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  1. I think the subtitle "Mutagen" fits well with the bioethics theming of the franchise. For new players, it's foreshadowing to the true nature of the canisters as well. Better than what I could come up with, at least.
  2. I'm having a similar, but not identical problem: I'm in full screen (1080x1920, which is my screen size) on the Steam Windows release, and while the game works fine for the most part, it frequently doesn't register some of my clicks. It's every tenth click or so that fails to register, so it's not unplayable, but I feel like I should mention it since I'm not alone in having mouse issues.
  3. Recently I've been trying to introduce a friend of mine to the Geneforge series. He has a Mac that used to be able to run it, but now it's almost broken and takes minutes to do *anything*, so his only main option is to use his Windows 10 desktop. As some of you know, the first 3 (sometimes 4) Geneforge games have major lag problems running on modern Windows computers. People have described plenty of ways to fix this, but none of them are working for us. We have tried: -Running the game normally (worked about as well as you'd expect) -Setting compatibility mode to Windows XP Service Pack 3 (doesn't work and fails to load save data) -Setting compatibility mode to Windows Vista (improves performance at first, but drops back down to full lag after just a few minutes) -Downloading the Compatibility Administrator tool and enabling ForceDirectDrawEmulation (works about the same as Windows Vista does, with the added bonus of black flickering) I don't know what to do. Nothing we've found on the internet appears to work. His computer is very high end (like, 16 or so GB of ram) so it's definitely not too weak to run it. I can't think of anything else that would create substantial improvement. If anyone here could offer some advice I'd greatly appreciate it. EDIT: Something I forgot to mention is that during the DirectDraw playtest, one time he tried to save on a new file, and it just... didn't save. Save file remained blank afterwards. It worked every other time but if the game can straight up fail a save that's something we'll also need to look into.
  4. As someone who has beaten the bonus dungeons of the first 3 games, I would have to agree. The Monastery of Tears is an incredibly well designed bonus dungeon, and probably one of my new favorite levels in the entire series. It's also genuinely difficult; the Shaper Crypt and Gazak-Uss were both disappointingly easy. I still love the Shaper Crypt for it's semi-importance to the plot and beautiful aesthetic, but as an actual level the Monastery blows it out of the water. The Alpha Creator was a super unique end boss which genuinely caught me by surprise after 1 and 2's were both basically just essence orb machines.
  5. Trying a missile weapon playthrough for the first time. According to the walkthrough as well as the strategy central, a Wand of the Inferno is made with a Stick, Gemstone, Perfect Drakon Scale, and Demon Bile. Gathered the ingredients aaaand... nothing. Not a valid combination. Is this an oversight, or an incorrect recipe? If there is a proper one, what is it? Thanks in advance.
  6. I've been playing the original Avernum saga. As some people may know, the version of Wine used in the GOG Mac versions of 1 and 3 is incorrect, so I adjusted the version to the correct version... but after doing so, I noticed a peculiar file. If you go to the application for 1, 2 or 3, right click and choose to Show Package Contents, and go to Contents > Resources > game, you'll find a file titled "!_delete_me". It's just a 10 byte document with the sentence "Delete Me!". I'm just curious; why did they leave this in here? Does anything change if you delete it? EDIT: Found a second one in the Contents > Documents folder for each game. Huh.
  7. Bearfax

    GOG Sale

    All of their games on the platform are on sale, which is a huge treat! I took the opportunity to gift a friend of mine The Geneforge Saga. I'm thinking of gifting it to a few other people, too... I might have an addiction.
  8. They responded! I had to install the app again by a different installer in the BoA application. Strange workaround, but it works, and I'm a happy man.
  9. Alright, I sent them a report. Hopefully they can find a workaround.
  10. So I recently bought the Avernum saga on GOG, and while 1 and 3 took a little while to apply the correct Wine version (since GOG's were inaccurate), 2, 4, 5 and 6 worked just fine from the beginning. However, Blades has a very... unusual issue. While it boots up just fine, it's apparently an unregistered copy, effectively making it no better than the demo. I reinstalled it, didn't fix it: though I did notice that the "Welcome!" message didn't pop up again, making me think this might be fixable by removing the save data (if it's not stored in the game itself). Either way, I'd appreciate any input on how this could be fixed. Thanks in advance. EDIT: Also, I'm on a Mac. That probably also affects some things.
  11. Hey, I know I'm late to this topic, but I feel like I might be able to help. Unfortunately, the Steam versions of Geneforge only work on Windows. This is because the Mac versions use a relatively old file system that Steam no longer supports. Pretty sad, but it's the truth. If you ask Jeff about it, he *might* supply you with a Mac key, but I wouldn't count on it. Worst case scenario, you'll have to buy the saga again on Mac for $30, which is IMHO still worth it for the whole series.
  12. Thank you too! I've been looking into game design for a long time, perhaps I may try my hands at some smaller mods as a way to get started after I learn how to code. The whole alternate sequel idea is a pipe dream of the highest degree, but one I may at least try. And of course I'll create smaller mods first. Those first two ideas seem very well possible, but I'm wondering; has anyone actually tried to add new classes into the game? Any major limitations, or is it possible to make whatever combination of stats you want?
  13. This kind of stuff definitely fascinates me, even if I will almost certainly never be able to do it myself. I've definitely brainstormed a lot of potential mods for if I ever wanted to get into coding. Stuff like rebalancing the games in various ways, adding new classes (Perhaps an outsider set of classes for 5? I've always liked the generic Mage and Soldier sprites, those could be made into Sorceress and Warrior alts.) and, albeit a very difficult idea that could very well be impossible, "what if" mods for the sequels that follow up on alternate endings from the previous games (Post Awakened/Barzite G3, anyone?). I hope that these games can attain an active modding community, the potential is definitely there; and as we've seen with your excellent mod, alhoon, enough quality to go around!
  14. Right, sorry. At the time, I thought I brought enough new to the table, but in hindsight I can see why this might be considered plagiarism. I'll try not to do something like this again.
  15. The issue with my mouse hasn't happened again, so I think it was just a one time issue. Thanks for the info, Dorikas!
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