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  1. Oh, I love that series too. But it's different from GF, so manage your expectations. It's a classic 4-person party. The 1st 3 of 6 have been remade, and I've played them all.
  2. To be fair, I had the meta-advantage of having played the game 3x before I attempted Torment, and even then there were some tough times ahead. I talked about it in more detail in a thread I started about Torment. I give a lot of credit to Jeff and the beta-testers for ensuring the various difficulty levels were indeed balanced and offered their own levels of satisfaction upon completion. I fully expect a multi-game run w/ the future remakes. I can hardly wait.
  3. I also loved this remake, playing it 4x--a record for me for any SW game. I also completed a Torment run for the 1st time. I'd say this all bodes well for the future remakes.
  4. Like you, my last SW game was Queen's Wish, but I had forgotten about those stone blocks as resources. My problem was an entire 1st run collecting sacks of meal, waiting for the merchant/quest-giver who wanted them...and realizing that had been taken out of the remake. D'oh!
  5. I cannot wait to see those again. Though one nice thing about this remake was the ability to get top (3rd) tier creations well before the end of the game. I always struggled w/ the original games to get the top (4th?) tier creations...and then the game was essentially over. Or that's how I remember it these days. If so, I hope that will be addressed in the further remakes.
  6. I think I used them mainly to clear the Guarded Docks, as a Shaper on Normal (so, no friendly fire). I believe I had pairs of Cockatrices, Cryodrayks, and Ur-Glaahks so I could enjoy a big ol' brawl. Fun times. But I only played a Shaper 1x; the next 3 games were as Guardians & Agents so no, didn't use them.
  7. I love playing Jeff's games, true. I hate that I have to wait 1-2 years for the next one, true. Huh, guess you were right about the love/hate thing.
  8. I don't know how the mechanics of a Hydra would play out, but I'd love if that was the "new" creation for a future GF remake. Whether or not that meant a KS stretch goal. Maybe higher levels could increase the # of heads/attacks?! And to distinguish it from the highly magical Cockatrice, it would be hardier (inherent resistances) and deal more straightforward dmg. Maybe even have an upgraded version like Fyoras < Cryoas 🙂
  9. Wow, the things we do for 1 xp point. I did not know about the replenishing spawns, though the ghosts makes some sense, and at the time I was there, definitely gave out more than 1 xp pt!
  10. I'm guessing in Avernum (forget #) you got the medal for joining the Anama by never casting...what was it, wizardly spells? Anyway, I don't think you'll have a huge stash of wands & crystals at the end of the game like I did!
  11. I just popped in for a moment and here you are again. No...magic...(starts to shake uncontrollably)...are you saying you will not cast any spells, use any wands, etc.? I could not have survived the bulk of the early levels w/out Daze, for example. I had intended to go heavy Missile W-s but there are so many damn leapers that I felt I needed parity for a while w/ Melee W-s. All that said, you seem to have a clear idea of what will work for your build & run, and I'm eager to hear how it all turns out. Best of luck!
  12. Point taken. Best of luck to trinko.
  13. As a fellow Mac user/player, I'm sympathetic. Unfortunately I have no xp w/ that sound bug nor the F(3?4??) freeze, but I've played the game w/ a 2-year old 10.14.6 OS. Sorry to hear there might be a slight incompatibility w/ the latest OS update and the game, if that's indeed what the problem is.
  14. I have to say the game is fairly generous w/ wands in particular. Even this last game, I had tons of wands left over at the end, including lots of discipline wands. I could have used more battle pods, but one can't have everything. As to luck, well, RNG Jesus must be prayed to in a game like this, at a difficulty level like this, etc. Especially for the more epic fights (some of which are of course optional). Obviously prior xp w/ the game will be extremely helpful. I'm assuming you're rolling w/ a Guardian w/ melee & missile weapon parity for a while, then having one dominate? Or are you going to tough it out (cough*suffer*cough) w/ a late-blooming Agent and then become a screen-clearer w/ Airshock & Spell Mastery, along w/ the occasional Dominate? Good fortune to you either way (see, I avoided the word "luck").
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