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  1. Oh yeah, those Anama playthroughs in some games... good point.
  2. Sorry to continue this tangent, but how were lockpicks "infinitely renewable" in Exile? Was there an infinite supply in merchants, or did they not get used up? Again, don't remember that far back.
  3. OK, so I guess I was right in that this kind of thing has been around since the beginning, without really remembering for sure, lol.
  4. Oh, so Exile did have lockpicks after all? Forgot about that.
  5. True, the old Exile/Avernum games had an Unlock spell for this purpose - been a while since my last Exile/Avernum playthroughs, so I tend to mix up different gameplay mechanics across the series.
  6. Good Lord, those stinging (?) double-move clawbugs were a massive pain in the tuckus the first time I ran into them. Was very satisfying to come back later and squash 'em.
  7. Yeah, I realized that later, TriRodent - no problem! To BenS' point, I also would love to be able to selectively sell junk bag items, and find the limited inventory space much more tedious than challenging, but I understand the latter it least is a very intentional decision on Jeff's part - and inventory management is still wayyyyy (way) better than it was in the original.
  8. I didn't see Shift-click covered earlier, which is how you split stacks (and why I mentioned it above as relevant to alhoon's immediately previous question).
  9. In my case, I was simply trying to understand the mechanics - no real complaints about difficulty (though in some battles I had to go for a cup of coffee while waiting for my turn to come back while surrounded by 25 ticked-off shades...).
  10. I've also noticed this and wondered about it; though I've finished my playthrough so I can't recall very specific examples, it seemed many enemies had this kind of inherent "double attack" ability, separate from/in addition to e.g. Haste or Quick Action used by Sholai or servile NPCs.
  11. You can split stacks with Shift-click.
  12. This kind of resource management has been a staple of Spiderweb games since the beginning. Everyone has their own personal preferences and takes on what they find frustrating, but changing the tools system for a chance-based approach would also drive me nuts.
  13. I noticed the same thing with armor, Mechalibur - many of these calculations don't seem to be based on a flat percentage as the tooltip info would have you believe. I think this has been a trend with some of Jeff's more recent games; in general, speaking as someone who enjoys the stat-crunching aspects of CRPGs at least to a point, Spidweb in-game information often seems unfortunately somewhat unclear with things like this.
  14. I know, it is a minor but recurring issue. Jeff's support/other half just emailed me back confirming he'll take a look regardless for patch 1.0.1.
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