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  1. hum. I forgot about mine. It's bfkfpkahbsoo
  2. bump here. Finished replaying GF3 and on the second to last island, there's a Rotghroth in an underground area that can -talk-
  3. I don't think I quite understand? sorry for late reply life is busy. I meant if the dialogue was changed so that he goes back to seerula. If for that spawner quest, he can just stay and guard her house while she goes with you or something. still its true.. update might not happen on that but would be nice to see
  4. This is Lord Backael's comment from Steam: "Hi all. I'm one of the Kickstarter backers of Geneforge Mutagen, with Chris being my pledge tier reward. He's a nod to the first creations my brother and I would name when playing the original Geneforge a bit less than 20 years ago now, and I wanted him to be a small, but useful contribution that everyone could benefit from (IE. the gemstone and XP he gives from leadership skill checks). To answer the OP's question: as of 1.0.1, Chris' master never appears in-game, and thus he effectively disappears once you convince him to leave. With that said, one of my early bug report & feedback emails to the devs asked if his master could be Seerula, the servile just outside Ellhrah's Keep who helps you take down the Watchhill spawner if you have enough leadership skill. I thought it would be nice having the two of them tag along with you for a brief mini adventure, if you could convince Chris to return to her first. I'm hoping this change will be implemented within the next patch or so. Hopefully that clears things up. " If you REALLY think about it.. it makes sense! Seerula's house is right outside Ellhrah's Keep and if you explore his Keep, you'll find cryoas right? One of them is Chris' and the others are his friends. Chris was trying to find his way back to Seerula but got lost. That's why WE tell him to go back to Seerula(his owner) Would be great if in the next update, the game could visionally let me see this. I love little stories like this
  5. "You cannot unring a bell" just remember that
  6. The quest(whether is stays there or not) IS completed. He told you to FIND the spray baton RIGHT? and you FOUND it? Quest complete
  7. I completed that as well and it's still shut for me
  8. It's not in the hint book but shieldsup is another that works🤗
  9. i know all of that. im looking for an answer to my questions and everyone just keeps ignoring me
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