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  1. "Don't drop hints or advance opinions, even positive ones, on the message boards" is pretty clear-cut.
  2. I was also thinking that the concept sounds pretty similar to Avadon - important person in a morally questionable empire navigating ambiguous political complexities with various nations (though in this case you're nobility, not just a high-ranking official). But I'll give Jeff the benefit of the doubt that he's found a way to meaningfully differentiate it and avoid past mistakes.
  3. Werewolves Vampires Ghosts Zombies Mummies Frankenstein (either his monster or the story in general - you choose) Your favorite muppet Geneforge series (collectively or your single fave - you choose) Super Mario (series, don't count spinoffs) Curling (sport) Gargoyles Choosing between lightbulb types at the store
  4. I mean, it's not that hard... Avernum - First syllable could rhyme with either "have" or "love." Geneforge - Could be pronounced either as "jeanforge" or similar to "Genesis/genetics." Interestingly, both fit the series.
  5. https://www.gdcvault.com/play/1024944/Failing-to-Fail-The-Spiderweb
  6. King Lear Hamlet Macbeth Othello Romeo and Juliet Midsummer Night's Dream As You Like It Twelfth Night Much Ado About Nothing The Merchant of Venice
  7. Well, there's the missing continent too, and I'm sure people better-versed in the series than me could name more inconsistencies.
  8. Centaurs Hydras Medusa/Gorgons Minotaurs Pegasuses/Pegasi Cyclops Chimeras The Trojan Horse Odysseus/Ulysses Achilles Agaememnon Helen of Troy Hercules Zeus Poseidon Hades Athena
  9. There were likely enough variations in printing with font, spacing, etc. that Dickens' length wasn't completely inflexible though. The Barnes and Noble edition of Hard Times averages 17.6 modern pages per installment; Bleak House 45.6 (ignoring illustrations and ancillary material like endnotes, which would only change this slightly). Reading a bit more, Tale of Two Cities and Great Expectations (both later novels) were serialized in a literary periodical owned by Dickens.
  10. There is a lot of variation in the length of Dickens' novels (Hard Times is about 350 pages in the B&N edition, Bleak House about 900), so exactly how much writing "32 pages" meant presumably had a lot of flexibility by the typesetting.
  11. I'm not trying to change your mind on Dickens in general, but just want to say in his defense that it is a myth he got paid by the word. He was paid by serially published installments, which was not uncommon in his day.
  12. John Lennon Paul McCartney George Harrison Ringo Starr The Beatles (collectively) Elvis Presley Mississippi John Hurt Flannery O'Connor
  13. Hippos Hippies Hipsters Yuppies Dinosaurs Rhinos Rats Bats (animal) Spiders The Giant Intelligent Friendly Talking Spiders Being a forum moderator Mickey Mouse Goofy (Disney character) Donald Duck The electoral college Heavy-handed symbolism Subtle, tasteful symbolism Art museums Science museums History museums
  14. Les Miserables Charles Dickens Harry Potter The Matrix (ignore the sequels) Boars Westerns (movie genre) Film Noirs Apple Google Microsoft Amazon Facebook New York City
  15. The Microsoft Office Assistant Carmen McRae Nina Simone Greek Yogurt Biscuits Croissants The city you live in MMORPGs Star Wars original trilogy Star Wars prequel trilogy Star Wars new movies Garfield (cat) James Garfield Richard Garfield
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