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  1. Many thanks for the confirmation, Milu! It’s not always easy to determine whether work is being used with the appropriate permissions, which is one reason I just wanted to check the proposed modifications were all above board. The best way to check is directly from the creator, of course! So thanks for chipping in! Nice work on your scenarios, by the way. They’re well put together, very comprehensive, and with a good amount of attention paid to fun, little details. They’re great packages! Just out of curiosity, Almighty Doer of Stuff, what modifications are
  2. Can I just check your source for linking this particular licence to the two New Market City scenarios? I’m asking because I was a little surprised to read this. I don’t recall any mention of a licence being connected to these scenarios before. I had a check of my copies, and of the copies hosted on the website you linked to in your post, and I couldn’t find any mention of a licence in those packages either. That worries me a little – if a package is released under a given licence, I would usually expect this to be explicitly stated in the package itself. Of course, it m
  3. Hello trinko, I think perhaps there’s been a slight issue of miscommunication here. My intention was simply to indicate that there was a chance that this was not a bug, and then to learn a little more about your problem to determine whether or not that was the case. Once we’d ruled out some potential causes, we could then narrow down our search and figure out what the problem was. If it turned out to be a bug – great, that’s fixable, and we can solve the problem for other players as well! If it turned out to be something else, then we could try to fix that too.
  4. That’s alright, BenS. No harm done!
  5. Firstly, let’s not start out by making any assumptions about what’s going on here! It’s always good trying to help people out, BenS! But, even with the best of intentions, it’s all too easy to start urban rumours on forums like these, ones that can come back to bite people years down the line. If you’re making suggestions, I think it’s always a good idea to make it abundantly clear that you’re just putting out ideas, rather than giving concrete explanations for what’s going on. Otherwise, people quickly flicking through the message can pick up the wrong idea – even if you’ve put a
  6. Hello trinko, If I’m understanding you correctly, I think you might be slightly misreading the hintbook. The hintbook only tells you the main objective of the quest, which in this case is killing the spawner in Pentil Woods. Fulfilling this objective doesn’t necessarily mean that the quest is completed. You may also need to report what you’ve done to someone in order for the quest to clear. For example, this quest is given to you by a woodsman in Pentil. He’s asked you to find the source of the vlish and destroy it. If you go ahead and take out the source of the vlish as he asks, then
  7. Hello Coach, It looks like you have indeed stumbled on a little bug with the ending text. That’s interesting to know! However, these forums are not really the best place to flag up bugs like this. The designer of these games is the only one who can implement any changes, and he visits these forums very infrequently. The best way to ensure that your issue is noted is to send in a bug report directly to the game designer. As such, please could I encourage you to send an email containing a careful description of your bug to the address below. In this case, if y
  8. Hello alhoon, All I think has happened here is that you’ve slightly misinterpreted this conversation. Nothing more than that! As I understand it, this conversation is process of deduction. You give Sage Clois information, and she gives you information, allowing you both to infer things that you don’t strictly know. Think of a classic detective story, for instance. When Hercule Poirot gathers all his suspects together for the big reveal at the end of a mystery, he doesn’t know directly who the culprit it. He hasn’t witnessed the crime himself firsthand. But h
  9. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to glean as much from the scripts in modern Spiderweb releases as one used to. The design philosophy has changed over the past few engines, moving quite a few details away from the scripts into the hard code. It’s not as much of a feature of the Mutagen engine as, say, the modern Avernum releases, but this design approach still means there’s a fair amount of this game that’s hidden away in the base code! So, while a few of these creatures appear in the scripts, others of them don’t. Information about some of these creatures has been moved into the h
  10. Hmm, that’s interesting. It looks like our experiences of contemporary language differ in this case! Perhaps that’s due to cultural differences? I’ve found on quite a few occasions that implied meanings associated with words can differ quite substantially across English speaking cultures. Where I live, there are a number of common examples of ‘boxes’ that come in a variety of different shapes – many are round to some degree. And not just obscure objects like snuff boxes, too! But I think a lot of these examples are probably specific to my own location. Perhaps that encourages a mor
  11. Not particularly! There is a tendency to associate the word ‘box’ with cuboid (3D rectangular) shapes these days, perhaps due to how common cardboard boxes are in so many aspects of modern life. However, this isn’t the most general use of the word. In a broad sense, a ‘box’ is simply any form of enclosed container – and it can be of any shape! In fact, there is something to suggest that the word originated from a Middle English word for a type of jar, one that was usually cylindrical! As as example of this, take a look at this picture of a traditional snuff box. You’ll
  12. Just to be clear on this, we don’t have solid information for how most of these bonus creatures are placed. kuo guessed a figure of 5% for one of them based on their own experience, but that’s all. It’s just a guess, and not a hard fact! Based on the way these games are usually put together, and on my digging into the scripts, it seems likely that these creatures are indeed placed with a given probability every time the zone is loaded into memory. So, if the spawn chance for the creature is x%, you’ll have an x% chance of the creature appearing each time the zone is loaded. This se
  13. Good work, Nephil Thief. That’s a pretty neat way to solve the problem! The links are essentially all there on TrueSite already. You just need to manually type in the name of the zip file at the end of web address, rather than following the link. This is just because the link doesn’t connect to the correct root address at the moment! Still, to save you some work:
  14. Just to help with searching, Nephil Thief, could you please post the specific version numbers of your copies of these three scenarios? This makes it easier to compare versions, since people can tell at a glance whether they have a different version to you. The quickest way to find the version number is through a scenario’s documentation. Alternatively, you can find it through BoE itself. Just make sure the scenario is visible in your scenario folder (put a space or two at the front of its name if necessary), load up a party outside of a scenario, and flick through the ‘Custom Scena
  15. I suspect it was just someone misunderstanding the game's text. There's only one piece of text directly referring to an Alien Blade in the game's code, and it relates to the one you can pick up in the game. Since it talks about finding the weapon on a body, the post you were reading probably just confused the issue, and assumed it was the body in the Barrier Tunnel. It's not! I'm sure the urban myth that talks about the weapon being there didn't help either!
  16. Hello Korgrath, No, there’s no bug thread! What we encourage people to do with bugs is to report them directly to the game designer, rather than posting them on here. Posting bugs on here isn’t a problem – and it can be helpful if you’re not sure if what you’ve found is a bug or not! – but there’s no guarantee that it will picked up if that's all you do. The only person who can fix these bugs is the game designer, and he doesn’t always visit these forums regularly. So, can I encourage you to send a little bug report to this address, please? suppo
  17. Hello simon-12345, Sorry that you’ve been bashing your head against those barriers! Unfortunately, you’ve stumbled onto an old urban myth. There are a few of those floating around, especially for some of Spiderweb’s earlier games – and this is a particularly persistent one! So, to be clear, the Alien Blade is not in the dungeon with the barriers. It’s actually not in a dungeon at all! It’s carefully hidden in the outdoors, although you’ll need an important item to reach it. Let me know if you’d like a further hint as to where to look. Given where you’ve been
  18. Trust me, it's not. If you find a typo, just send it over before you forget! Jeff has made it clear on a number of occasions that he prefers this style of reporting, rather than long, collected reports that take a long time to work through. So, to reiterate, there really is no need for a topic like this on these forums. Typos shouldn't be posted on here in the first place, let alone gathered together. Just send your typos over, and avoid all this complication of an intermediate step!
  19. There are five stone circles, not four. Strictly speaking, there’s a sixth one too, but you don’t need to worry about that – you’ll come across that in the course of the main storyline when the time comes! This map is missing a circle. It’s just above number 13. Take this as a lesson to always take maps with a pinch of salt. They can sometimes contain small errors! To help you, if you don’t want their absolute locations, here are the nearest friendly towns for the five initial circles:
  20. While I appreciate what you’re trying to do here, mikeprichard, I’m not sure this type of topic is especially helpful. I know you mean well, but mass bug topics like this can be a distraction from getting things fixed. At worst, they can least to issues not being reported, and therefore not being resolved. If you need an example of this, check out a similar thread in the Queen’s Wish forums, where there were a number of occasions in which various posters had to step in and email bug reports manually. If you’ve found typos, then that’s great! But they don’t belong here.
  21. As it happens, you can add NPCs to the player’s party in BoE, at least in a manner of speaking. There are several scenarios that do this, and that do it rather well! You see, one interesting thing about BoE is that it was very popular for quite a few years. It attracted huge numbers of designers, many of which were very innovative. Quite a few of these designers pushed against the limitations of the engine, and found ways around them. For example, is it possible to add spells to the spell list in BoE? No. That’s an engine limitation. Except, by careful use of nodes and
  22. kerriganmc, please can I encourage you to take a moment to review our forums Guidelines. You can find a link to these Guidelines in the tabs at the top of this page. In particular, can I draw your attention to the following, found under point number 2 in Rules: “Don't use obscenities in any language, including masked or abbreviated obscenities.” I have removed the masked curses from your post. While I appreciate dealing with things that don’t work the way you expect them to can be frustrating, please can I encourage you to try and avoid repeated cursing on these forums,
  23. Hello Everett, I would encourage you not to remove your rings right away! While you may not be able to buy spells from one particular person, there are plenty of people scattered throughout the game who will sell you spells. There’s quite a lot of overlap in what spells different people offer – so if you can’t buy a spell from one location, you may well be able to buy it somewhere else. I don’t believe there is any spell that is only sold by one person. Not least, there are a number of people who won’t find your fake rings remotely important. I’d suggest try
  24. Thank you all for your patience in dealing with the various bugs that have been plaguing the forums recently. You’ll be pleased to know that these issues should all now be resolved! All features that were previously broken or temporarily removed should now work as usual! This includes logging in. If you’ve been avoiding logging in due to the problems with the sign-in process, do by all means join us once again! While we’ve tested to ensure that features are now back to normal, there’s always a chance that there may still some teething bugs lurking. So, if you are still
  25. That’s a nice idea! I’m not sure I quite buy it as the source of the ‘Krysknife’ name, though. My main reason for this is that Exile II features an item which much better suits your description: the ‘Blessed Kris’! This is an item found in the Black Waters chapter, and therefore presumably of Vahnatai origin – as such, the wavy design of a kris makes perfect sense. Also, note the standard spelling, unlike the ‘Krys’ in ‘Krysknife’. For my tastes, naming a weapon by directly mixing together Kris and Knife would be a little strange. Naming something ‘Krisknife’ in that wa
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