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  1. Thank you for replying. I might be interested in modding the game, but I'll probably wait until I finish it as is. So far, I really like the Cryoas. I had 4 of them for quite a while before they were killed. One was level 23, I think. It was sad to see him go. Normally, I would've reloaded, but I have access to the upgraded Vlish, Corrupted Thahds, and Plated Clawbugs now. I'm looking forward to playing will all the different critters.
  2. I can't remember my character's level in G3, but some monsters were only giving one experience. I just got to the third island. In G5, I'm getting 18-25 with the same amount of creatures at around level 23 or 24. I like those blue stinging clawbugs in G5. Will I ever be able to create them?
  3. I'm currently playing G5 and enjoying it. My creations aren't going rogue constantly like they were in G3. They all have the suggested two levels of intelligence. Another thing I've noticed with G3 is that I'm not getting as much experience in battle as I am in G5. It's odd because I'm playing both on normal with the same amount of creations. I've leveled up much faster in G5, and I like the fact that I was able to get access to upgraded and new creatures a lot faster in G5. Yesterday, (in G5) I encountered the hostile ornks at the same time I was fighting some reb
  4. I meant to say that I'll probably do the Honeycomb Horrors (not Dragon Gate) quest next. I've already cleared out the rest of the Honeycomb except for the bandits. Is the Ghost of Skunky Joe quest meant to be put off for later? I don't have a Spineshield scroll, which I think would be very helpful. His sentinels aren't taking much damage from my spells (even with Cloak of the Arcane). I'm playing on hard.
  5. I still have a few side quests to do in the Eastern Gallery. I'm currently working on the Fort Dranlon quest for Levitt, and I'll probably do the Dragon Gate quest next. It hasn't been too difficult to balance out the hit penalties with items. Two of my characters have good robes (Woven Silk and Enchanter's), my mage has the Runed Plate, and the slith has the Deadeye Chainmail. If I hadn't forgotten the traits, it would've been easier. Oh, well. I enjoy playing these games with spell-casting warriors. 😀
  6. I just got the quest to go to Formello. Can anyone tell me how far along I am in the game? I forgot to add traits at the beginning, so my characters have leveled up a little faster. My slith is level 29, but everyone else is level 32. The two warriors have all the battle disciplines, so I decided to put a few points in Mage spells for them. I'm just wondering if there's a level cap...Do I still have time to experiment with this? Thanks in advance.
  7. Can anyone tell me when I'll be able to get the final round of supplies from the quartermaster in the Castle? I've already done all of Meryhew's quests, and I just aided Silvar. Levitt told me to check with the quartermaster if I was running low on supplies. I finally got my per diem.
  8. Is there any benefit to training mages and priests above what they need to cast the highest level spells? My mage has 17 in mage spells and my priest has 17 in priest spells. I've just been increasing their intelligence and adding points in Spellcraft. Occasionally, I'll put a point in Resistance, Hardiness, or weapon skills. I'd also like to know if I should continue to raise my warriors' weapon skills above 20. If it makes no difference, I'd prefer to spend the points elsewhere. Thanks in advance.
  9. Thanks for replying. My party just reached level 20. For some reason, I always thought that quest was meant to be done very late in the game. I found Athron's lair a long time ago, but I didn't go in because I think I wandered in too early in a previous game. If I recall correctly, there were drakes or other creatures in there that attacked, and I wasn't sure if there would be a quest later that required me to go there. Is Athron one of the dragons that I'll need to kill?
  10. What level would you recommend for killing Sss-Thsss? I tend to switch back and forth between my Avernum games and have never attempted this quest. I'm also having trouble deciding who should get Pyrog's papers. Thantria's reward is probably the best, but I feel like the people of Avernum should have them. Decisions, decisions.
  11. Okay. I'll just try and remember to be prepared on my way out. Thanks for always answering my questions. 😀
  12. Okay, thank you! I'll go ahead and buy the second level. You saved me from having to run back to town during some of the harder, drawn-out fights. I hate having to leave an area before I've completed it due to enemies re-spawning. Now that I'm thinking about it, I just finished the Spiral Pit and wanted to ask if turning the two wheels releases those ghasts, greater shades, and stalking ghasts, etc. ??? (I've never seen any areas with gates.) I'm playing on normal this time around, but I've had some trouble with the ones that attack on the way out when playing on hard mode.
  13. Can anyone tell me if there are any perks to buying more than one level of the Return Life spell? I bought the first level from the healers at the Monastery, and I can't really justify spending another $1,920 unless it provides a benefit similar to the Minor Heal spell at level 3 (Regenerating). I've already checked this thread: http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/topic/17178-analysis-min-maxing-aeftp/ My apologies if my question is answered somewhere else, and thanks in advance for any replies. 😀
  14. Thank you! Edit: I put one more point in Spellcraft and she was able to dispel the barrier. Mage Spells = 15 Spellcraft = 7 Dispel Barrier = 3 Maybe someone else will benefit from this info. (I might need a reminder when I replay the game in a year or two.) 😄 Would it work with lower skill in Mage Spells and higher Spellcraft?
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