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  1. This was exactly what I was looking for, thank you.
  2. I mean, do a warrior and a guardian have the same stats? For example, do they have the same starting skills? Do they have the same base health/essence and gain per level? Do their skills all costs the same?
  3. I noticed in this game, there is an option during creation to choose between shaper and rebel classes, with some of them seemingly being mirrors of each other. I was planning on playing a shock trooper stat wise, but aligning with the shapers as I have been all of the games. Do these starting classes actually affect anything story or stat wise? I tried looking it up and got very mixed answers.
  4. I was able to beat it by just brute forcing it, and getting a few lucky shots from my roamers that ended up turning some creations to my side. Thanks guys.
  5. I'll try that, it might just involve me dropping the difficulty and brute forcing it with rng. Thank you.
  6. You mean just damaging one of them will turn it to help me? Unfortunately I 1 shot both the fyoras and the roamers if that's what you mean.
  7. I have been playing through these games with few problems, but I have become quite stuck at Moseh. I'm playing a melee warrior and am trying to defeat him. I already turned off the power in the northwest to get him to stop healing. Now, when I fight him, he spawns a bunch of roamers and fyoras. Luckily I am pretty strong, and can get him low enough to where he surrenders to me in only a few rounds. But there are still all these hostile creations up. It gives me some message when they spawn about how the creations are unstable and could easily go rogue on him. Is this trying to tell me something? I have tried killing a few and it does nothing, and tried exploring in the south and didn't find much helpful (not enough leadership to recruit the alphas). So basically, is there something I can do to deal with all these spawns? I can easily take down moseh but the sheer amount of stuff he spawns is too much to handle at this point in the game.
  8. Thank you, this gives me a better idea of how I want to start my build
  9. Hello, I recently beat Geneforge 1 using a magic shaping build and found it to be mostly fun. By the end of the game though, I found it to be almost too easy besides the fact that managing all the creatures in tight space was annoying as hell. I wanted to try guardian in the second game to try something new. Reading some of the pinned topics it also looks like guardian is a really solid pick. I also read some of the pinned topics for some builds/stat ideas. I was thinking of going with a missile guardian. I see that dexterity influences my chance to hit. What influences my damage with missile weapons? Just the missile weapons skill, or also strength? Can parry work when I'm using a missile weapon? How important is quick action for a build like this? Are luck/mechanics/leadership about the same usefulness as the first game? As a guardian, I can have seemingly decent shaping abilities. Would it be wise to pump some points into some shaping or even magic? Battle shaping perhaps to tank while I shoot from afar? I asked a lot of questions I know, but I was wondering if anyone had any general insight/things to look out far as I start this game with this build?
  10. I might have messed up the dialogue at some point. I have cleared nearly every zone and I find my party to be extremely strong, I am having no problems with the game. For that, I don't feel like I need to join all the factions to power game and buff my character. I will probably just try talking to learned darian and going about it that way. Thank you guys!
  11. I am playing through the original geneforge (not mutagen) for the first time and have cleared most of the zones, but I have not selected a faction yet. I have wanted to join the obeyers for a while but I can not figure out how. I have: 1. Helped the serviles in Crag Valley 2. Fed Control 4 mind nutrients (although I never had a quest to do this, and Rydell doesn't acknowledge that I did, more below) 3. Helped Godwin by destroying the Vlish Spawner south of Pentil 4. Cleared the rogues west of Pentil for Natley 5. Helped Mickall Blade and Doge with their quests 6. Delivered the message from Houtan in Kazg to Rydell. Still, talking to Rydell he says that I need to prove myself more. He doesn't offer any more quests, and I really don't know what else I could do to be able to join them. Is this a bug or is there something I am missing? Thank you!
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