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  1. I've seen the endings and the non canister junkie loyalist ending is pretty nice, good influence with a amount of territory and influence - I just wish it was showed more in the actual story itself rather than just a nice nod in the epilogue.
  2. Even you go full loyalist and don't use any canisters, every single Shaper will still view you as "warped". Kinda sucks because even though it makes sense for the Shapers to want to use your character for their own benefit to win the war, it wouldn't hurt to eventually have the loyalists begin to respect you, against their will. Just because of how dedicated and seemingly unwavering loyalty your character might have.
  3. Geneforge 5 was super enjoyable to me, I just personally dislike the trope of being this unique person that people seemingly already hate because of an event that you had no control over, I.E. the Geneforge in 4 and 5. People will just automatically see you as different and treat you as such because you progressed through the story normally. This is why I love Geneforge 3 in particular because you are a normal Shaper in training and people will perceive you differently based on your actions, rather than see you as a "freak" because of a forced use of a Geneforge.
  4. Was combing the replies to see if anyone mentioned that. Can't wait for this winter when I'm laid off so I can binge all the Geneforge games again!
  5. It's a damn difficult area. I haven't beaten Mutagen (because lack of free time) but I recall the strategy I used in the original Geneforge. Kill one of the spawners as fast as possible if able and run towards to exit to reset the area. Each time through will be a little bit easier because there will be (hopefully) one less spawner.
  6. "A day may come when the courage of men fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship."
  7. Prepare your asses for the long haul, the Geneforge series is gonna take a long while to remaster.
  8. Yeah it's very annoying. Not sure if I like the added "tactical" approach the game forces you to do because of this.
  9. In Geneforge 3 and 4, my 100% armor and 100% all resistances made the prospect of torment seem easier, albeit still challenging. Mutagen completely turns the tables however seeing how, never before have I ever been consistently bested by tier 1 creations, such as fyoras and thahds. It helped in G3 and G4 that I could at least land my melee attacks consistently..
  10. They don't call it Torment for no reason, it's honestly brutal.
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