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  1. ka1yhi

    lost games

    Update Steam only has Queens Wish listed. Not opened on my computer, no place i can find to enter key. I have already played it to the end anyhows. No big deal, I want my Avernums back not QW. Humble Bundle has Avernum 2, 3, #3 hint book & Avadon. Of course they are still open in my computer. I need to restore Avernum 1, 4, 5, & 6. I did request keys 6 or 7 days ago & have ZERO response. I just dont get it. Did I piss someone off or maybe passed my allowed keys ? PLEASE just let me know. I have been a good customer. As you can see 8 games p
  2. ka1yhi

    lost games

    I have bought all the avadon, avernum, queens wish, a bundle for my son & a few others maybe. APX a year ago I had to change computers. I E-mailed "orders" for new keys. NO response after 3 + friendly requests over about a 4 week period. I got on with life figuring Spiderweb was on the brink. Now I would like to play the avernum games agn. How do I get keys ? I tried again IIRC on Thurs & no response. To complicate matters some of this mess involves fly by night 3rd parties like Steam & Humble bundle. Steam especially sucks & makes no sense.
  3. Thanks for the help. Turns out I had to download steam to get to my library. All working now Tom LFOD !
  4. I bought the game & went through a convoluted process. Now I THINK I have the key to open the full version. But where the hell do you type it in ? Been to every screen I can find & no joy. Sorry I am an old goat but never had this problem with other Spiderweb games. TNX Tom LFOD !
  5. This seems to be going around. Been trying to get some keys for a week now. Nothing but deafening silence.......... Never used to be that way. Got them within 8 working hours. Maybe they hired someone with a comprehension problem ? Tom LFOD !
  6. Joined Amana but I loose dispel barrier. How do I get through lv 2 + barriers now ? TNX Tom LFOD !
  7. A few of the treasure boxes have switches. Do you ever get anything out ? On my 3rd game & I havent yet. Just a red herring ? Also is there a place to check spell, arcane lure, nature lore etc for group totals ? TUVM Tom
  8. Use your AUTO SAVE IIRC its every 10 mn Tom LFOD !
  9. Sounds easy. But I waited & paced both outside W and inside the cave W by the pool. No joy. Right now I got a page of quests that cant be done for one reason or another. Maybe its me BUT in all the prev games I didnt have this problem. Not mad but I like the quests as much as finishing.....
  10. How do I get to Guhkbar ? he is gated & can find no switch etc. TNX in advance Tom LFOD !
  11. Carrie has been found ! She said she got into some bad Gremlin wine & has spent a lot of time at the defacatorium. LFOD !
  12. I assume she is in tower of Magi ? Its the only location in quest. If so is there a close marked location ? Only place I cant go is the barriered room. Only library I find is X's & what looks like one in the west side. Tnx Tom
  13. Can not find Carrie. TNX in advance ........ Tom LFOD !
  14. I got this done & I am 63 yrs old ! Keep in mind.... I had "a few" beers first. You WILL get zorched a lot, just use your priest. Pushing the mirrors IS fustrating ! There are 2 types of mirrors. They will reflect the beam 90 degrees one way or the other. I used the beams where you first come in. IIRC there are 2 mirrors to use there. I sent the beam BESIDE the mine carts / tracks & it just misses the target. Then you drag one more & put it beside the target. Done ! Now I am working on the Golem factory & it MUCH harder.
  15. Cleaned out serpent cult. Just had to go back to prisoner & free him. Jumped down SW hole. Came out OUTSIDE serpent pit but NOT on the big map. Walked off into purple area & had black screen. Game crashed. 73 Tom
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