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  1. I've never beaten the Golems or Beasts without using the editor. Up until then I'm usually good, but it starts turning into a grind for me once I'm trying to deal with them.
  2. Yeah, not seen that before, that's impressive. Back in the old days we had to rely on the hint book with pencilled in annotations from last time I played.
  3. Huh, so, for example, you're in a store with a long counter (like most store in E3 and BoE, it seems), and if you are standing at one short end, the Shockwave spell won't affect someone at the opposite end if it's 5 or more spaces long? Also, how does it determine LoS if you are aren't in a straight line? Say the target is 6 spaces above and one to the right, so there's 5 vertical spaces in two columns, which are you looking through? Getting a bit off-topic and obscure with that, though, but am interested in working out LOS in a grid.
  4. IIRC, the magical bonuses to stuff were very over-priced and not worth it. Not sure if that meant they weren't better than magical weapons if you had loads of money, but I never tended to use them myself.
  5. I might mention, I think it was Odessa, where the scenario is you escorting someone somewhere, so every random encounter and dungeon they show up (sometimes in creative places in dungeons). Simple, but IIRC, worked fairly well.
  6. Oh, Web is nice, yes, especially when you know that a bunch of monsters are about to emerge from a certain area (normally by playing the thing more than once, though, which is a bit cheaty) and you can prepare the area first.
  7. Erm, I think Slow Group didn't need line of sight. Also, now that I think of it, spells like Mass Charm and Mass Paralysis, possibly as they don't direct harm enemies they work differently.
  8. As well as needing to know what you mean by "tedious", some explanation of "generic" would help. For example, I'd not say Avernum/Exile was generic...but then you play as an adventuring party of 4/6 people. In the later ones you pick each characters race and that gives them various benefits. Ok, no elves or dwarfs, but there are cat people or lizard people instead. You then go on quests and dungeon crawls and fight various other sentient humanoids and pick up magic gear if you're lucky. If someone was to say that was generic, I couldn't really argue. Likewise, I'd n
  9. I knew how Shockwave worked, but either forgot (or never knew) that it's supposed to be an earthquake, I just thought it was magic damage that spread in all directions that got more powerful because it's magic. And to do more damage to the enemy than the rest of your party, who are presumably closer, I guess. Doesn't Shockstorm use the same "template" (5x5 except the 4 corners) as Firestorm, but places a persistent magical damage thing, like Conflagration or the wall spells? Always liked those spells once the fighters/terrain have created a line to fix the enemy. Or against invi
  10. Definitely muck about with anywhere else you can before the endgame, or prepare to use the editor a lot. Or both.
  11. IIRC, Firestorm spells can be blocked (partially) by walls, don't specifically remember for Shockwave. Save the game, go to a friendly town, cast in one room with nobody in it but people nearby and reload when you find out?
  12. IIRC, someone did manage to extract E3 towns and put them into BoE, so that might be possible-ish.
  13. I don't think so, IIRC if you use a magic map there's large areas that haven't been detailed because you can't visit them.
  14. The Barrier Tunnel being the final part of the Troglo/Giant quest, you might not want to clear out Castle Troglo just after getting through that (might want to run away and avoid the final battle/s there as well, but there's stuff you don't want to miss first). But once it's done, you can clear out the giants at your leisure, and then go via them. Can't remember if you can just walk up to the front door of Castle Troglo and enter that way.
  15. Er, depends what you mean by "the area behind Erika in her tower". If you go around the tower outdoors and enter from the north, you end up in a small monster fill section not really connected to the rest. Directly behind Erika's throne is her personal living quarters or something, you can see it with a magic map, but I've always been told you just can't get into there. Castle Troglo, yeah, you can get in and clear it like a normal dungeon. Which should end the Troglo threat, I guess.
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