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  1. That's the pitch, but they're still perfectly fine with subjecting the commons to their war crimes. In the Taker ending, you start developing weapons to poison populations, destroy their crops, and spread diseases. These weapons undoubtedly will hurt the commons immensely, not just the Shapers. In the end their hatred for Shapers supersedes everything else, even the safety of those they claim to fight for.
  2. Some enemies count as a higher level for XP purposes. It was like that in Mutagen, too.
  3. I'd say it's worth it on guardian. You're also getting all the best buff spells from Blessing magic 1-3, so going to 4 is worthwhile despite the higher cost. The Gazer sandals also give 2 blessing magic and it's not like the boot slot has any items essential for a guardian. Evade/dex doesn't affect aoe attacks, but those can still miss normally. Quick Action (the skill) does not apply to spells. Your agent was probably getting a spellcraft trigger instead.
  4. Edit: Misread the previous post, this can be deleted
  5. If you want to remain unaligned, then don't join a faction. Easy. There are no spore batons in GF2.
  6. Probably not intentional. It was also probably never caught because the game doesn't really ever give you a reason to attack the Sholai in Shandoka.
  7. To be fair to alhoon, there are some very valid non-psychopathic reasons that Rising might be hostile. But yeah, Ajax turning hostile isn't exactly something unexpected if the whole town is out to get you.
  8. I just can't see AI being particularly useful for unique fantasy settings. Sure, you can give an AI model the texts of various fantasy novels or game scripts, but how do you ensure it stays within the bounds of the world you're creating? That its dialogue is consistent and not contradictory with anything that makes the setting unique? How does it navigate ingests that are wildly different from each other into a coherent setting? Is there a guarantee that if a player asks a tavern keeper in the Geneforge setting about orcs they say "what the hell is an orc?" instead of taking some generic answer based on Lord of the Rings or Warcraft or whatever? And I can generate billions of unique combinations by smashing my fists into a keyboard in different patterns. The issue isn't the literal number of combinations you can make, but the quality. Are they any good, though? Do they keep everything consistent and coherent or do they just generate content for the sake of having more content?
  9. Because you've probably done about 70% of the game by that point and missed out on a bunch of XP/gear for a completely unnecessary late-game optimization.
  10. You're not really intended to have 3 points in the language by the bridge section. You'd have to take an extremely roundabout path for that to happen.
  11. I didn't include any sarcophagus bonuses since they're conditional on having 0 in the skill. I also highly recommend against getting the +1 from the Sealed Lab.
  12. Yeah I've also stunned a pylon before. Not sure what causes those weird exceptions to 100% resist but it seems pretty rare, at least.
  13. Okay, they're in the corner... but what does that accomplish? Enemies are able to use their spells/ranged attacks just fine while engaged in melee.
  14. That hasn't really been my experience. Most bosses seem to prefer ranged to melee, so knocking them back just made *me* have to waste AP getting back to them. And the bosses that are melee often have leap attacks they can use even if they are at a range.
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