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  1. Ohhh, I'm an idiot. Thank you. In that case, how do I get there?
  2. I've explored the northeast corner of the barrens bunker (where I think the "Research Quarters" are), and I'm looking for the tablets related to the cockatrice quest. I haven't found any lootable containers though, what am I missing? There is just a device I can't use yet in the incineration chamber. Do I need more Mechanics skill?
  3. I'm currently level 9 with no stealth. I've spoiled myself by looking up the locations where I can get a battle alpha canister, and the only location I currently have on my map is Freeplace. However, there are level 13 enemies there that I can't currently take on. Is there a better option? Somewhere else I should be looking, that won't require me to level up as much?
  4. On that note, I've got a question. How exactly does the "clearing zone" thing work? I noticed I cleared a zone in the middle of a fight while there were a bunch of enemies still alive.
  5. I miss the world of Avernum. It's people, places, and atmosphere. I'd love to see a "Return to Avernum" game, where a small group of adventurers have a good reason to go back into the depths. Based on Jeff's recent AMA, it sounds like the near future is going to be focused on the Queen's WIsh and Geneforge franchises. Long term, I can still have hope for another Avernum though!
  6. Not sure if Jeff (or anyone from SWS) will ever read this, but: 1. The flexibility of the creation system and all the various upgrades you can add is awesome. I am enjoying playing with it to find powerful combos. 2. I miss the ability to use keyboard shortcuts for _everything_, including interacting with objects/containers and attacking enemies. (I know this is not a change that is specific to Mutagen, but it seems like a newer trend for Jeff's game to not have this) 3. The overworld map is... not my favorite. I really miss the way the 2nd Avernum trilogy did it with a full seamless map and no overworld transition. If that's too much to ask, the Avernum 1 remake's style of having a tile-based overworld map is not as good but is acceptable. I'm not a fan of Mutagen's system. Overall, this is still my favorite SWS game since Avernum 6. I think the story is much more compelling than Queen's Wish, and there's still plenty of depth to exploring (I hated the way QW did away with junk items, so I'm glad to see that come back here).
  7. I have a large 4k monitor @ 3840x2160. As far as I can tell, my options are: 1. Let A4 change the resolution to 1024x768. This results in stretching of the text and art, which looks bad. Oddly, it also makes the game run very slowly. 2. Don't let A4 change the resolution. The game runs in a tiny frame in the middle of my screen, surrounded by black bars. It runs fast, and is scaled properly, but is... small. Is there a third option I'm not aware of? I'd really like the game to be larger *and* use the proper aspect ratio. If it matters, I'm running the steam version on PC.
  8. Thanks for the insight. I haven't seen enough of the game to know what kind of stats I can expect on gear. The bit of Avadon 1 that I played seemed like it didn't have nearly the variety that Avernum did; I liked that I sometimes had to choose between armor that gave, e.g. Dexterity or Sharpshooter. I liked having to choose between spending a point on Strength or spending a point on Endurance. I hope I get those same choices from QW.
  9. That makes it sound like he got an extra $100K from Kickstarter that he didn't get for previous games. That's not quite right, since most of the Kickstarter backers are getting a copy of the game for the money they spent, and that means they won't be giving Jeff money after release. So really, all he did was front-load some of his revenue. Sure, there are a few people who backed at higher tiers and basically gave him money in exchange for perks like beta access, but that's probably a small fraction of his backers. I'm not offended by the art. I do wish there was more consistency, like making sure shadows fall at a consistent angle. Nonetheless, it's adequate and the writing is the real reason I play Jeff's games.
  10. I'm an avid Exile+Avernum player, and a QW Kickstarter backer. Watching some Lets Play videos of Queen's Wish, I'm a bit disappointed in some of the mechanics (or rather, lack thereof). The Avernum games (or at least, some of them) had stats (e.g. Strength, Dexterity), basic skills (e.g. Melee Weapons, Priest Spells), advanced skills (e.g. Blademaster, Lethal Blow, Riposte), and talents (e.g. Nimble Fingers, Negotiator). They also had a whole pile of spells that interacted with these other things in various ways. Finally, there were battle disciplines. There were a ton of options to choose from and some complex interactions. There was plenty of theorycrafting to be done and learning the formulas behind all of this (or just reading a FAQ if you want to). The gear you got could affect any of these various systems. Then there was the fact that you could "unlock" advanced stats like Resistance later on in the game. Queen's Wish seems to have just one set of skill points that contains a handful of passive and a handful of active abilities - not the layered system of Avernum. I haven't played much of the Avadaon games, but is this the direction Jeff is heading with his newer projects?
  11. Thanks! Do you happen to know the details of how to modify the scripts? Or have a link to a post/website that has that info? I appreciate the replies.
  12. I come from the Avernum games where you can use keyboard shortcuts just about eveyrwhere. (example: U + <letter key> = open container on ground). Am I missing something or did Avadon just drop this feature? I can't seem to find it.
  13. I noticed that you can't assign quick slot abilities while a character is fatigued. You get an error message: "Set Quick Use: This character can't cast any spells. Choose someone who can." Seems like an odd restriction.
  14. Actually, I'll give your mod a shot -- it sounds cool. One concern I have; if you release a new version of it, will I have to start over from scratch to use the new version?
  15. I saw your remix. I really like the idea; I'm not sure that I want *all* of the changes you made. I really just want a few balance changes that make archers and polearms viable; is there a "minimalist" version?
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