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  1. @Randomizer @Spidweb Thanks for the replies - I agree, it does sound like I’m looking for more of the Veteran play through experience! I have enjoyed min-maxing for torment in the past but was surprised that in this build, after getting through the game as a shaper (min-maxing pretty well I think... buying the servile skill upgrades, getting all the servant mind base stat upgrades, as many sarcophagi upgrades as possible except for sealed lab, helix bracelet, zavor’s, admittedly I didn’t get Danette’s Belt if it’s in this game - etc), it was a surprise to still die in 1 or 2 hits after usin
  2. For a few years, I’ve preferred to play Geneforge games specifically on Torment because it felt like the most “gritty” way to play. You’re some untrained schmuck and you usually get dumped into some backwater wilderness with fire-spitting velociraptors, genetically altered ape-leopards (and normal apes and leopards are already strong enough to tear someone’s arms off), and eyeless worms that spit acid all over you. Even with canister modification, it “made sense” that my creations would be a bit “funny-lookin,” that with me having no real training or mentorship, my creations would
  3. I'm starting to think it might reduce the number of living tools needed to open a lock down to 1 for locks that would otherwise be more complicated. I'm noticing some locks that give really good XP (22 or 26 per lock) take the same amount of living tools (1) when I would expect them to need more tools. I don't have the tinker's gloves so I'm going to test a couple locks after adding mechanics points or getting the gloves to see if that theory holds up. Edit: I just raised mechanics 1 at a time for a lock in Holding 2 that required just 1 living tool to open. I had to raise mechanic
  4. I haven't been able to observe any effect. I thought it might help with power spirals (but not locks), but haven't been able to establish this anywhere.
  5. I'm just doing some napkin math in my head and want to confirm this is correct: At level 8, 1 point in Essence Mastery gives an additional 10 essence. For many (if not all) creations, adding an extra 'attribute' bonus, that gives +1 to base level and a point in the specified attribute, costs 5 essence or less (I think for the Ur-glaahk it costs 6 essence). By that logic, by the time you get to level 8 and beyond, once you have the requisite minimum skill in the school of shaping to make what you want (Fire/Battle/Magic shaping 4 to get the higher-tier 3rd creation), you
  6. Seems like an appropriate reason for a celebratory thread. I think this is the first time I've intentionally paid more for a game on release to support the developer as well. I have no intention of using the hint-book, maps, or canister locations for my first play through, but I bought the deluxe edition anyway. Congrats Jeff and good luck with the sales, hope this will be a blockbuster hit for Spiderweb! Downloading now! What's that? In the time it took me to type 2 sentences the game has downloaded? The world has really changed since GF1 was first released, haha!
  7. [This thread is to document what I hope will be an unusual take on Mutagen and an unusual play-through of the game on Torment. In part, based on a play through of the original that I started, but did not complete. Perhaps the journey will come to a more full-bodied conclusion this time. The following is some flavor text for my character. Excitement about the game got some creativity flowing, so I thought I'd share it here. After this initial post, expect the usual fare - screenshots with short captions, and a little more story if I can come up with something that fits the game lore.] Call m
  8. This is awesome. Thank you both for working this out. As GF becomes more mod friendly, I wonder if we'll be able to update art assets with our own personal projects. The dream would be to get to a point where the appearance of the player character changes as different items are equipped (or at least, 2-3 sword assets and maybe small changes for cloaks, robes, chain, and plate armor). I don't know how challenging that would be but... if the appearance of the PC can change depending on whether one has a sword, wand, or nothing equipped, then I figure the world is our oyster!
  9. Unfortunately, no dice checking to see if the game can be purchased with VPN activated, and not on GoG. I guess we really are waiting for midnight!
  10. I am not above using a VPN to connect "from New Zealand" to steam if it will let me get the game a few hours early... Either way, by midnight tonight, should be playing :>)
  11. Cheers! Almost replied to this a couple days ago because I felt bad that you had no comments. Here's my gut reaction: 1. Many people on this board have been playing Jeff's games for over 10 years, so your pace (playing on normal rather than Torment, discovering how various game mechanics work for the first time, etc) is a little slow from how most people here play the game. 2. The freshness of your play-through is part of the charm. Seeing you explore barrels in the bandit camp and gladly pocketing pieces of fruit and rope, for example. Spiderweb game veterans know that Jeff populates his
  12. Well well well. Ok ok 🙄 Thread necromancy may be frowned on. I admit I played a little G1 this weekend to "scratch the itch" before the official release. But really I wanted to comment on this. I enjoyed replaying G1 more than I think I've enjoyed replaying any of the other Geneforge's because of how fresh the writing felt. The Awakened, cautiously surviving and hoping for a better, peaceful life. The Obeyers, with Rydell's gut-wrencher of a personal diary. The story of the "first taker" in the town square of Kazg (don't want to spoil for people who haven't played G1 befor
  13. Well in the "Backer Contribution" thread @Randomizer said that Jeff kept changing something about Guardian abilities because he (Randomizer) was having too easy a time with Guardians, I think on Torment difficulty. So I think they're pretty strong, but some of it also probably comes down to knowing how to build the class. And Jeff is a pretty generous developer in in his games it's usually the case that any class can eventually crush the game if you know how to play it.
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