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  1. ANother thing to remember about the Trakovites is that their ideology is built on a lie. COntrary to what they say, Trajkov had no intention of ending shaping, but rather he wanted to use the power of shaping to take over Terrestria. That's why he was trying to access the Geneforge on Sucia Island. Also, the idea of ending shaping is a ship that sailed long ago
  2. Considering humans have the ability to shape, it is likely forbidden. Shaper law strictly prohibits making any creation that can shape
  3. There is crafting, but you have to bring certain items to certain characters. As for the notes, there is a character in Barzahl's shaping halls who will take them. Be warned that if you go in there without being a Barzite and get spotted, Barzahl and his followers turn hostile permanently
  4. Litalia shaped the sense out of herself with the canisters much like Master Hoge, albeit to a lesser degree. The canisters can cause the user to go insane, especially one who has touched the Geneforge as shown very well in Geneforge 4. That's part of why the Shapers prohibit their use
  5. Litalia is possibly the most horrible human in all of Terrestria . Litalia was one of the reasons I sided with the Shapers in Geneforge 3. In Geneforge 5, I have no problem killing her without provocation and only regret that I don't have the option to brag about it to General Alwan
  6. It's kinda random in Geneforge 5. By the end, I have the Dreadnaught Boots and the Quicksilver Plate which both are supposed to boost action points, but it is random each turn, much like whether the speed spores kick in
  7. In Geneforge 5 at the Foundry Repository, there is a door by the control center in the SE corner I cannot open. How do you open it?
  8. I never see an option to unlock doors from the mind regardless of leadership. The only options are to stop Golem patrols and clear the impassable rocks
  9. The script files say the dead shaper in the Southeast corner of the Darkstone Core has the key, but whenever I click on the body, no key
  10. I have played Geneforge 3 over ten times, but in the Darkstone mines on Dhonal Island, I can't find the key anywhere. Did the developers forget to put one in or am I missing something
  11. I remember being omnicidal in my playthrough of the demo many years ago. I was calmer in the full game
  12. No, only if you attack the ones in Vakkiri do you get on their bad side
  13. The gloves of savagery are the only artifact worth making judging by the stats, and they are outclassed by the Ornkskin gauntlets due to the endurance boost, unless you really want the extra Quick Action. In Geneforge 3, I have the all protector, Emerald CHestgaurd, and the Avenger's Ring by the end, plus I also make the Talisman of Might. The Emerald Chestguard totally deserved to be in 4 and 5, and would have helped tremendously
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