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  1. I entered the area immediately to the N of the Eastern entrance and saw the yellow trigger. I went into combat mode to deal with the trigger. I moved 5 spaces from the first trigger I then ended the character turn and cycled through the creatures until I got back to the character. I then sent the character to diffuse the trigger. But about 2 spaces from the trigger I got a pop up dialog warning me that while the mines weren't armed that could change. My characters movement was ended and the trigger triggered. The pop up dialog shouldn't have used up my characters action point
  2. But that doesn't address the pillar quest problem. To get to the first pillar I had to clear out the crypt which means I now have to go back to the crypt and reclear the triggers, which is boring. I don't see why the code couldn't set a flag when all the triggers are defused and if that flag is on not reset them but reset them if the flag is off.
  3. I cleared out the ancient crypt and defused every single trigger. I got the message that it should be easier now to go through the area. But when I returned to the area all the triggers were active again. Since there aren't any living or dead beings left it doesn't make sense that after my character had manually defused the triggers they'd reset. This created problems when I wanted to leave and come back and loot later. This will also make it hard to do the touching the multiple columns in order quest since I'll have to redefuse all the triggers to get back to the column.
  4. It worked. Never would have thought of that since generally speaking combat mode is always the fastest way to do things in terms of in game time. Thanks!
  5. I'm in the Shapers Crypt and my character with mechanics 11 and the tinker gloves is able to defuse all the yellow mine triggers. Except for those cases where there are two of the triggers 3 spaces apart. I believe it takes 3 action points to defuse the trigger which means that unless I start right next to one of them I can't defuse both before one of them activates. But that's impossible since if I start closer than 4 spaces to either of them they will trigger. I tried using a speed potion, which oddly doesn't give me an extra action points. Any idea on how to deal with this? T
  6. I've been writing software for 49 years and I think you're a little too quick to say it can't be a bug. While the slowing down could be due to a slow system the out of place image showing up is unlikely to be due to that. 1) Yes when moving gigabytes of files around it sometimes slows down. It never freezes. 2) No 3) No 4)I don't have headphones but given that the sound problem is only in Geneforge Mutagen and didn't occur when I was first playing the game would make the specific output port I'm using unlikely to be at fault. 5) No 6) Haven't played any other Spiderweb ga
  7. I'm running version 1.0.1(1) of Genforge on Mac OS 11.2.3 Last night the game wouldn't play any sound. I checked and the Mac sound was on.| Then today the sound played but it sometimes sounds glitchy; a sound, like a creature roar, will start off as static and then become normal. But the real oddity was that I had just entered the Icewall area and had fought a few creatures when as I hit the f key the game froze and I got the spinning beach ball. I've seen that happen before but usually the game recovers after a few seconds. But this time the image on my screen changed from what I
  8. Thanks folks I reported the clearance to the woodsman and the quest was finished.
  9. So I finished the source of the Vlish quest by killing the thing in Pentil Woods but the quest isn't showing as completed. I cleared out the entire area, including the stairs, killed every Vlish in sight. According to the hint book the quest should have been completed but it's still showing as active. Thanks for any help!
  10. I'm just starting but the I get the spinning icon a lot. The game will hang for 10 or so seconds, or longer. It seems to be related to when a new area is loaded but not always. I'm running 10.14.6 on an iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2017) 4.2 GHz Intel Core i7 32 GB 2400 MHz DDR4 Radeon Pro 580 8 GB Thanks for any info.
  11. Never mind I found the switch that led to the lever thanks!
  12. I’ve been there and I don’t see any lever or a switch of any type are u talking about the latest release of Avernum 3 ? I don’t recall having seen any levers in this version could there b a problem with the iPad version?
  13. I’ve been there and I don’t see any lever or a switch of any type are u talking about the latest release of Avernum 3 ? I don’t recall having seen any levers in this version could there b a problem with the iPad version?
  14. I've looked all over the Pit of the Wyrm in Avernum 3 HD and I can't figure out how to get into Sairios's tomb. It must be obvious since no one has asked about it. None of the secret buttons/switches I've found open the tomb. I tried move mountain in various places and that didn't do anything either. Thanks for any help.
  15. I've finished part of the corruption core region and so far I've seen 3 different explinations for the cause of the corruption: 1) infernals summoned to do work flood their way out of a portal 2) Woman trying to set up wormholes to speed travel 3) 3 priests summoning some invincilble force that gets mad at them What's odd is that in each case it says now you know why the corruption started. That text is wrong if the 3 things are supposed to have happened simultaneously. I tried to tell the news to the Base C commander but she wasn't interested. Is this resolved somewhere?
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