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  1. Oh, I didn't notice that text bug! I'm guessing from usual practice and his announcement of the ipad version coming out after some bugs are nailed down in a couple months that Jeff will release one more patch to fix at least some bugs, so thanks for emailing him to report.
  2. Yes, many canister effects were changed from original G1, and several canisters (as well as many other stat boosts - Jeff really pared them down compared to the original) were removed altogether. The Ruined School canister is indeed Agility now. Make sure to review the Strategy Central docs to confirm the correct info for Geneforge 1: Mutagen.
  3. Good point - I understand having the Amulet will prevent getting training from Learned Halm, but otherwise the gameplay benefits are noted. Roleplay-wise though, I usually just mop up the kooky hypocrites and take (Take) their stuff.
  4. To take their rewards, of course! If they're going to be such mooks, might as well oblige them... but then end the game allied with the only reasonable folks on the isle, Ellhrah's peeps. (obviously, there are limits to my roleplaying ethics)
  5. Ha, glad someone else found it useful! As Mechalibur also mentioned, you could add on joining the Takers at the end if you wanted... but why would you??
  6. Yikes, these are some scary bugs... I've never encountered this issue myself in this (about 8 hours so far) or other Spidweb games with junk bags, and I put quite a bit of stuff in there, but now I'm a bit concerned!
  7. Alhoon/mods, could this post of alhoon's please be linked in Strategy Central as a "Modding creature size" or similar item, assuming alhoon agrees and with any further edits they may want to make? I know from posts on Kickstarter and Jeff's demo streams as well as the topic here that at least a few people specifically wanted smaller fyoras, and alhoon's simple solution allows players to do this and more.
  8. Ha, no thanks... I messed around with higher difficulties in other Spidweb games, and just found the enemy HP bloat extremely tedious. Jeff might have made some tweaks to make the harder difficulties more interesting since then, but... I'm good!
  9. Totally agree, TriRodent - I've never done a full playthrough of any Geneforge game as a Shaper either. Was initially planning to finally do so this time, but I ended up with a Guardian, just with a couple fyoras to toast my way through the isle. Not looking forward to maybe eventually needing to absorb them, though... Also, weird moral qualms aside, playing as a Shaper seems way too easy! /derailment of topic
  10. Jeff does sort of hint that it's OK to become a canister junky in this one - the tooltip for the very first canister states something like "Canisters are your main method of gaining skills in the game." So yeah, somewhat different from later titles.
  11. The limit on creations is 7, but as others mentioned, you'll need enough essence to maintain them - this is probably the core mechanic of the game, and very intentional. But I hear you how it can be a bummer to need to "absorb" your little buds in order to create new ones... just don't name them! This is part of the ethical dilemma weaving throughout the series: what are the consequences of one being having complete control over another? I usually play as agents or guardians in very small part for this reason - I just don't dig shaping then disposing of armies of creatures on a whim, though -
  12. I did notice that - Jeff made quite a few little logic "fixes" like this, it seems, which is nice. Anyway thank you two yet again - I've been keeping you busy today, but based on your responses and my further research in the .txt files just above, I'm now all set - I've edited my original post above, and am ready to rep-cheese (new word) my way to all the lewt!
  13. Oh right, I forgot about Leader Halm's check for training (need Leadership of at least 3, but also can't be aligned with Takers, and can't have Trajkov Amulet). And you're right - I know there are way more reputation/opinion opportunities than I need just to reduce to 90 (for Obeyers - again, assuming that value hasn't changed) then to increase to 110 (for Awakened), so that's fine. I think I'm mostly set now - still not sure whether Darian will set you to a reputation of either 90 or 110 regardless of your current reputation value (which is how I think he worked in original G1), but that's ju
  14. Thanks, Randomizer and Mechalibur - you two are machines! (And yes, Slarty, I probably did plagiarize from your posts for my own munchkininity.) So, Mechalibur's plan seems pretty close to my existing notes. A few specific follow-up questions, if you'd be so kind: 1) Do these "actions" (helping/hurting serviles) have any bearing on my munchkin guide above, i.e. on the ability to join factions and get the listed faction-locked rewards? If not, what specific game impact do they have? 2) Is reputation/opinion of 90 or below (i.e. 10 or more below the neutral 100 value) still required to join
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