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  1. It works for me, using Chrome. Can you right click the link and 'save as'?
  2. Ah, I see. Thanks. I was half wondering if there was some non-visible bonus going on.
  3. Usually, when an item is worth more than another similar item, it is better in some way. An instance where this doesn't seem to be the case is with the bows in the topic title. Lemonwood (mmm lemon) Bow is worth 4 times more than the Crude Longbow. The Crude Longbow seems to be much better, it even has a +10% to crit chance. Is this just an example of more expensive not being better? Or am I missing something about Lemonwood Bows.
  4. Your essence capacity goes up with levels and points put into "essence mastery" (that's the skill's name, right?).
  5. You'll probably get a bunch of different answers from different people on this. I don't feel I can properly answer this, but I can share how I got into the games. I started with the original Avernum, when I bought the bundle on GoG. If you can deal with the UI it is a great game. The Avernum 1 remake could also be a good starting spot. Or Avadon, or even the recent Geneforge: Mutagen. Again, a hard question for me to answer.
  6. Back in my day, the inventory only had 16 slots. The amount of weight you could carry included everything in the inventory, not just what you were wearing. Playing as a low strength character was... don't want to say annoying, but did have to be dealt with. Living tools themselves weighed 1lb each.
  7. That bundle doesn't include the Avernum 1 - 3 remakes. I assume buying the games straight from this site is the best way if you want Jeff to get most of the money. I don't know much about any cuts that other stores like Steam take. Thanks. It's weird to be so new here.
  8. Hello old person. I mean, long time resident of these boards. I'm not assuming your age. Avernum 4 - 6 are great and well worth a purchase/playthrough. If money is tight, they come in the Avernum 1 - 6 bundles on those fancy game sites. I feel like I robbed Jeff because I got 6 amazing games for less than $20. Geneforge Remake is a grand old time.
  9. I recently finished replaying the Avernum series. I have to say, I felt sad at the end of 6, knowing the adventures are now over (not counting BoA). I feel at this point, there isn't much that can be done with the series that hasn't been done before. Still, another entry in the series would be welcome.
  10. Thinking about it, "deactivated" might even be the wrong word. They are active, but just smell me as friendly. I do save before I walk towards mines. I also take a moment to look for the effect.
  11. I faintly remember this in the original Geneforge. The antenna on mines would stop dancing when they were deactivated. It sure would make it easier to notice if they will blow up when I walk near them. As it is now, active mines have a semi-regular particle effect. I suppose I just need to slow down and watch for that special effect.
  12. Go to Windows security and try looking for virus/threat protection updates. It *should* now allow you to play without it being flagged as a virus on Microsoft's end.
  13. There is a discussion thread on the Steam discussion thing about the game being flagged as having a virus. Jeff posted there, so he knows about it.
  14. I was hoping it would be out when I wake up tomorrow. That hope was from assuming it was set to automatically release at a certain time. Now that I know it relies on Jeff, it probably won't be out when I wake up. I suppose I can play the demo while waiting. It feels so odd to be looking forward to a game's release.
  15. Well, all the games in my Queue are Spiderweb Software games. Also, all but one of them are second replays. Depending on when I finish replaying Avernum 6, I might grab this new Geneforge remake and play that.
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