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  1. I mean if we get play as either one side and have them duke it out at their full might, it would have been a wonderful rematch.
  2. I mean it would be interesting seeing their conflict for real though
  3. So I was wondering will Jeff ever do a spin-off in an alternate timeline where the proto-shapers were the ones that chased Heustess' people out of the island and have it conquered, while his people landed on Terrestria and went through the same development as the shapers did.
  4. btw just saw these creatures at opengameart.org and I thought it may fit in with the geneforge universe, what do you guys think
  5. I do hope that the demons would be more involved with the plot in the remake than it did in the original.
  6. Ooh I really like those ideas, it really does mingle well with the overall theme of Geneforge. As for mine, I would most certainly hope for more schools of shaping would be introduced in the remake, because I do felt that three school can be somewhat limited, but if that one is a bit too ambitious perhaps having more variations and faction based creation lines would be great.
  7. I don't think Astoria is that kind of person whom got to her position that way based on what I have seen in the game.
  8. same, it always struck me on how did Rawal got into the council; but I think that he may have gotten it through political manipulation no doubt
  9. Even though I consider the awakened to be better in a sense compare to the taker, but reality is that a violent confrontation is the only thing that could help free themselves from the shapers, but sadly the takers don't know when to stop and went over the edge.
  10. While I'm cool with that, but I do like them to be official though
  11. but tbh though I think Geneforge in general could use more artifacts.
  12. But I do think of the possibility on adding artifact batons though.
  13. I mean can you imagine being desperately needing a range weapon, but when you got the weapon it fires at you instead of your opponent, talk about bad luck huh.
  14. Hmm, that would be quite interesting; or maybe have a humanoid creature compose of living tools to attack you would look quite awesome.
  15. I know it's still 2 year away from it, but I'm intrigued on what you guys kind of ideas you guys are planning on throwing in. Personally I am thinking of throwing in an armor referencing the berserker armor from berserk.
  16. I mean we could have the mastodon creature walk like gorillas do, but I do think slimes could be an interesting addition though
  17. So I do wonder from time to time if a Tier 6 creation would be possible for the remake what would they look like, so here is what I thought of for the battle creation. https://sta.sh/0t5fmfybhh
  18. btw any mad lads out there would want to make an item similar to that of the inifinity gauntlet as a G2 kickstarter reward?
  19. I do agree about a major screw up on every level of shaper society, they should have been more careful though
  20. I mean this game story narrative is rather gray moral, so yeah the shapers aren't totally bad guys tbh.
  21. Sadly the Rebellion end up being just as bad if not worse than the Shapers later on. At least one of the most admirable quality the shapers have as a whole is that they understand the concept of when great power comes great responsibility.
  22. We can't be certain about that since that ending may not be canon, so there is a huge possibility that he end up going power mad like the PC whom used the Geneforge.
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