and saw that if I train in a stat/skill (e.g. melee weapons), I can't get a free upgrade later. Is the same true for using a cannister? I feel like I should know this, based on previous games, but I also vaguely remember later Geneforge games not caring which order you acquired stats. Ty!
  12. Sorry, I missed this. Definitely wasn't in previous Geneforge games, which is what confused me (and cry "bug!"). It's been a hot minute since I played a Spiderweb game, so I couldn't say for sure with, e.g. Avadon.
  13. Perfect! Thanks. Yeah, not too worried about XP, considering you just stop getting it at one point in the game. Okay, panic over and I'll just keep playing from where I am. ...with more manual saving.
  14. Oh, I'll almost certainly start making my own saves. Just caught me off guard – I've been playing SW games for 20 years now, and autosave has always been reserved for entering/leaving zones. Hence why I thought it was a bug! Semi-related follow up: is there enough gold around to get the 5,000 medal without spam-selling these shaper records? Cus that's all I really care about.
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