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  1. All right, here we go for the basic cheat : "Slightly Overpowered" character : Character at Level 22, with most skills at or near 30. Mostly tested (I completed a good chunk of the game and saw the Trajkov ending without encountering any bugs). Torment Trajkov can still kill you after he uses the Geneforge, and some nasty mines will kill you as well if you aren't careful. https://www.mediafire.com/file/8sbr4oii88x5j4m/z0dockcan.txt/file "Killing Machine" : Character at Level 94, with most skills at or near 90. Tested the canister effect itself and the first few areas, b
  2. I've been tinkering with the game scripts and I may make one within a few days - it shouldn't be too difficult. In fact, I may post a cheat to make the very first canister (in the very first area of the game) turn your character into an unstoppable killing machine later today.
  3. Hello everyone! I'm currently preparing a long overdue playthrough of Homeland : The Stone of Night, but in the meantime, I figured it's about time I shared the soundtrack with you. The Homeland soundtrack is actually within the game executable in MDS (MidiStream) format. This is an old Microsoft format that was, I believe, made specifically for games. I extracted the files from Homeland.exe using XN Resource Editor, and converted them back to standard MIDI files using a program I wrote. I then converted them to WAV files using OBS Studio and ffmpeg. Be advised, the MIDI
  4. Originally Posted By: Sum Manus Nigrum Combat isn't all that bugged in BoE. Riiiight. There are very few fatal bugs, other than the blue screen of death that was recently mentioned, but seriously. There are many things that don't work as intended when fighting. -Blessing trick : Blessing enough makes you invulnerable to physical attacks. -Undead and Demons pierce through armor (or most of the armor, anyway). -"Stacking" exploding arrows : The last arrow will just blow up without doing any damage. -Invulnerable monsters : Are not immune to physical and Death Touch attacks. They are imm
  5. When did I say that imbalances and bugs were the same things? I did imply that Exile suffers from both, but in my last post I was talking about exploitable bugs. EDIT : A "bug" occurs when you have something that doesn't work as intended. An imbalance can be caused by a bug, or by a mere oversight. I don't think I was being overly illogical.
  6. Thuryl : Nope, actually, I was more or less replying to this : Quote: You're lacking in experimental spirit. A game is a game, not a simulation: it's fun to find the ways that you can mess up the plot. Again, preventing the player from sequence-breaking in this way takes out a lot of replay value. Maybe this sounds like a strange opinion to you, but I think it's better for a game to have a few exploitable bugs in it: it gives people something to find and feel clever about themselves because they did something the game designer never thought of. A designer who's too smart to be outwitte
  7. Originally Posted By: Enraged Slith I find Exile much more enjoyable than Avernum, and, yes, I did start with Exile. I also find [...] Blades of Avernum more fun than Blades of Exile. You like the Exile series more than the Avernum series, but you like BoA more than BoE? Are you sure you didn't make a typo? Anyway... I think both the Exile and Avernum games have their share of very good stuff and pretty bad stuff... What I like in Exile : *Up to six party members *Field spells *Poisoned weapons *Conveyor belts *No-type (or maybe Darkness, whatever) damage spells (Shockwave, Wo
  8. 1. More or less. The idea is that you'll almost never have to attack your enemies yourself. Instead, you'll rely heavily on stealth, leadership and mechanics. 2. Yes, you will, at times, have to hire goons who will do most of the work for you. 3. Yes. Your bodyguards will probably not be able to win every battle on their own. 4. Well, yes, because a "no-combat" character will only have to use creations as cannon fodder or explorers. If at all. Not to mention that you cannot directly control the NPCs you hire. 5. Yes... But while your enemies do get stronger with a harder di
  9. Considering how powerful mental focus charms are, this is very helpful. Congratulations on finding that one, it sure isn't in the hintbook. I wonder if there are any other hidden recipes. Who knows, maybe there's something you can make with the Perfected Cloak...
  10. Seconded, ADoS. Oh, and this part is especially funny : Originally Posted By: Niemand The existence of the spaceship makes *i's universe incompatible with Jeff's, even though they are otherwise the same. Have you ever played Stareye's BoE scenarios? Anyway, ADoS got me pretty much right : my point was that it's useless for a designer to try to keep up with Jeff's "canon" (or lack thereof, considering the huge amount of "retconning" he's done over the years). If you start ignoring things that don't fit well in Jeff's universe, you might as well ignore the story in a lot of B
  11. Originally Posted By: Niemand since the existence of a spaceship is so grossly out of canon Well, yes and no. A spaceship would seem out of place in an Avernum game, but it is most certainly "canon" in Stareye's universe. I mean, seriously. Many good scenarios do what they want with the Exile/Avernum universe : TM's series, Stareye's series, The Arc, Doom Moon...
  12. Master1 : Also, you get an Essence Charm (+1 Int!) from Rawal after completing his Kill Platano quest.
  13. Spoilerized. Thuryl : Heh, I keep forgetting about that ending. Yes, it's even shorter than the Rawal ending. It's not really a faction ending, though, more of a "you messed up" unaligned ending.
  14. Since I wouldn't be surprised if people were still having trouble, I thought I would share some strategies I used to finish the challenge area on Torment. I would personally recommend having the Firesteel Gauntlets and possibly even the Firesteel Greaves ready, considering how much Charm can help. DISPOSAL VAULT Spawning Platforms This is a gauntlet where you'll face Ur-Glaahks, Ur-Drakons, Rotdhizons and Gazers. The game will warn you when a new monster is created (although it won't tell you where). You will also have to face three powerful monsters : a Corrupted Gazer,
  15. Originally Posted By: Taliesin I don't have a particularly good estimate, but Rawal's faction, if you can call it that, is not representative of a "complete" game. From what I've heard, at least. I haven't actually finished G5 yet. Click to reveal.. Swearing loyalty to Rawal gets you a bad ending, but it is still technically an ending. It's also the only faction that does not require you to go through an "endgame" fight (namely, the Shaper Council or Ghaldring). It's the shortest and easiest path. But, anyway. The time required to finish a Geneforge game varies a lot depending on whe
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