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  1. Ahhh... I see I still cannot like posts. Well, TheKian, consider you have a +1 It would be funny if Ornks were available early game and you could win the game with a bunch of ornks, naming them "Meatshield_1" etc.
  2. Which leads me to believe the ornk has been replaced because I hope the cockatrice is upgradable.
  3. that is if the Cockatrice is not upgradable, which I think it will be. We will see when the beta tests start. Is anyone in this forum in the closed betas?
  4. So, from December update: They're done with the game, closed beta and after that betatesting for backers. They're looking at a late Feb release. That said, a few things from the update: " For example, you can make 20 different creations to fight for you. " OK, so that's 10 different creations. The level 1 to 3 ones + cockatrice. As such, I think Ornks can no longer be created in the game "The redone, expanded, super-pretty Geneforge world map. Conquer over 80 different regions!" Emmm... that honestly sounds more or less the size of the GF games I've
  5. And before we put the cart in front of the horse... is anyone willing to make such a modification that includes a patch for the ending? Or it's an academic discussion?
  6. Well, if Vinile or you or someone else makes it, I will certainly be willing to play it.
  7. Learning to mod the script is not that hard, just saying... and Kian's Zonelab could help you create / replace a couple of zones without too much effort, just throwing it there... I would certainly like to play a bandit that went against both sides and won.
  8. I still don't think it's legal even with a patcher. Unless there are parts in the discussion that I have missed.
  9. Unless you mod it, as I mentioned above. 😉
  10. So far, one or the other. And it would be hard to mod it otherwise. Hard, but possible. Not too difficult, mind you, just quite long. In effect you have to write a lot of text to explain it. Then in the first of those fights, you have to eliminate the Shaper or Drakon allies. Second you have to make sure that killing the big boss doesn't end the game but instead leads you to the 2nd part. Then you have to eliminate the Shaper or Drakon allies from the 2nd part. And yes, all those are possible through script manipulation. You don't even have to dea
  11. Why can't I like posts anymore? Anyone else has this issue?
  12. Really? How? You have a ton of resistance.
  13. In 4 Geneforge games I've played, I've never seen an Eyebeast up close.
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