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  1. I do agree about a major screw up on every level of shaper society, they should have been more careful though
  2. I mean this game story narrative is rather gray moral, so yeah the shapers aren't totally bad guys tbh.
  3. Sadly the Rebellion end up being just as bad if not worse than the Shapers later on. At least one of the most admirable quality the shapers have as a whole is that they understand the concept of when great power comes great responsibility.
  4. We can't be certain about that since that ending may not be canon, so there is a huge possibility that he end up going power mad like the PC whom used the Geneforge.
  5. I was saying that because the enemy rotgroths are able to get close to my party easily and attack them close range when previous ones need two round to get to my party.
  6. But I thought Rots were fastest out of all the battle creations due to it's innate quick action and it's capability to close distance rather quickly
  7. I wonder what kind of abilities G2 creations will have in the remake, like for example the rotgroth could have a passive that drenches foes with acid when they get hit like Firefang from the wooded valley. Also I do wonder if the wingbolt may appear in G2 as a 4th tier for the loyalist?
  8. Also I wonder if the hydra's design could be inspired by this creature here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0yc0knpkAxw
  9. I mean yeah the hydra would be a great addition, but what I meant about the fire shaping primary is due to the cockatrice, because I thought this creature would be similar to the cockatrice; a special class creation but would require fire shaping instead of magic. Although I do think of what a special class battle creation might be though, perhaps a wendigo would fit in.
  10. oh that would be great, I assume this creature would be a fire primary, magic secondary and battle last right?
  11. I mean to be honest I think there could be more variations to choose from; because it could provide more tactical options when you use creations
  12. So personally I'd like to at least a split line creations for both rebel and loyalist, because in the original some part of them doesn't quite make sense like you are a loyalist, but you have a figgin drakon walking alongside you, but my biggest wish is seeing a totally new school of shaping cause 3 school shaping can be a bit limited, which is something I felt strongly about in the original; I hope Jeff might consider that.
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