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  1. Ahhh, that's the info I needed. The 250 health part is out of the picture for my character; at level 13, I had 6 Endurance (w/ Girdle of Endurance & Symbiotic Cloak making up literally half of that) and was sitting below 200HP. But Danette's Cloak, that one I totally forgot about, will add some mentions about it. Thanks ^^
  2. Thank you two very much for your input, I'll go ahead and edit some sections with the updated information. Some of the bits regarding luring jump-capable creations to friendlies I might only scantly mention though, if only because of the frustration involved with reloading so often. That said, the luring of Cryora in Ellhrah's Keep to access the Cure Affliction canister is definitely a big takeaway that I'll mention. The clearing of the Ascended Labs was also an enormous takeaway. Stupid me, I wrote the entire area off because I thought it was combat-locked & didn't bother try
  3. Ah oops, that part was meant to imply that the internals of the Sealed Lab were combat-locked & otherwise avoidable, but yeah you're right, the area itself clears automatically for Takers and is easily passable. Edited the article to clarify this, thanks for the heads up. And glad to be of some help ^^
  4. Playing Geneforge as a pacifist is like going to Jurassic Park/World, but staying on the boat the whole time. Yeah you won't get eaten by the T-Rex (which to me kinda feels like the whole point of going, since you're actively tempting fate at that point), but you also don't get to see a whole lot. That is to say, in a game where you can make fire-breathing velociraptors, shoot lightning out of your hands, and become a literal god of death, restricting yourself into pacifism feels like it's missing the point. It's like going to your own pizza party, only to eat the salad. With that
  5. With respect, my only goal was to make a build that could comfortably handle both endings & the final dungeon on Torment. I apologize if my apparent lack of hyper-optimization is offensive to you.
  6. Oooh boy, here we go slayin' again. ***This guide assumes playing on Torment difficulty*** Who Is The Warrior?: Warriors are physical damage dealers and medium durability tanks, backed up by a heavy complement of creations. Warriors have evolved from their Guardian brethren from G3, in that they slowly turn from warriors into support commanders, as opposed to Guardians who did the opposite. With the updated combat mechanics to G4, Warriors start out as deadly physical damage dealers, but later on have to adopt heavy support-based tactics with heavy commitments to Bles
  7. Greetings from 12 years into the future. The Sunstone Belt gives +10% energy preservation instead of +40 radiance/undead bane ( https://puu.sh/BD5Rn/e4f394e6bb.jpg ). Would a mod be able to correct this in the OP?
  8. Sure, here's the end-screen stats with full items & trinkets: https://puu.sh/BAT2N/95b54e46da.jpg And here's the end-screen stats without items & trinkets: https://puu.sh/BAT81/ceff0f7cef.jpg
  9. I've seen a lot of people talking about the different possible Guardian builds for G3, but a lot of them seemed to talk about super lategame aspects and not a lot about what actually makes him work/not work. I wanted to try my hand at a guide because, frankly, I'm quite proud that I made a Torment Guardian work in G3, and wanted to share my experiences. For reference, this guide assumes playing on Torment difficulty. Who Is The Guardian?: If you want to get down to brass tax, Guardian is a tankier Shaper with a different damage profile. While Shapers start and en
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