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  1. Strange. There must be something hardcoded that prevents the Haven's Mercy bonus from working on items that have an ability while in your pack. Just tested now and it works when modding the ability onto a worn item like a necklace - just not items with "it_abil_work_in_pack = 1" Oh well, if that's intentional then never mind the bug report.
  2. It's not just the description. The ability itself does not get increased
  3. Charm of Haven appears to be bugged. Looking at the game files, it is supposed to give +1 to stat 199 (Haven's Mercy) in addition to the +10% curse resistance. This would keep it in line with the other faction specific charms that each give +1 to one of the cultural abilities (Charm of the Vol, Ahriel, Ukat, etc.) In game, however, it only appears to give the 10% curse resistance. No increase to Haven's Mercy is observed, and it doesn't appear in the item description.
  4. I don't know if other's have had any problem with this, but I've found that keeping track of which character is currently acting in combat is mentally more taxing in Queen's Wish; it requires more focus and double checking things than previous games. At first I thought it was a minor thing, but the longer I played, the more apparent it became. As such, I often find myself issuing commands to one pc, mistakenly believing a different one was active (e.g. accidentally sending a squishy character into melee b/c I subconsciously assumed my tank character was selected and I didn't double
  5. Been playing Spiderweb games since the original Exile 1 with the single action point system. I think this may be my favorite new spidweb release since the original trilogy. I really like the fort building aspect and not having to tediously slog around the world scavenging for used gear and junk to sell. Gave a sort of empire-building feel to the game. Taking the micromanagement and finality out of character building and stat allotment by making them completely mutable was also a very welcome change. Allows me to freely experiment with different builds and just focus on
  6. I had this problem too. I contacted both Humble Bundle and Spiderweb support. Humble Bundle support told me: "Sorry, there is nothing we can do." Spiderweb support was helpful and plans to contact Humble about fixing the Mac installer.
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