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  1. As Slarty has wisely said to me back when I made more or less the same argument, "The game mechanics in Geneforge very, very rarely do a good job of reflecting the nuances of the world. If they did, let's face it, the Ashen Isles would have been overrun by Vlish..." (Shamelessly stolen from @Triumph's signature). GF1:M does a much better job with the Control of creations, but we're still a long way to go.
  2. To be honest, most of these questions have answers. And while there is the option to create a creature in a vat to make it more docile, better and imbue it with more essence through time OR to create it immediately, the spawner creation, essence through rest, and non-speaking drayks are... because of game reasons. That's game mechanics. As for people can train creations to obey, it's the same reason people can train dogs to obey: they know how and they have time. If the PC was with a few fyoras for 3-4 months, he would get them to obey him. But that wouldn't reach the level of a S
  3. Sudanna: You forgot one of the most glaring questions that plague me since I started playing GF games: "How many Shapers have prostate problems, since the labs have no bathrooms and to get out to do your business you have to walk several minutes and clear several sealed doors, deactivate traps etc."
  4. A rebellion. Since they won't give it, we will take our free. We will die, but will die free. This is not a knee-jerk reaction but... I am joining the Takers as the idea has matured in me, largely through these discussions. I am more fond of the Awakened, I would like a moderate end but they are too idealistic. They won't go far enough. When it is needed, they will not send the Unbound. I really, really don't want to kill any Serviles. They have been betrayed and mistreated. But the Takers, antagonists as they are, they appeal to me. I don't want to sabotage t
  5. "Going off memory, the highest number of creations controlled by a single Shaper that I remember referenced in the series is somewhere around 40 (Geneforge 3, I think?), but my memory could be faulty. " That show-off was in GF5 and pretended it wasn't special, even though the PC's jaw dropped off. GF:M reflects control much better IMO. "This was precisely the issue with Shaper Monarch, right?" Using "Shaper" and "Monarch" in the same sentence gives me the creeps. That's like saying "Shaper Litalia" and frankly she was less insane and less mass-murderous. She was against w
  6. He is pretty clear on how he got there and how he got his buddies all set up. Nepotism, favoritism and looking the other side when it suit him. I think Kayden and Alwan are the only councilors that got their positions meritocratically. Astoria and that old dude in Ghaldring's ending seem like people that rose up stepping on bodies and/or buddies. In GF2, Zacary put his cronies in positions and Barzal manipulated him to get half of them.
  7. Well, I don't disagree with your sentiment. But: There's already tiers of Shaper hierarchy, the Council is above the Lords, the lords are above the local lab-boss of Fort-boss and the local lab-boss is above the rank-and-file Shaper. Which brings exactly the issues you mentioned: Rawal is in the council and may come to dominate it in some endings of GF5. Alwan and Astoria (both criminals in the eyes of Shaper law) are products of the war so I won't touch them, but Kayden was already a butthole before the war according to everyone you talk with. As for Shapers taking their tradi
  8. @Sudanna: Well, as I was saying in the previous post, the Shapers could have put a lot more effort to see what Shapers actually do. So, yes, many Shapers would know how to make and maintain an essence pool. I am pretty sure more pharmacists know how to make narcotics or poisons. But there are inspections and there are laws. If Shapers, Shapers not modern pharmacists are told "Don't make essence pools, they are dangerous. The one in your research facility would require special permission to use and would be guarded behind a locked door" they would do it. Shapers are mostly loyal and follo
  9. " actually don't see even a hint of this in the lore. In fact, on the contrary, the series indicates quite often that Shapers are chosen first for their aptitude, and then gradually filtered out based on their attitudes toward Shaper law. " Yes, the Shapers say that, but that's not what I have seen. They go by "Loyalty first" despite the flowery words they spew. There are talented mages throughout the series that are not made to Shapers because they are not considered loyal enough, when they fight and fight for the Shapers against the Rebels while the Rebels fill their ranks (especiall
  10. I am not talking about the justification of the Rebellion. It is more than justified in my eyes and it was from the beginning. GF4 is IMO the lowest point of the Rebellion. No, it's not THAT that I am talking about. I am talking about how a Shaper that saw everyone he knew killed by Litalia and Hoge, then he was being hounded by Litalia's monsters and attacked by Hoge... changed sides for no reason other than power to join them. I mean... ?!?!?!? This is not the desperate peasant boy from regions the Rebels were losing to the monsters of the Shapers, running like crazy with
  11. This is a quick reply, cause I have to go but I don't think that's how Shapers and essence work. - Shapers can make essence but it takes a lot of time and materials etc. - Shapers can Shape creations and Shapers can Control/command creations and those two are not the same thing. We see that from the Unbound (uncontrollable), the Drayks (hard to control so they are considered rogue), Servant Minds that can control creations but not Shape them, Those trinkets the Takers love that allow people to bypass their creations and more. Another example is Litalia in GF3 that w
  12. The issue I have with GF3 is that the way the choice is made seems ... inorganic. Artificial. I choose to be a Rebel so I do rebel quests. I don't get whispers promising me power in the dark to make me change. I simply ignore that the people I align with for cannisters have blown up my school and killed my classmates. Greta is a worse offender than Alwan here. Yes, I also sympathize with the Serviles and yes, I believe the Shaper society deserves to collapse. That said, I blinked my eyes and Greta went from the "let's stop those horrible rogues that kill people" of the first island to "let'
  13. Well, I am no great philosopher. But speaking theologically (I am not theologist) I would say that most proto-religions and ancient religions were exactly like what you describe as the problem in my view: the worship of several entities that are different. On the second part of "Yeah buddy BUT... Creations are not biological, they are shaped Essence given form, even if that form is huge and breaths fire and you can break them down with spells that target that alone - which have been removed from this game for some reason and replaced with something that dazes creations". There you completel
  14. Well, this is quite easy to handle with a bit of modding IMO: Give yourself the claymore in the first zone of GF1 and play in a harder mode, veteran or torment.
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