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  1. OK, I will go there once I up my leadership. I am level 6 btw now.
  2. I am not sure I could handle an Alpha yet... it could well go rogue and kill me. Where is the Spiral Burrow?
  3. The sneaky Vlish issue: After significant effort, I managed to clear out Pentil Woods, got the message "You killed enough Vlish" and all. I was near the South-Eastern exit and hurt. I walk out from that direction and I see a spooky place called "The Tombs" (I play the game blind, without prior experience of GF1 so I don't know what that is). When the Vlish were handing me by butt on a plate and that Spawner in Pentil Woods had me reloading like 3 times and use 2 curing spores (spawning vlish that turned my creations away) and 1 healing spores bag... when I saw a place called "the T
  4. The Shapers conquered the whole continent. They are undefeatable... (till Geneforge 3, heh, heh, heh... Glory to the Rebellion!) Even in the tiny chance they had to evacuate, why not take the Serviles with them? Not possible? Why not return to save their "children" and instead bar the island? Last but not least, why not tell the poor Serviles "Sorry, you do the best you can do. You are free from Shaper control until we return, Stop copying how much detergent we used on our robes and here's how to grow your living tools."
  5. I am not touching any faction specific quest until I have seen all factions. Also, since I can go unaligned, I am not sure I will do any faction quests. If I go by what the Obeyer boss told me, the quests have probably more to do with sabotaging the other factions than helping the faction in question. Why would I go kill Serviles? They fight over their view on the Shapers that discarded them like used lemons. Thousands of Serviles, abandoned to die off without much thought about them. (Don't correct me if I am wrong, I am early game. Not even spoken to Takers yet). "Our Creations are our
  6. We can't split anymore? But I think I did split a stack...
  7. How does the $%^#$ zone outside Pentil clears? I have killed the %^$*^ Spawner that made Vlish and the zone still isn't clear. I walk on my toes trying to avoid any lingering Vlish, as a screeching Vlish = the end of me.
  8. That. I like the living tool system and the inventory-management they provide. Save-load before a lock would be the same. Now I have to decide where to use my limited tools.
  9. How you got 3 rogues? I only got 1 runner at a time when facing Vlish because they cast terror. What's your control? I have 3 creations and I am at "Weak" control. I never do "very poor" control creations and I bump Fire Shaping to have control. The Shaper is probably the easiest class. The Roguecrafter is not. 😛 You are not supposed to spam creations you can't control. And I say that as a very pro-rebel.
  10. In Geneforge 4 I left a door locked. Later, I learned there's a whole ZONE behind that door. It was Monarch's basement door. In Geneforge 2, 3 and 5 I never got to those special zones. As a result, I have never seen an Eyebeast in the game, ever.
  11. I would take the chance too, but I am afraid that if I whitelist this one then Windows Defender will allow in all kinds of bad stuff.
  12. 3 essence eh? I see what you mean now. If I use dominate 5 times (15 essence) I am practically having another creation, for 15 essence. With mind magic 3 and dominate at 1, how long does dominate last? 5 turns? 6?
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