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  1. I didn't like Geneforge 1 as much as the others, but it was good. Geneforge 5 is one of my top favorites, but it is also very difficult. Save frequently when playing as death is often just one or two misclicks away. Lots of strong enemies and tough bosses.
  2. Yeah, maybe that was a bit too enthusiatic, but the ghost did say to destroy him to free him and his ghost friends
  3. Thought of one for the Guardian ghost in Dead Pass that drops the Guardian Claymore THe Guardian drops his sword suddenly. He says "Free! I am free! I thank you" before the energy holding him together fails. He dissipates into the air, never to be seen again. From the screeches you hear in the distance, so have the ghosts haunting the pass. You stare at his sword. It looks very strong. It could clear out any remaining enemies here with ease
  4. It's in one of the boxes in the southeast, but I would have to do another playthrough to remember the exact one. Just keep clicking boxes until you find it
  5. There is a dead shaper in here with the key. Colored it in red https://imgur.com/a/lyXaITN
  6. With this kind of editing tool, you pave the way for one could make their own Geneforge games. Now that the series has long ended, maybe one day it could go the route of the Freespace games and be continued through custom made games that either fill gaps between games, go back to the origins of Shapers, or have games that continue after 5 as unofficial sequels. It could even have a Knossos like database called The Gameforge
  7. I will probably still post, but I do wish there were more commentators here. It appears the Spiderweb Forums gets less activity than the Hardlight Forums where I post about Freespace related stuff. I don't see as much variety in responders here.
  8. and a way to delete comments irrelevant to the topic. So farm I am disappointed with this thread because many of the comments are not journal entries like I wanted
  9. I am talking about the powerful Golem boss in the area Pit of the Bound
  10. Anyone have any ideas for the Bound One?
  11. Maybe "The rogue shaper Barzahl falls to the ground mortally wounded. He looks up at you with disgust "I may die, but the Barzites will live on." There is a bright glow as all the energy within him burns his body from the inside out. You look away to avoid blindness. When you look back, all that remains of Barzahl is a goopy, disgusting mess. You suspect the Shaper Council will approve. On the other hand, Barzahl's remaining followers will probably hold a grudge"
  12. Well, the Barzites were a bunch of canister junkies, so something like that sounds about right for Barzahl
  13. and this thread is where we can brainstorm dialogue for such a mod, or have Jeff put into the remake
  14. I was thinking the dialogues would be for killing npcs such as the faction leaders, some of the named gazers, the Drakon Master in the bonus area, the unique Rotghoroth in the bonus area, maybe the spawner near Drypeak, Stanis, some named ghosts, the bandit leaders in the Warren of the Three, the Bound One, some named Drayks and Drakons, things like that.
  15. There is almost no kill dialogue in Geneforge 2. A tiny bit more than Geneforge 1, but still, very little.
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