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  1. "A day may come when the courage of men fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship."
  2. Prepare your asses for the long haul, the Geneforge series is gonna take a long while to remaster.
  3. Yeah it's very annoying. Not sure if I like the added "tactical" approach the game forces you to do because of this.
  4. In Geneforge 3 and 4, my 100% armor and 100% all resistances made the prospect of torment seem easier, albeit still challenging. Mutagen completely turns the tables however seeing how, never before have I ever been consistently bested by tier 1 creations, such as fyoras and thahds. It helped in G3 and G4 that I could at least land my melee attacks consistently..
  5. They don't call it Torment for no reason, it's honestly brutal.
  6. You gain more base essence when leveling up as well.
  7. Once I get laid off this winter I may just look into it
  8. I see. That's realistic but somewhat disappointing I gotta say, I think it would've been really cool if you could join the bandits and essentially kamikaze the entirety of western terrestia haha. Thanks anyways friends
  9. My definition would be to take them on in their home turf. Is there a faction that allows you to defeat the Shapers in the Shaper Citadel Dome as well as Ghaldring in the back area of Gazaki-Uss, or is it always just one or the other
  10. Oh, I thought that that would've been the case seeing how there are a lot of bandits throughout the game, plus a bandit you could let go presumably to let Bennhold know that you could be trusted, sort of Keeper Tycho-esque. In that case, do any of the factions take on both the Rebels AND the Shapers at the end of the game?
  11. You can join the bandits in G5, correct? And if so, can you actually get a bandit ending to the game, where you essentially destroy both the rebels and the shapers or is it something completely different? I'm fine with spoilers because I just finished a run of the game not too long ago so I'm kind of burnt out and not looking to invest more time unless it's actually worth it
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