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  1. I completed that as well and it's still shut for me
  2. It's not in the hint book but shieldsup is another that works🤗
  3. i know all of that. im looking for an answer to my questions and everyone just keeps ignoring me
  4. I'm trying to get that achievement in steam and I have a question, if I actually go after my companions will that affect the achievement or is it only if I choose to help them that affects it?
  5. It's been about 1 year since I gave avadon series any attention but I'm confused.. I thought when you right clicked the npcs or something it would show their health, hostility etc?
  6. When I was younger I would name them based on their skin tone or abilities(red,blue flamer,icy,acid) Now it's usually something based on how I think their temperament would be. My drayks and drakons are named something along the lines of danger, chaos, indomitable, etc
  7. I don't mind spoilers but I do want someone to jog my memory a bit. Is it possible to have a stalemate ending? Like if you do all the quests for Melachion and all for Gladwell what happens?
  8. Hey 42wolfe42! Thanks so much for doing this! I just tried it with my 2 saves and it works fine 🥰
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