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  1. I sometimes use 'u', but most of the time I like to avoid using it. It is quite rewarding to spot a switch. It also slows me down a bit in the game and take in all the sights instead of rushing through everything.
  2. Cleared cache and it worked.
  3. Either it is just on my side, or there is still a bug on the "Topic with New Posts" page. There is the option to have a "condensed" or "expanded" view. I'm stuck in expanded view and clicking on "condensed" does nothing. Good to hear things getting fixed!
  4. I never really used the journal system, other than in Avernum 1 which lacked a quest tracker. I always have a text file open so I can put down any notes I think/know I'll forget. I'm just used to using notepad for.. uh, notes. Maybe that is more tedious or troublesome for other people.
  5. I remember having this problem during one of my playthroughs of the game. Not all of the beam control panels need to be activated, so that tripped me up. You have to look and make sure all the beams are making it to the middle. I'm not sure if this is your problem, but I know it's something that had me stuck.
  6. I have one of those ratios too. It changes as the game goes on. Early on, when money is tight, I'm more acceptable of the dungeon-to-town-to-dungeon-repeat loop than later in the game. I'm on my third replay of the original Avernums (in two years) and I find it harder to tolerate that "grind".
  7. Forum software update, bugs are expected
  8. Just sharing something that happened that I found quite amusing in Avernum 1. I was crossing a river with the Orb of Thralni and tried landing near a hut. The hut had giant fishermen. We talked and they wanted us to just leave. I make a mistake and didn't make it back to land again. I just find it so amusing to imagine all that from the giant's view point. Four strangers come over, floating in the air. You tell them to leave, and they do. While leaving they just drop from the air into the water and drown.
  9. I can't remember if it was the money that did it, I've gone back to being more on the rebels side now. I like that choices aren't so black and white in this game. I also like that just because you are given a quest, it doesn't mean you have to do it. I'm not sure if anyone would even care about stories of my adventures in this game, but I'll talk about what I've done a bit. I finally made it to Shaper Monarch and had a lot of trouble getting there and a lot of trouble dealing with him. I ended up looking at a guide twice. The first time I tried to avoid muc
  10. I'm feeling better now, I made a Drayk to replace my weak roamer. I also just ran to the South Grosch ruins and killed a big spawner thing. I keep forgetting that there are more than one way to get things done in this series of games. I like that I felt bad for some choices I've made. It's a rebellion and the game does a great job of making it feel like a real struggle.
  11. Maybe I'm just in a bad mood today, but the game has just been frustration and annoyance today. I made it to the fens and ran in to a few things. The golem swamp first. Running into the golem most likely means me or one of my creations will die. I can't do enough damage to feasibly kill it. Fair enough, maybe I'll just come back later. Then there are the fen zones with seemingly unending rogues. That is one of the thing I really don't like; endless spawning enemies. It is just frustrating to me. Up until this point it has been a great game. I really felt lik
  12. And I am back here. I just finished Geneforge 3. It has been the most rocky Spiderweb game for me to finish. I started it last year and only got halfway through it before dropping it for reasons. I started it back up again not too long ago. I made it to Dhonal (spelling?) Island and decided to start over because I felt like I messed up my build. I have a few thoughts on what I want to play next. Geneforge 4 could be a good choice, but I'm not sure if I'm ready to deal with more of the game's "odd" mechanics. It is tempting. Avadon 2. I have played the first
  13. I ended up starting to replay Nethergate. It's a bit jarring going from the newer engine back to the old one but I can cope with it. This time I'm trying out Torment difficulty. I've played all of the second Avernum trilogy, great games. I do want to revisit them and try out a harder difficulty. If only I had infinite time. Some day I will try the demo. Right now I can't afford to buy it if I ended up liking the demo. I also want to play the other games I've paid for but have yet to play.
  14. I'm new to Spiderweb games, at only a 1.76 years of playing them. I wound up playing the original Avernum 1 - 3 again and had a great time with revisiting those games. The plan was to replay Nethergate after that then jump into BoA. Instead I gave Escape From the Pit a try and had a good time. Since I already owned it, I played Crystal Souls next and that was a really good time. I just finished off Ruined World last night. Three great games and I'm a bit sad that I finished them. I'll probably replay them at some point. Now I have to decide what I want to play next. I w
  15. Ah yep, I thought maybe the game was applying the colours to the base green sprites, so that's why changing that setting came to mind. The game looks so much nicer now too! I don't know how I managed to get this far playing these games with that setting turned down.
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