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  1. kerriganmc, please can I encourage you to take a moment to review our forums Guidelines. You can find a link to these Guidelines in the tabs at the top of this page. In particular, can I draw your attention to the following, found under point number 2 in Rules: “Don't use obscenities in any language, including masked or abbreviated obscenities.” I have removed the masked curses from your post. While I appreciate dealing with things that don’t work the way you expect them to can be frustrating, please can I encourage you to try and avoid repeated cursing on these forums,
  2. Hello Everett, I would encourage you not to remove your rings right away! While you may not be able to buy spells from one particular person, there are plenty of people scattered throughout the game who will sell you spells. There’s quite a lot of overlap in what spells different people offer – so if you can’t buy a spell from one location, you may well be able to buy it somewhere else. I don’t believe there is any spell that is only sold by one person. Not least, there are a number of people who won’t find your fake rings remotely important. I’d suggest try
  3. Thank you all for your patience in dealing with the various bugs that have been plaguing the forums recently. You’ll be pleased to know that these issues should all now be resolved! All features that were previously broken or temporarily removed should now work as usual! This includes logging in. If you’ve been avoiding logging in due to the problems with the sign-in process, do by all means join us once again! While we’ve tested to ensure that features are now back to normal, there’s always a chance that there may still some teething bugs lurking. So, if you are still
  4. That’s a nice idea! I’m not sure I quite buy it as the source of the ‘Krysknife’ name, though. My main reason for this is that Exile II features an item which much better suits your description: the ‘Blessed Kris’! This is an item found in the Black Waters chapter, and therefore presumably of Vahnatai origin – as such, the wavy design of a kris makes perfect sense. Also, note the standard spelling, unlike the ‘Krys’ in ‘Krysknife’. For my tastes, naming a weapon by directly mixing together Kris and Knife would be a little strange. Naming something ‘Krisknife’ in that wa
  5. Thanks for that, Locust! This information is useful, because it eliminates a few potential causes of your crashing. For instance, it appears that your problem isn’t related to the combat or dialogue systems, which is important to know. I have another suggestion for something to try! Could you try running Queen’s Wish again with no additional applications running in the background? I appreciate that could be irritating, but all that’s needed is just to run the game for long enough to see if you still get crashes when working this way. To be clear, I’m not suggesting this
  6. Thanks for the links, Randomizer! Unfortunately, I think it’s unlikely that either of these issues are being experienced by Locust. The conventional GOG system automatically updates users’ games to the latest versions, so Locust should be using the most recent version of Queen’s Wish. As you mentioned yourself, the inefficient CPU bug was fixed very early in the release cycle, so it hasn’t been an issue for a long time. Likewise, the issues causing pauses in combat were also fixed in the later versions, at least in principle. Jeff did the best he could, since it was nev
  7. Sorry to hear that you’re having problems, Locust! I know you’ve mentioned that the crashes appear to be random, but I just want to double-check something! Is there any indication that the crashes are more likely to happen when you’re in combat, or otherwise in a hostile dungeon? I ask this because there have been a few rare reports of strange behaviour happening for some players in such situations. It’s not a problem we’ve been able to reproduce or fix yet, unfortunately, since bug reports about it are so rare – but it would be useful to know if you’re experiencing som
  8. Ah, I have it! Here’s your complete solution: Thanks for the pointers! Amusingly, I’d already thought of Shanti on my first attempt, but her name ended up getting forced out from other names that seemed better use of letters at the time. As for Miranda, that actually came from my knowledge of Queen’s Wish, of all things – I recalled a comment from during the game's development, where it was mentioned that there was a Miranda in the Geneforge series too! As for the missing letters, that was actually a combination of mistakes. The extra letter was just a mistake
  9. Hmm, I still can’t quite wangle out the last few names. I don’t think my Geneforge knowledge is quite up to scratch, even given your hints, Slarty! So we might need to do this a little iteratively, if you’re game. Here’s a new partial solution from me. I’ve wedged in one more name, meaning that I’ve produced 16 Geneforge characters and 1 Spiderweb member from the grid. That’s only two missing – not forgetting any I’ve still gotten wrong, of course! For what it’s worth, I can actually get up to 18 names out of 19. But the additional names in that partial solutio
  10. Oh wow. This is really exciting to see! I hadn’t expected you to be releasing this for testing in sections, but that makes a whole lot of sense, especially when working out the general balance for later portions of the game. I’ve already downloaded this, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what you’ve done. I know the scenario is far from being finished, but getting to this form of testing is still a big milestone, I think. So, many congratulations, Kel! You’ve released this just at the point when I’m rather busy, so it might be a few weeks before I get
  11. You know, with the way I intended this puzzle to be solved, it’s probably not a bad idea to start with a small list of names and work up from there. After all, since the intent was for a core list of names to suggest further names in the grid, it stands to reason that you’d want to be confident about the more obvious names before going any further! In this new list, you have provided me with 12 names. Out of these 12 names, 9 are correct. I’ve been thinking about this, and my method of solution, and I think I might have expected a few too many intuitive leaps from peopl
  12. *The slith grins* You see, this is what I think is particularly interesting about this puzzle. The original idea stemmed from a quick, casual comment, one in which I tried to come up with a deliberately obnoxious and unreasonably difficult puzzle concept. And the result certainly sounds like it should be largely impossible. After all, this grid contains a huge number of names, and many of those names are constructed in quite similar ways, using lots of very similar letters. Doing anything with that should be a nightmare. At least, when the puzzle is presented this way .
  13. Despite being a little quiet for a few days, I’m not quite done on this puzzle on my end! When I have moment to sit down and look over this carefully, I have some ideas on how to proceed. Not least with some of your helpful, slightly veiled hints, Slarty. That’s assuming Triumph doesn’t get there first, of course! I think you have more knowledge of the series than I do, and you’ve already mentioned some pretty good names that I missed the first time around. For what it’s worth, I was a little unsure of including Masha in my list. But she is important in the context of t
  14. Ah, I meant to elaborate on that point in my original explanation, but it slipped my mind. Sorry to be forgetful! To be clear about this, all sliths included in the grid appear physically in the games in some way. No sliths that are mentioned solely in history or myth, or only in slith lore more widely, are included. So you’re quite right: the Sss-Thoss mentioned in Avernum 1 is a historical/mythological figure, and therefore does not qualify for inclusion in the grid. All sliths who only appear in the modern remakes of the first trilogy do not appear in this
  15. Recently, Slarty posted a Geneforge-themed puzzle on this board. It’s a really nice puzzle, and I’d suggest you take a look at it if you haven’t already! I’m having fun grappling with it, and it’s inspired me to put together a puzzle of my own in response. My puzzle, however, is geared towards forums-users who are more familiar with the Avernum series! The grid below is made up of the scrambled names of 30 sliths from the Avernum series and, just to keep things interesting, the name of 1 Spiderweb forums member. Sliths are represented from across the entire series of Av
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