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  1. I have to say, thanks for all the work, a lot of which goes on behind the scenes!
  2. Probably nobody cares, but I finished my G1 Tricky solo-Agent last week. Holy carp can an Agent be powerful once you know how to abuse the speed spell and the dumb AI. I think the power went to my head. I'm in the middle of Geneforge 2 now and am loving it. I'm doing a solo Agent, on tricky again.
  3. I was kind of drunk when i made this topic, but my sober self still agrees. I can understand the roughness of the game/engine is off-putting, especially when used to newer SWS games and their luxuries. I'm glad I can enjoy the older games, means I I spend less money on buying games. I also like to see the progression of the engine, what new things are put into the next game. I don't know why I never played Geneforge 5. I enjoyed 4. I feel like I wasn't really into the series as much as I was with Avernum. On this replay of G1, maybe that is changing. I had an Agent playthrough going and decided to start over to optimize my build. I'm kind of addicted now. I'm torn on whether I'll go on to Geneforge 2 after this Agent run, or try out a Guardian. Time will tell.
  4. Even after the remake, the original still holds up. With it's clunky UI and design, I'm having a good time playing the game, which may sound odd. I never finished the entire Geneforge series (I'm sorry). I haven't played 5. I want to play the whole series though, and I started to relive that dream. I feel it would be weird to play the Geneforge 1 remake and "degress" into the Geneforge 2 engine, so I'm starting from the original Geneforge game. If all goes as planned, I'll get back to the Geneforge 1 remake and be able to further appreciate the improvements made to the game. This post doesn't have much of a point other than just existing. Not like these forums are starving for activity to begin with.
  5. Ah that all makes sense. I learned a few things about party builds, which doesn't do much for me now though. This Avernum trip has been an interesting journey.
  6. I'm nearing the end of my torment playthrough and have a big wonder. To save skill points, I mostly relied on the Sage Lore trait for Arcane Lore kind of things. I found it weird when I first came across a book I didn't have enough arcane lore for. Using the editor, I had to increase my arcane lore quite a bit. That's how I found out that sage/Vahnatai lore doesn't apply to everything. I didn't mind it so much until I realized there's a crystal that teaches Resistance that doesn't check Sage Lore. I kind of really want that one point of resistance for some reason. With the way my skill points, I can't temporarily increase arcane lore and restore it back to what it was before. Just feels a bit weird. Maybe I should have put a question in here, or something.
  7. Mercuric chain is a reward for returning the Vyvnas crystal soul. Mercuric plate **might** be from a crafter that is in a small place South-East of Erika's tower. Quicksilver Sandals. Drop from an Infernal Commander in Angierach. I just grabbed this info from the big item list. Here
  8. The brilliant part is: If you are into the general Spiderweb Software formula, there are oh so many games to lose yourself into. Oh, every time I hear the word "neat", my mind instantly goes to the GIFTS.
  9. Yep. I did load a save and set the difficulty to casual so I could see what I missed. I didn't find anything super important, so it was all good.
  10. It was the cold/fire of the golems that was getting me. I realized hardiness helps with that, so in a new build I'd try to give hardiness to everyone. I also want to try getting adrenaline rush for my spell casters. For now though, I'm giving Avernum 2 a try on Torment. The river run was tough at times and I had to leave some things behind, but I made it.
  11. In Avernum 4 - 6, you could right click to see someone/something's HP. I found it weird that it was taken out for the remakes. You get used to it though. If you want more of a UI/QoL shock, go back and play the original Avernum, or even Exile.
  12. I've been trudging along on torment. That start of the game was really rough. Things got easier as I progressed. The giant/Troglodyte plague was actually quite easy. I kept checking options to make sure the difficulty was still set to torment. I kind of hit a wall though. A golem shaped wall. The elemental golems can take out most of my party in two or three cone attacks. Should I have invested in hardiness for everyone? I'd find it hard to decide on what to not put points into so I could have gone into hardiness. My spell casters have maxed resistance. Ward of elements doesn't help too much.
  13. Has anything else on your system changed in that week between playing? I'm not a smart person, but it sounds either like file corruption, or something with the write/read permissions on the files/folders.
  14. I would feel weird changing the difficulty in the middle of the game. It just doesn't sit right with me. I started over on Torment and it is quite the challenge, but doable so far. I have thoughts, or aspirations to have finished all the Avernum games on Torment or the equivalent. For a reference, or something. The first time I played EFTP, it was on normal. In my recent replaying, I went with hard. It was more difficult than I expected. I made it work in the end, but I had to fight for progress. The first time with CS, I restarted partway to start over on hard and finished it. In my replay, hard was fairly easy except for some spots.
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