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  1. Anyone have theories on what the unknown letters might represent? Your various tracked reputations (like how nice vs brutal you are, how much your mom likes you, etc.) might be involved in some of those. The 1st and 6th letters are especially interesting since they seem to have so many possibilities. I wonder if they correspond to something that has a wide range of possibilities, such as time passed.
  2. You have to give the snake a carrot. The special carrot is somewhere else in the dungeon, possibly the boss room.
  3. They're listed that way in case you take the Mascha route and just stroll in. Like Randomizer said, if everyone's dead, it shouldn't matter if it's marked Not Yours or not - just grab it.
  4. It's reasonable to assume that upgraded creatures are counted among the 20, otherwise we're nowhere near 20. As a result, I don't think the cockatrice has an upgraded version. Either that, or the ornk has been replaced.
  5. I agree that most wandering encounters should offer something. Maybe not necessarily exp, but they could slightly lower the theft chance of the region or something.
  6. That's a good theory - Sutter takes great offense if you state your intention to rule Haven, and it's very possible Queen Sharyn isn't convinced he would make a good ruler. It is also conspicuous that there are no mentions of the character's father at all. I get the feeling Sharyn will either die at the end of 2 or the beginning of 3, and the final game will be about claiming the throne for yourself.
  7. I don't believe there's any way to get your theft chance down to 0% if you side with the Owen. If you side with the Mascha, meanwhile, the thievery chance won't go up at all. I think it's supposed to represent just how massive of a shift to Vol's economy and governance you're causing by siding with the rebels. It really sort of hammers in the difficulty of making the right choice (The Owen) vs the practical choice (The Mascha).
  8. Did you clear out the traps at the end, THEN talk to them? I think the monster-summoning traps respawn each visit, and they don't want to leave until after you've killed everything.
  9. I'm not sure, but I think it just impacts your Owen/Mascha reputation. Definitely doesn't change the ending.
  10. Yeah, it definitely seems like rushing the 3 forts is a good idea - that's what I did on my latest playthrough on Torment. The only tricky part is that you need to clear the Ahriel Thicket to get to the Ahriel lands - it was the 2nd hardest dungeon in the entire game for me.
  11. The way I interpreted it, the Nisse see the people of Sacramentum as their children rather than as test subjects or resources to be exploited. Of course, they're incredibly abusive parents, while also being possessive of what they see as theirs. The weird construct infiltrators they were developing in Charme sort of reminded me of parents creating fake social media profiles to stalk their children on.
  12. It's definitely understandable. The Ahriel isn't really divided into 2 sides like the Vol or Ukat. Their conflict revolves more around whether or not you want to force new members on their council or not.
  13. I'm not sure if the Burrowing Crawler location is accurate. I fully cleared out the Caves under Castle Troglo for the first time, and I didn't see a single one. It was my first time there, so I don't believe it's a respawn issue. Edit: For posterity, there's a single Burrowing Crawler in the Pabuloso Walls quest. Presumably it will not respawn. Also found a patrol of them around Calloc - that one probably does respawn.
  14. I'd be surprised if Essence Mastery didn't influence your max Essence, similar to Endurance for Health or Intellect for Energy. I wonder if does anything else, though - maybe it also affects Healing Craft spells since those are in the Shaping Category. Or maybe it passively enhances your creations? Regarding Anatomy - maybe it was rolled into Quick Action? Quick Action's skill point cost appears to be higher than Melee/Ranged this time around (although that's not necessarily indicative of a chance in functionality - a lot of skills seem to have had their costs rebalanced)
  15. So, I discovered something really interesting about this fight today. The difficulty is massively dependent on the dialogue options you select with the Watcher. If you hear out the offer, the enemies will all have significantly more hp compared to if you refuse to hear the offer at all. Their other stats appear to be the same, but the increase in hp makes the fight much more difficult. No idea why it was designed this way, or if it is even intentional. Specifically on Torment, the Nisse Warriors went from ~250hp to having over 600, with the mages getting a similar boost, making the
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