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  1. Dying was their purpose. Now you are a true Shaper, sacrificing creatures for the cause - that they didn't chose nor they had a chance to disagree. I don't blame you, mind you. I think I did the same with Control Core B, and that trick of letting at least one of the servant minds die sounds familiar. I don't know if (at normal difficulty) after several reloads I managed to save the other servant minds, but IIRC, I managed to save one at most.
  2. Have enough essence for buffs - use pools to refill your essence. Also, have those spores that cure acid and use them. As Randomizer said, 2 wartralls are good enough, but you need more meatshields. Get a clawbug or something to soak damage. Reposition the war tralls too to not get 2 attacks.
  3. War Tralls is your answer. Battle shaping 10 and wartralls should take you through the game with a bit of blessing magic, that you seem to have. Cast that spell that augments your defenses and health to survive the first round. You may have to increase blessing a bit to cast it, I don't recall. It takes a big chunk of your essence when you cast it, but you can recoup that with an essence pod or a pool. Then make the max number of War Tralls you can, leaving just 7-8 essence to cast healing spells or something. If you can't afford 2-3 war tralls, drop their +2 to intelligence and you can get put it in once you level.
  4. Not true Aleister. Here's another one:
  5. Wait, what? Intelligence/control/whatever is a thing still? Can I add it somewhere so I can finally get my beauties to insane high levels without them turning on me?
  6. To each his own I guess. I couldn't get myself to play GF1 even before I learned there would be a remake.
  7. While I don't mind, I wouldn't think a guardian's ghost would act with that glee. Something more like "as the shade diminishes, you see a hint of a smile. The last words before the shade dissipates are 'thank you'. Only his sword remains behind and you can feel the power of this weapon." You see, there is no guarantee that the person killing that guardian is a guardian. A shaper would have little need of that sword.
  8. I agree and I am slowly working on a big mod. However, game and story design requires more than just an awesome level editor.
  9. Well you could give a spin to the forums and invite your friends in, if they have played the games. If they haven't, Summer is a good opportunity to inform them about the games.
  10. This forum needs a dislike button...
  11. What do you think should be the message when Bazral dies? Pops down and dissolves in goo as by that time he was more essence and cannisters than person? This happens to Litalia when she dies I think.
  12. To be honest, it's one of the easiest mods one can make, to add death dialogue.
  13. Can't you save the dialog box in the journal in GF2? I forget. Or you mean there's no kill dialogue? I am pretty sure there's kill dialogue for some NPCs. I wouldn't take a vow, but I seem to recall there is.
  14. Daze is a mind 1 spell, everyone can do it.
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