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Found 14 results

  1. Here's a link to my Geneforge 5 editor that I had previously uploaded in my older, dead thread. The files are compressed into a .rar file, so I'd recommend getting winrar or some program that can work with .rar files The instructions in this thread are also included in the README.txt file included with the editor. ***Before using this editor, you need to BACK UP your Geneforge 5 SCRIPTS folder before you replace any of the original files with mine.*** ***Also, this editor is not supported by Spiderweb Software and if you decide to use this editor you are doing so at your own risk.*** Here's the link: Ganduv's Geneforge 5 Editor *INSTRUCTIONS* First, find where your Geneforge 5 scripts folder is. Look for a folder called "Geneforge 5" and open it, you should then see a folder called "Data" in there somewhere. Open that, and then a folder named "Scripts" should be in there. You should back up that folder before you do anything else. Also, remember the path/location of that folder because you'll need that for the next steps. After downloading the zip file, go ahead and extract it somewhere.(you can create a new folder in your Documents directory, extract it to a folder on your desktop, doesn't really matter as long as you know how to navigate to wherever you're extracting the files to) THE EASIEST WAY to "install" my editor is to simply right click the zip file, choose the Extract files... option (assuming you're using winrar to extract) and navigate to your Geneforge 5 scripts folder. After choosing to extract to the scripts folder, a box will appear asking if you'd like to replace the existing file. Assuming you already backed up your scripts folder, go ahead and choose "Yes to All". If you used this method, you can skip the part below. |SKIP IF YOU EXTRACTED TO YOUR SCRIPTS FOLDER USING THE ABOVE MENTIONED METHOD| After you save the files for the editor, go to your Geneforge 5 Scripts folder, and simply replace the gf5itemschars, z0pacificdlg, and z1Tminahdlg text files with the ones from my editor. One way to do so is by selecting the editor's gf5itemschars.txt z0pacificdlg.txt and z1Tminahdlg.txt files(hold the CTRL key to select multiple files at once), right click on one of the selected files (so the other files stay selected as well) and clicking on the copy option. Then, navigate to your Geneforge 5/data/scripts folder, right click somewhere in there, and click the paste option. After doing so, a dialog box will appear telling you the destination already has files with the same name. Assuming you backed your script files up, (you really should've) go ahead and choose to replace the files in the destination. Assuming you followed my instructions correctly, you can go ahead and launch Geneforge 5. To use the first part of the editor go interact with the Pacification Pylon's crystal spire in the Pacification Fields. This part is used for increasing skills, spells, shaping abilities, and gaining experience. To use the second part interact with the first sign you see after you enter Minallah from the Pacification Fields. This part is for gear and item creation. Also, in the gf5itemschars.txt file, at the very bottom are the god-mode type items I added and you can change the values on those as you like. So, there you go. Glad I was able to find my files for this editor so I could re-post it. Hope you all enjoy!
  2. Hello, all. Due to the present difficulty of modifying zones in Geneforge, I have been working on the wonderous Geneforge 5 Modding Suite program. At present, being a demo, it lacks full functionality, but it can be used to create a fully functional zone and can export data to a text file for use with the Blades of Geneforge spreadsheet document. Feel free to give feedback, but remember that it's only a demo version (all versions will be free, of course). This is the final demo version of the Geneforge 5 Modding Suite. Sometime in the future I will be releasing the full (still free) Shaper Edition 1.0. Latest version. - Trakovite Edition v1.1c Older Versions: Download. Other download. Development photo album. The GUI is fairly intuitive, but feel free to reply with any questions you have. (On an aside, in their respective modes, you can right click on a tile to remove terrain, items, objects, and creatures) Updates: Trakovite Edition v1.1c: Updated save file format. Previous save files will not be compatible with this version, but all future save files will be backwards-compatible. Also added all other pieces of zone information, including world position, linked zones, world symbol, etc. Trakovite Edition v1.1b: Added proper wall functionality. The two kinds of walls can be set to one of 11 options in the 'Edit Zone Data' panel. Tileset information now exports with custom data instead of preset biome-specific data.
  3. Hey everyone. It's been a very long time since I've been on these forums, but after coming back to check on my previous (VERY OLD) thread where i posted a link for my G5 editor files, I noticed the file was taken down and I saw a few replies asking if I could re-upload it. I looked around my main computer to see if I had any copies, but alas, I did not. However, I've recently found that I had a copy of it saved to my laptop, and if there's still a demand for it I'm perfectly fine with posting the files again (this time I might just post the text in the thread with a spoiler cover on it so the editor will stay alive on the thread). But I'm not sure how many people are currently involved with playing G5 since it is a pretty old game, albeit, in my opinion, a very good one I thoroughly enjoyed during my formative years. I'm also not sure if a better editor has been made by anyone else since the link for mine went down. I also don't have a G5 full version installed currently (I lost my CD for it) so I won't really be able to test it myself and make sure it works 100% as intended from a simple copy and paste, although I'm certain it's the same zip file I uploaded for those previous links. All of that being said, I will be checking the editor's files (aka the modified zone files) to make sure the format in them is correct. I'll be including a read me file with some modified installation instructions I had on my last thread as well. Anyway, feel free to comment and let me know if there's any demand for it.
  4. Hi, here's a way to pass Okavano Sea Caves that doesn't require combat at all if you have enough leadership (9) All you need is initiative over foes, here I'm using 5 dex and 15 quick action but those are probably overkill, I needed them at such high level to get initiative on Gorash-Kel to get out from a bad quick-save in front of an Unbound. At some point in the video i needed to quick-load due to mismicro'ed path-finding on my part. I didn't bother looting the items in the blue jar next to the ghost Shaper for the video, but it easily doable since he has very low detection radius, you just have to wait for him to walk away. https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6v98e2 Thanks to Jeff and everyone who helped crafting this amazing game.
  5. Hello, all. In the course of working on my Geneforge 5 modding tool, I have discovered that there is a certain set of 24 bytes in the zone data that appears to control the environment of a zone - things like background noise, weather, tilesets, and so on. I have extracted the offsets for this data for every single zone, and hope that anyone with enough time could help to deduce what each one does. What I have discovered so far is that the third offset (third number on the first line) is likely tied to weather, since the weather in zone 0 and zone 1 is the same. I have confirmed that the seventh offset (second to last number on the first line) is the zone ID, corresponding so: 0: Broadleaf forest 1: Swamp 2: Cave 3: Desert 4: Coniferous forest 5: Snow Data:
  6. This one's a long shot but you tech-minded folks might be able to help me. I'm kind of a pedantic completionist when I play games with faction divisions. I like to make a BIG save after doing as much neutral stuff as I can, then progress down to all the faction endings in order to experience as much of the game as I can in one go, since let's be real, these games are longer that God's penis and when there's 4/5 factions that's just too many to leave for future playthroughs. Worked great for G1, 2, and kiiiinda 4, though I only got the 'helped the rebels' version of the ending. Not too fussed about 3 and 4 though since with only TWO options I can just play the Shaper version in a year's time. For G5, I decided to again play rebel-aligned, however with that Shaper Cora...Cora... something... guy-who-can-make-Shapers-forget-you're-rebel-scum, I figured I could still give all 5 factions a crack if I was careful despite making rebel decisions throughout the meat of the game. I ALMOST succeeded in this, but I buggered up Taygen. Didn't realise helping Camp Dranir locks you into failing his first loyalty quest and totally shuts down any ability to join him, so now all my saves are from too far in and there's nothing I can do. HOWEVER, I remember back in 3 when my rebel PC buggered up Icy End by annoying a drakon in a nearby location, wound up turning the town hostile and screwing me out of some quests. A google search saved me, someone had some miracle code thingy in answer to another forum question that just... made Icy End friendly again. Entered it, worked a treat, got my content back. So uhh... in short... MAGICAL COMPUTER PEOPLE, HELP. xD Is there any kinda totally cheat-tastic code to trick Tay-tay into thinking I didn't bugger up? If not, ehhh, I guess 4/5 ain't bad, but I kinda wanted to see what that horrible nazi bastard had to offer, dammit. Replies to the tune of 'you're a bad roleplayer' need not apply, I am aware of myself and fully accepting of it.
  7. Dear all, this thread would serve to talk about my grandiose plan to make a total conversion mod for Geneforge 5. The mod will take place in a big island, 4-5 years after the Rebellion started and every zone will be new. The Kian's Modding Suite tool in combination with my own tools (made in matlab) make the design of completely new zones easy enough for me to take this undertaking. The task is anything but simple. Anyone that has followed my modding work would realize that if mods expanding on the existing content of GF5 took me close to a year each, this one will take longer. Even including the work I've already put towards the mod (modified creations and items can be tested here) I expect the project to take me quite some time since I won't work full time. The first target for release is early 2020 (subject to change). I will release a small demo, containing the first couple of zones earlier. So, why do I bother you all so early? Because while I have a vision for this mod (a couple of you are aware of some details) I would like to discuss some of my plans and later to see if I can trick entice any volunteers. What I have decided so far (opinions, suggestions and constructive criticism welcome): The scope of the game will be smaller than the full games. My plan is for the game to feel in size and power progression similar to Mera Tev and early Storm Plains. The area will be an island of moderate size (about the size of Lesbos or Mauritius), with one city, two small towns and several villages. The area will contain 18-22 zones (not 80 like the full games). The Rebellion has reached this island less than a year ago and the land is divided between the Shapers and various factions of the Rebellion. The Shapers of this island have seen their numbers reduced as the council draw from their numbers to support the war effort. There are less than 20 shapers (including apprentices and prospectives) remaining. The Rebellion lacks coordination between the factions and has no true central command. The level range will be 18 to about 35. However, the plan is for level 35 to feel closer to 26-27 level in power; you will be powerful but not able to take on whole armies. The power of the enemies will be mostly static. A rank-and-file soldier encountered at the beginning will have the same stats as a rank-and-file soldier encountered at the end. Some enemies will increase in power as they gain more battle experience or access to more canisters, better equipment, magic etc. There will be no named characters from the other games directly involved. There will be rumors about Alwan fighting in Ilya province or word that Greta\Litalia\Ghaldring sent canisters\reinforcements but you will not see them in the game. Speaking of canisters, they will be rare and more powerful. Unless there is a reason for it, there won't be a canister in a wrecked house. Not all creations will be possible to be made in the game. Knowledge to make Kyshaaks hasn't reached that island yet for example and war-tralls and wingbolts are rare. What I would specifically like input on I was thinking to start working on the "Character is at the side of the Rebellion" questline first since I prefer the Rebels. However, I realized there's an easier path: Player being a trakovite. But not a Trakovite "follower" that gets his orders or even suggestions from someone. The Player could be the first Trakovite to set foot on that area, moving around the embattled island trying to convince people to become Trakovites trying to balance expanding their numbers (and power) against drawing attention. Then, depending on who the player has convinced to join (and assuming those have not been exposed by the Shapers \ hardcore rebels and executed) he or she may attempt a coup. Or exact promises from either side to step back somewhat from Shaping in exchange for the now-powerful Trakovite faction joining them and lesser punishments for captured Trakovites. The player would be severely hampered on Shaping (even if he or she picks up a bit of it) and would have to rely on hirelings and personal power to survive. This idea is not fully developed yet. I am not sure that's the direction I would want for this. Do you think that I should focus on the "traditional" Rebel \ Shaper fight and perhaps later put in the Trakovite path? Or 3 full games on Rebels \ Shapers and Trakovites being crushed underfoot is enough to justify a short game about a Trakovite trying to get some power?
  8. So I know there are a couple of posts already about the Kratoa Stoneworks but none of those posts answer the question that I have. So basically I revived the 2 stone golems and killed all the hostile golems in the top part of the map. Now my question is, how do I advance further down? (I am not in the power core area yet). As of this point, there are two doors (one that is locked but I can't go through and the other where there is no lock or lever of some sort but it won't open). Help?
  9. how do i get to the Okavano Sea Caves. And if they are unlocked through the bottom trapdoor in the western barrier okavano, how do i unlock the door
  10. Been trying to understand more on the scripts of the game. Is it possible to make our own edits to add characters to party. This code is used to add artila to PC's party. What does it mean by sf(41,20,1) and how do i replicate this. any help would be much appreciated.
  11. I've looked around on the forum and searched it up but I can't find a thread discussing who the player character is? I know there's ways to find out like talking to that one shaman lady (forgot her name and where she is, I'm about to play G5 for the first time in at least a year).
  12. Dear all, I would like to request some help. My Warrior\Guardian mod (+Gamerman's artifacts mod) is going well enough meaning that I have to just add a couple of things more, alpha-test it, find someone to beta-test it and release. It is much more ambitious than the Shaper\Lifecrafter mod and I have improved a lot in scripting and editing the files. Which brings me to the next project which I would require some help at: I plan a total conversion mod within the world of Geneforge. Probably taking place between GF3 and 4 but using GF5 engine. What does this mean? It means I will delete everything and make 10-20 zones from scratch, add scripts and dialogue etc. Consider it a free "expansion" of GF5. Now, this may seem difficult and a large undertaking. It is very difficult and a huge undertaking. Frankly, so far it takes me like a year to add 5-10 hours of gameplay in already existing zones. Thank every entity you worship for Gamerman's help that "easily" (i.e. easy for me) added depth and gameplay time to the Warrior mod. So... I would require help if this is to see the light of day before we all die from old age. Don't be intimidated by the scope of the undertaking! Even someone that can't find the time to write dialogue can help by providing quest ideas! Since I am pre-planning stage, here's what would help: The "easy, non coding at all parts". - Help for the first step: Ideas for Storylines \ quests \ interesting people. Yes. Even "Hey, I thought of this Lifecrafter!" would help. - Help for the Second step: After we choose what will go in the mod: Dialogue and description writers. All you need is notepad; I can incorporate description and dialogue into the code. Frankly those are what I require the most help at! The "not so easy" parts. - Scripting the dialogue\descriptions. If, after we decide what will go in the mod, we have to put it in. Also, we need the generic script for areas (the making it hostile etc). - Lore. I don't know much about the world. Many people here know way more. Advice of "No, in X game it is mentioned doors work that way!" is not only welcome, it is required! The "quite hard" parts. - Scripting the quests, flags, behavior of bosses in a fight and the complicated stuff. The "actually hard and boring" parts. - Using the Geneforge editor to make - remake zones. That means adding in every creation, broken piece of furniture, wall, rock, chest etc and make sure they are connected to the right scripts. That's long, boring and complicated. The mod will get the get go for volunteers after I have managed to make 2 zones to be sure, to be absolutely sure, that I can do it and know what I can do before wasting anyone's time. The mod will be free. Completely free and with no "this is my account if you want to support me!" things attached. If you agree to put some time to help me in this mod, that would be our mod, I would request you do it out of your free time and from the goodness of your heart.
  13. I recently installed a 5 b1.0.4 version of Geneforge 5 on a Macbook Pro OS X Yosemite version 10.10.5 and when I type keys in "keyboard settings" on the main menu to set up shortcut keys, nothing happens. None of the keys work. I've tried many key combinations and nothing.
  14. Ok so to start out, the last time I played this I was a small idiot child. I didn't know jack about strategy and I still don't know that much. However, I remember G5 being the easiest to get into of the series so I decided to complete this game with my new young adult mind. Hopefully I'm not an idiot. So I flipped a coin and went rebel. Up until now I have been on the fence so I could get all the shaper rewards I could. But I'm pretty sure I've completed every quest I still have access to, all that seems to be left is killing all of the councilors. All of my attempts with Rawal and Taygen have ended pretty poorly. Is there a certain order I should do this in, and furthermore, what is the fastest way to get myself +3 in Drakon creating? For additional information I need to know how well or how badly I made my character. I forgot to pick up that heal spell from the Trakovites and I don't know where else you can get it. I didn't invest in endurance and I've been relying on my creations never dying so I didn't put a whole lot into shaping either (I did keep some shaping gear for when I need it):
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