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  1. They are all fantastic. It is money well spent. Many of the games can be played nearly infinitely. After you play through completely, try a new one with a different character. Try signing on for each of the philosophies and complete a game with that philosophy. Try the game backwards, like go to the forge first and work your way back. Make friends or enemies and complete a game with their support or anger. Skip visiting certain characters. Play at a harder or easier level. Try with no companions or a few or the max. Try cross-combinations of skills and weapons, more magic or more brute strengt
  2. I've used a group of three of them in some battles. You have to get them as early as possible. I started a new game with that specific goal in mind in order to get them. I started w one and as I got stronger kept adding and stopped at three. Having a group makes up for the weaknesses of a single cockatrice. When they are near each other the combined effects of their passive abilities can be quite effective. I frequently used essence shields and first aid, especially spores, when in challenging situations. They are also good as a lure so when one gets surrounded the rest are free to wreak havoc
  3. The next best thing I have found is to assign the closest button to a spell that you want to use the most. Then it is right there when you need it.
  4. I am unable to reproduce the circumstances where the Charmed Plate enables DOMINATE. Any information on how to do that? Thanks in advance!!
  5. A good thing about Jeff's games, and I've played them all, is that they are so versatile. Not everyone wants the same thing in an adventuring game. There are nearly infinite possibilities in how you play the game. Probably very very many you have not thought of. And the methods are mostly by your choosing. You are given a choice of difficulty level, which items to wear, which path to take, which areas to cross or not, which spells to use, style of battle, to fight or run, who your friends are, who and how many companions you want. Where to save the game and so on. When to go back to a save and
  6. Well it turns out it was forever. I couldn't stop them even getting down to 2 so after 400 I ran for the exit. After going somewhere else I went back down and the mage was still alive. It had hidden in the back and I never killed it. Maybe that is a factor. I spoke to the mage again and the battle restarted so I killed the mage and six more and it stopped. Too many hours on a battle.
  7. Continued checking, I'm at 90 and counting. I find if I allow 5 to continue and just attack the sixth then it will respawn. Only shooting at the Stealth Sholai. Those seem to be the respawners.
  8. On a retry I was able to go for maybe a half an hour of waves that woudn't stop. Every time I hit a Sholai warrior a Stealth Sholai would pop up nearby. Eventually they stopped coming and I left with two still alive. I went elsewhere and came back and there were none. The area where that worked was at the bend where the ladder is around the corner. They spawned so that there were 5 or 6 in the picture at all times. Mostly coming from the shadows. My ending pic only shows about a dozen pieces of cast-off. Originally I fought off maybe ten. This time maybe 30. A good run while it lasted.
  9. I love that battle pic. Many a life was sacrificed. Just counting the healing pods shows a big event. I was hoping to experience it myself but have not been able to. On Veteran Level I tried going back upstairs and it didn't reset. I tried going to a couple different places and returning, to no avail. Maybe the answer is leaving one Sholai alive when leaving? Any more details you can think of? Thanks for sharing. Maybe there will be more arenas in future versions. There were in some iterations in the past. Indefinite hordes respawning sounds interesting.
  10. There will be many places where trying to touch things during combat will use up your movement points and interrupt your flow. The one that aggravates me the most is when you open something and you can't pick up what was inside because you used up your movement points. Then on the next turn you burn off movement points having to first close the box so you close it and skip the rest of your movement bc it will possibly happen again. Then open it at the beginning of your turn and you can take something out. Those crystals you are referring to take planning to reach at the time you need to in com
  11. WOW would be my first comment and Double WOW the second!! I was hypnotized watching a swarm of them in battle during their training/adjustment phase. So much color, so much beauty. I couldn't look away. I was mesmerized. A richly rewarding experience. The special effects from both their active and passive abilities really liven up a battle. I think it is a great addition to the creature pallet. It's also an interesting part of combat strategy with its wide-ranging additional capabilities. Someone obviously put a lot of thought and work into its design. Thanks Jeff!!
  12. Hi Zoro!


    I would like to try your fairy mod for Queen’s Wish

  13. More info on another playthrough. Same situation as above. There is another set of pots of oil upstairs near the guards, after the steps at point A on the map and before you step through the gates of the restricted area of point B. These pots aren't mention in the instructions but if you look into them you will get the cloth in the chest marked at point C on the first try.
  14. The first time I encountered this stuation at Thabhlen Pass I thought I had done something wrong but on another run I followed the hintbook step by step exactly and had the same problem. Following the sequence of events in the book, the map shows a chest located at "C" where you can pick up some long strips of cloth. On the face of it, this turned out to be not true for a long time through waves and waves of attackers. I eventually gave up on the trunk and went eastward to the next room in the sequence. There I discovered pots of oil that I looked into that had potential as a fuel. These pots
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