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  1. Faction choice isn't nearly as important as it was in the other Geneforge games. It's even possible to join all 3 factions without too much difficulty. But in terms of unique bonuses: Awakened: You get training that gives +1 to all combat skills. Obeyers: You get training that gives +1 to Create Fyora Takers: You get an amulet that allows you to bypass some of the most difficult maps. Probably the most useful for a pacifist character. There are some other, minor, bonuses, but for the most part your faction choice isn't a big deal.
  2. You'd think with that many troops, Goettsch wouldn't be a problem!
  3. That would just mean the lock level is 5 or more higher than the player level. That doesn't seem unreasonable, especially if it's using an XP adjustment like some monsters do.
  4. That's not matching my observations. Here are the XP values for monsters relative to player level: 0 - 20xp -1 - 14xp -2 - 10xp -3 - 4xp -4 - 2xp -5 - 1xp -6 - 0xp +1 - 22xp +2 - 24xp +3 - 26xp +4 - 28xp +5 - 30xp I've also seen every single one of these values from opening a lock. For example, there was a lock that gave 22XP when opened - when I reloaded and opened it after gaining a level, it gave 20XP as would be expected from a monster. I've never seen a lock give XP outside this range, and if anyone has seen that, I'd love to see a screenshot. That's
  5. I think we could extrapolate a formula if we could figure out the exact lock levels and find out how many living tools are required at various mechanics levels. That may be easier than it seems: opening a lock appears to give xp at the same rate killing a monster does - in other words, opening a lock with a level equal to your character level grants 20 XP just like how a monster would. Not a safe assumption, but it logically follows observed results and it might be a good starting point.
  6. It's because the game is isometric - everything has to be shifted 45 degrees to avoid a weird diamond-shaped minimap. Queen's Wish, for example, isn't isometric, so in that game the map and directions match up.
  7. Right, that's what I thought you meant. None of what Jeff said really supports that at all.
  8. I don't think that's safe to say at all. In fact, I'd say that's a huge leap in logic. Nothing about what Jeff says indicates the cockatrice would no longer be a magic creation.
  9. I agree with Ess-Eschas' interpretation. Putting those 2 pieces of information together would allow someone to reasonably make the assumption that Trajkov isn't able to use the Geneforge. Although I suppose another logical interpretation would be that Trajkov knows about the Geneforge, but is still looking for it. I took a look at the dialogue scripts and it seems to be set up this way (assuming I'm reading the scripts right, although that's frankly a bad assumption 😛 ) : -If you know about the Geneforge, but not what it does, Clois mentions you should learn more, and t
  10. I had success doing that at a middle level by siccing as many pyroroamers as I could summon at them 😛
  11. Or the classic, "I should go."
  12. Thorn batons shoot out thorns - they have nothing to do with mines. What you need to detonate mines are spore batons. The NPC servile on Northbridge doesn't give you the baton directly - he said there's one in his closet that you can take if you can repair it (you need a few points in mechanics, otherwise your character won't be able to). If successful, that should put a Gray Spore Baton in your inventory.
  13. It's not even that your overall reputation needs to be pro-servile, but it has to he pro servile by at least 10 points. If you're going back and forth based on who you're talking to, I can see how you wouldn't reach that threshold. As far as I'm aware, your reputation is mostly affected by dialogue. I don't know if any quests affect it at all.
  14. Which Avernum 3? I only played the latest remakes, so if you're referring to the 2002 version, I wouldn't know.
  15. This one is kind of interesting to me. Knockbacks applying on a miss has been pretty common in Spiderweb games (at least back to Avernum EftP where it happened all the time). The only SW game I played where this wasn't the case was Queen's Wish (knockbacks wouldn't take place if the attack missed), so I figured future games would also be the same. Curious why they went back on the mechanics for this.
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