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  1. I only remember fighting the demon in my Barzite playthrough. It was at the end and by then I had the Omnicharm, multiple stat boosting items, and had consumed all canisters, so I was pretty overpowered
  2. There should be journal entries for the boss enemies when they die like in the later Geneforges. For instance, the Rotting Demon could be "The Demon stumbles around, then throws its hands into the sky and lets out a scream. You cover your ears because of how painfully loud it is. The Demon then melts into a puddle of foul smelling ooze. You see something solid that remains, a claw"
  3. In Geneforge 4, my 2 Rebel playthroughs mainly happened because it is too easy to permanently alienate the Shapers and I was originally turned off from them, partially because so many of them attack you regardless of your leanings. It was fun and I felt I was doing right at first, then came the Unbound thing, but by then, it was too late to turn back. When I did a proper Shaper playthrough (which unfortunately involved less combat) I felt vindicated at the end, and since I avoided canister usage, I was well rewarded. In Geneforge 2, I first did an Awakened playthrough, but later did a Barzi
  4. I started with the Geneforge 2 demo I found on Realonearcade in 5th grade, all the way back in 2003. My parents were a little stingy about money and it was expensive, so I didn't end up getting the full thing until I bought the series on GOG back in 2015. Geneforge 3 has its flaws, but is super underrated. I sympathize with the idea of rights for serviles, but I can't go along with the rebels past Geneforge 2 as they become obsessed with gaining power and shaping NEEDS restrictions. Plus, the Shapers do seem to moderate on their ideas as the series goes on, lampshaded by that general who
  5. I think the Geneforge 5 player character is somebody from Geneforge 2 as the game mentions the character being seized at Drypeak. Considering he is a lifecrafter and has gorged on canisters, my gut says Sammann could be the Geneforge 4 PC. MOnarch is either the PC from Geneforge 1 or 3. Nothing is confirmed though
  6. I was playing through Geneforge 1 recently, and when I got the Guardian Claymore at the very end of the game, it made me wonder should there be a petition for the remakes to include a new game +, where the player can replay the game with their powerful equipment, though possibly with strengthened enemies. It is irksome when you get the powerful end game equipment after there is little left to use it on. It creates what I call Useless Ultimate Weapon syndrome. Omnicharm is a big offender on this too
  7. In the first two Geneforges, I am sympathetic to the Rebel side. In Geneforge 3, the Rebellion gets taken over by the Takers and becomes a bunch of power hungry lunatics that come across as more concerned with gaining power over the Shapers than freeing serviles like the original idea was. I happily slaughter them across the islands. Plus, if you serve them consistently, the Shapers treat you REALLY well. You get so much praise and you get lots of discounts at their stores. And yeah, I found rebel leaders unlikable. Lankan was a brat, Litalia is like the desperate girl in the bar who keep
  8. I mean, the only flaw was that I couldn't travel everywhere directly. If that was ironed out so that I would automatically take any boats needed, I think the boat feature was a great thing to implement. I like the idea that I clear one island and move on to the next. The only other game that provided anywhere close to that sense of direction was Geneforge 4
  9. Am I the only one who didn't hate the boat mechanic in Geneforge 3. Granted, I didn't particularly like it, but Irksome or not, it gave the best sense of progression and kept me from being confused about where to go, a problem I had in the first 2 Geneforges
  10. The Alwan ending in Geneforge 5 is one of the greatest endings I have ever seen in any game. Ghaldring dies, you retire in glory, barred creations go extinct, Terrestia is reunited under the Shaper banner, Shaping gets under control again, the Geneforges are drained, and the Trakovites disappear. In the same game, the Ghaldring ending is horrible. You do all that work to overthrow the Shapers, only for it to be rendered meaningless in the end as Ghaldring gets overthrown and the shaping laws are reinstated. Makes you feel like your hours of gameplay was all for nothing A
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