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  1. Don't worry. What @ultra112 says represents his opinion. The games are really not black and white. I strongly disagree with the assessment that the Rebellion was worse. They were (IMO) a significant improvement not just for the Serviles, but for everyone. Sure, to get there a bloody war was needed. But the next day if the Rebels win (the player decides that...) is better than the status quo pro-Rebellion. Or so I think and many disagree with me. There are different ways to win GF5 BTW. Different endings + variations for each ending. Your ending may (will probably be) different than my endin
  2. Wait what? I have it from steam!!! Will I lose my saves too? It loads fine for me so far, but I don't want to lose my saves regardless
  3. Hi there. I found the time and energy to get back to this great game after a short hiatus. I am progressing steadily, I have reached lvl 12 and I am exploring towards random directions trying to find a Drayk cannister. So... without many spoilers, may I ask which direction I should be looking at for a drayk cannister? I am in some mines North-East with pylons. Sneaky pylons that killed Firetooth, my first ever creation in the game that has been with me since I was level 1. I have no trouble turning back and going somewhere else - after I get revenge on the pylons. My Shaper is level 12, I
  4. Really? I have not noticed that... Well, then perhaps they do need the leap.
  5. To think, Akhari Blaze had so much control that he could keep 100 unbound under control. But other than right when they're made, Unbound are supposed to be uncontrollable. Fire-and-Forget weapons. That means that after you lose control of them, you should not be able to assume it again.
  6. The quick action allows them to make more attacks, not move faster. I don't know what you mean that it closes distance rather quickly. They have the same speed as all creations IIRC.
  7. The time I ended up in Pentil's gates, out of essence and literally in my last breath, wounded and with my creations hovering on death's door because of all those $%#$%$@# Vlish was memorable. As I said, I am in-between Awakened and Takers at the time. If it wasn't for those $%^@#$@ Vlish, I would have gone for the Takers probably. But they had to go and put Vlish everywhere and align with the Sholai. I didn't finish the Witcher, but went pretty far. Far enough to have the discussion with my knight Friend from the Order about him thinking I bet
  8. Psss. You liked my post as I was still editing it. I hope you still like it.
  9. I thought at first that I would side with the Awakened. Now, after being at the Taker areas I am not so sure anymore. I don't see myself harming the Awakened to be honest as I like them a lot. But I am hovering between Awakened and Takers at the time. The Takers have guts of steel. I can tell you that. They know their fight would end in annihilation but they are still seeing worth in the fight itself, wanting to die free than live their lives as slaves. They believe their moment of Freedom, the freedom they want to take would be when the Shapers kill them. They LIVE for the moment they will di
  10. I had the same thoughts about how horrible the Shapers have been. The words of The Pentil boss in his journal were another punch to the gut. He has killed his followers, manipulated them or had them tortured (you can see all those bloody logs, shackles and whips) for not being loyal enough to the group of people that abandoned them to die 100 years ago. And what is his deepest desire? His guilty thoughts? He finds himself at time wishing that a Shaper would tell him he did well. THAT is what this person desires and he feels guilty about wanting something from the Shapers. All the leader of
  11. To be fair, I finished GF2 without encountering a single Eyebeast. I have never seen one in game. Not once. I know they exist from Shaping. That useless trivia shared... I hope Rots don't get leap attacks. They are supposed to be slow.
  12. A creation that can heal is an interesting idea. However, just an observation: "it seems like such a waste for them to spend so much of their AP healing, while their weaker buddies do the fighting" That's because you play an agent/guardian. My Shaper is the weaker of my team. I cannot compare in power to any of my creations.
  13. And as importantly for a Shaper: it increases control! I have found out, I kid you not, that it helps to put a point in a "secondary" shaping skill here or there to buy up control. For each level the creations get, their control becomes harder by 2. For each point in every shaping skill you have, your control increases by one. So, if you have fire shaping 9 and battle shaping 1 and magic shaping 1, then you are in trouble from your own creations. Considering we get 10 skill points, investing 2-3 skill points every couple of levels to increase control certainly helps. I
  14. Well, you could do that already with a mod. It is very easy to do but time consuming. Also, since the limits of how long a file can be before the game crashes, you couldn't include a discussion about everything.
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