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  1. I am still having this issue. I recently sent an email to Spiderweb Software about it, and I told them about the resolution problem with Avadon 3. I hope that Spiderweb Software is working on these issues and that a couple of fixes will be released soon.
  2. I sent an email to Spiderweb Software earlier this week. I have not heard back from them on this issue. Hopefully they are working on it.
  3. Dominate for Gazers probably it isn't worth it at that stage. I was mainly pointing to the idea of the fully upgraded Gazer team as something that is impossible due to the essence cost. For a Gazer, it'd probably be better to stack Magic Shaping and just pick their AoE attack and maybe the Null Field passive. The other skills, Dominate and the chance to Stun or Charm, I don't think I'd bother to get. Fire Resistance or Magic Resistance, I honestly don't know which is more common in the endgame zones.
  4. A Rotghroth and a Charged Vlish were his creations when I attacked him. I was surprised that the weak Shaper could make one of the toughest Battle Creations. True, the way the final creations are built, you really can't max out Essence Mastery and have a team of fully upgraded creations. I mean, a team of Gazers with all stat upgrades and spells sounds powerful, but it would be too costly to do. Zakary is a manipulative coward and he dies in disgrace in all of the endings. So there is that.
  5. Fyoras are decent for the early game and part of the midgame. After that, you pick between Roamers or Drayks, whichever suits your essence budget. Roamers are cheaper and can get Hardiness, which can be useful in the midgame, but Drayks will surpass them in level, damage, and overall health. The book for Roamer Shaping is in Awakened lands, and the canisters for both creations are in Barzite lands, so you can increase your level in them fairly quickly. I haven't done a full Magic Shaping team with a Guardian as I am working on the essence numbers for it. I want to use a team of Searing Artilas or a type of Vlish, but they are expensive for a Guardian. I had the same problem with my creations being fragile. The Guardian can stay alive without Essence Shield, but his creations get burned down by Drakons. For my Shaper game, the Drakon Master was able to kill several of his creations even though he had them covered with Regenerate and Essence Shield. I haven't tried a Weapon Shaping Agent yet, as I am still experimenting with my Guardians.
  6. I've found a lot of the same issues with my Guardian. AoE damage creations draw a lot of enemy fire and require a lot of care. That makes a lot of creations difficult to keep alive as a Guardian, especially when you want to have fun using Weapon Shaping. My solution was to field single target ranged creations and use my Guardian as a tank that wades into enemy lines. Having your creations snipe down problematic enemies while your Guardian fights the mob with Chain Lightning is a blast.
  7. I meant that it is ironic that they do that even if you are a Servant. Even if he tried to fix his blundering idiocy, they are still pleased to kill him. He deserves it, mind you. His negligence and cowardice got a lot of people killed. Did he have a chance to Shape much in your duel? He's surprisingly good at it for someone as weak as he claims to be. 11 Essence Mastery is a good amount for creating a squad. How much do you have put into each Drakon? I know that they are very expensive to upgrade unless you use Fire Shaping to boost their stats instead.
  8. How much Essence Mastery and Fire Shaping did you have for this team? That's an expensive creation squad you have there. Ironically, the Shaper Council likes it if you kill Zakary. They view him as a traitor who needs to die.
  9. I've got a couple of suggestions for diversifying and equalizing the creations: Fire Shaping: For Roamers, make the Fiery Pounce ability a Quick Action. That would allow Roamers to dive into a group and cast their weak AoE in one turn, making the abilities much more valuable. Cryoras have a problem in that they are sturdy but their damage output is poor. Increase their AoE damage by a moderate amount and their single target damage by a tiny amount, if that. The idea is to make them a more AoE focused alternative to the Roamer, which will have better single target damage and dive capabilities. For Cryodrayks Vogel should increase their maximum damage and increase their health. These should be a tank counterpart to Drayks. On lower difficulties, Drayks will still be the best, but on higher difficulties, Cryodrayks will become more viable. Battle Creations: For Battle Alphas, increase their cleave probability by 10%. I played most of a game using these guys, and their cleave is underwhelming. It rarely triggers and it does little damage. In the case of Battle Betas, increase their cleave chance and replace Riposte with More Criticals for a damage boost or Hardiness for a defensive boost. More Criticals would fit the lore better, as Battle Creations are primarily supposed to rely on their health to tank damage. However, Battle Betas need a distinction from Battle Alphas besides level difference. Turning Battle Betas back to blue instead of being that pink color would be a nice bonus as well. Rotghroths need their main attack reverted to a Quick Action. However, with the new Haste mechanics, that runs the risk of them just being an attack spam creation instead of an interactive one. Perhaps replacing their Haste with Exploding Boils or Improved Duration would work? Magic Shaping: Searing Artilas need a health boost, as my level 14 Artila has more health than my level 15 Searing Artila. The new Vlish are mainly built to be support creations, as they have some crowd control abilities mixed with a powerful blessing. A small boost to their health and damage could make them more useful overall, but I don't think they can be drastically changed without risking taking away their purpose in the new games.
  10. A big change in the remarks is that the Skill Points Trainers, people who would train you Battle Magic, Melee Weapons, and the like, are missing. Do you like that change or not? It simplifies the game and doesn't make optimization as much of a matter of purchasing skills, which is a plus. My issue is both practical and thematic: canisters versus training is a core part of the series. As in the original Avernum series, where skills like Acrobatics and Anatomy were "hidden" skills that you had to unlock via trainer in order to match the elite Empire soldiers, that reflected the weakness of Avernum in comparison to the Empire and showed a key difference between the factions. The Empire had highly trained and well-equipped armies, and Avernum was relying on scrappers and militia. In a related situation, the Shapers could offer you less expensive power more steadily and the Rebels could offer you more power overall. There is still some of that with the Shapers generally selling spells for cheaper prices. However, the practical distinction between factions is becoming more the method of acquiring power that is referenced in dialogue. It is becoming a secondary issue, rather than a major part of the story and gameplay. Imagine G4 without as much of the canister versus training differences. Or imagine G5 without the skill point trainers as alternate options for enhancing skills. That is going to make the games a lot less interesting.
  11. I didn't know that. I was trying to save the kid by telling her to leave. If she gets sick that fast, it sounds like she is already infected and needs to stay so that I can cure her.
  12. So, the quest continues if you tell her to stay?
  13. Excellent! And likewise, I like keeping my debate skills sharp. For the new Emily quest, what do you tell her to do? I always tell her to leave for her own safety. She has shown that she can survive and evade people, but living in the Drypeak Mountains does not seem like it will be safe for her any longer.
  14. The ending literally says that Shapers haven't been able to break the Awakened defenses. That means they have tried, failed, and they are losing valuable time, money, and effort on this, even if the casualties have been minimal. There is no inevitable victory for them, just a stalemate they can't break. Vogel doesn't say that the Awakened held out for a bit and got crushed. No faction has the resources to continue a pointless battle forever. Hence, a begrudging peace becomes an option. Especially since we've seen, time and again, Shapers look the other way when the going gets tough or it benefits them. Rawal is a Shaper, he's an unscrupulous one that wants power, but he isn't interested in driving himself mad to get it. Meanwhile, the Barzites are Shapers that want power and Shape themselves into insanity to get it. That is also what the Drakons are doing, so the Barzites and the Drakons end up being similar. Even their actions with serviles are similar. Both factions promised serviles freedom, gave it to them briefly, and then turned around and began oppressing them. By the start of G2, the Barzites have outright broken their word, but the Drakon ending for G5 says that the Drakons are steadily doing the same thing as they Shape themselves into insanity. Alwan is held up as the standard Shaper that is contrasted to Taygen's extremism, just like the Servants are supposed to be the moderate counterparts to the Barzites and the Awakened are the moderate counterparts to the Takers. If the Shaper's most dedicated general is willing to break Shaper law, or at least tolerate his Shapers doing so, the rest of the Shaper society is ready to change as well. We also see hints that there have always been kinder Shapers, they've just been an undercurrent of the order. Having Awakened serviles stand up for themselves and survive, as the ending shows the Awakened do, would give those Shapers a compelling reason to point to for reforms to the empire. As for who says Shapers won't release a virus, Vogel says repeatedly in dialogue that the Shapers are obsessed with controlling what they create. They can't control a virus or how it mutates. Besides it being a weapon for genocide, that's another reason why the Shapers oppose Taygen's Purity Agent. That's also part of the reason that the ending where the Purity Agent is incomplete and eradicates many humans and creations exists. A plague isn't something that can be controlled, just cured after it does its damage. That is why it is the Rebels that unleash Shaping in such a way, as it says in G3's ending. Taygen wanted to purge the world of all creations and rebuild the Shaper Empire with even tighter controls on Shaping and less free will for creations and commons. That's not what the Trakovites in G4 want. Most of them wanted the war to end with a truce and Shaping to be minimized. That is, until Litalia took over and they went off the deep end into causing the disaster they were warning the world about. The purging of Sucia and the purging of Shaper cities, which was meant to wipe out half the continent, were both tactical decisions made for the amorphous concept of the greater good. It was basically "We need to destroy the threat to the world we are trying to build." There is no difference in the results. An atrocity to prevent a threat and an atrocity in war are both atrocities. The oft-repeated, especially by contemporary academics and entertainment, idea that the law and morals fall silent in war is an excuse for an action, not a justification for it. I think we are getting off topic here. So we should bring this back down to the quests in the Geneforge 2 - Infestation so we aren't derailing the thread. That and neither of us seems to be getting anywhere in this conversation. We could keep reposting the same points, just phrased differently, but we aren't convincing the other person. I think we are going to have to agree to disagree. As for quests, I haven't played the Emissary's quest because she is an infernal and I dislike using canisters. Does defeating her send the trapped infernals out of the Geneforge world as well?
  15. True, but she's also more willing to ignore wrongdoings by her faction than they were. I don't think the majority of the Awakened would ignore what the Rebels were doing in the Ashen Isles. The issue with the Drakons was that they treated the human Rebels as being a useful tool at best and a burden at worst. They tolerated the serviles more., but life that wasn't a Drakon was just secondary to them. That eventually turned a lot of the Rebels against them. Speaking of which, something I'd like to see in the remakes is a recurring and powerful Rebel servile leader. It always struck me as somewhat odd that the serviles let Ghaldring and Greta lead them, when they could have a leader of their own. I wonder if Vogel did that so that the player could have the servile character be the charismatic voice the serviles need.
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