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  1. Sorry I disappeared, Real Life has been a horror show. Fortunately I'm starting a new job soon, and so will have less constant worry about money (though also less free time). Anyway. Another one that really bothers me is melee weapon damage scaling with strength, but thrown and archery damage not scaling with anything. Obvious fix is to have those scale with Dexterity the same way melee scales with Strength. However I think I'd prefer Dexterity just affecting hit chance, and Archery and Throwing affecting damage, for balance reasons. Also Archery should add the bonus on the laun
  2. Huh. Maybe the GCC warning was spurious. Edit: you're right, it's not the case in C so uh... weird. And I should have remembered that, TBH. Edit 2: the warning was about that particular expression, I think. In any case it's not what I'd call good code style.
  3. Implementing -Wall -Werror across the board, I found some interesting breakage in the monster casting code, in boe.combat.cpp: if ((caster->m_d.health * 4 < caster->m_d.m_health) && (get_ran(1, 0, 10) < 9)) spell = emer_spells[level][3]; else if ((caster->m_d.status[STATUS_HASTE_SLOW] < 0) && (get_ran(1, 0, 10) < 7) && (emer_spells[level][0] != SPELL_MONST_PRIEST_NO_SPELL)) spell = emer_spells[level][0]; else if ((friend_levels_near <= -10) && (get_ran(1, 0, 10) < 7) &&
  4. @Salt Monolith IME this isn't the case. One piece of 1 or 2 encumbrance armor is okay; two or more piece of armor with 1 or more encumbrance, and you'll start seeing cast failures. IIRC this was confirmed in one of the munchkin skill breakdown threads a while back.
  5. @The Almighty Doer of Stuff Mm yes, thanks for reminding me about those. Re dumbfound, it actually does work, the problem is it wears off really fast - monsters lose one level of dumbfounding every 4 party turns. Since dumbfounding never wears off on its own for PCs, and magic immune monsters always resist anyway (and magic resistant ones have a chance of resisting), I don't feel too bad about doubling that... at least, once I figure out why my mingw-w64 build of CBoE is unpredictably crashing. Edit: okay that last is an optimization issue. Works with -O0, crashes with any other optimiza
  6. Thanks, y'all. @Salt Monolith, noted re bless. I won't touch that in my CBoE fork. @The Almighty Doer of Stuff, yeah, I want to have an explicit fork that changes gameplay and balance a bunch. Legacy compatibility is obviously a priority, but I'm okay breaking that within limits.
  7. This is for things that don't fit in the other thread because they're not broken... at least, not on a consistency or function level; but that I still think were bad ideas. Weapon poison only applies to the first weapon in the inventory list This makes poisoned arrows much more annoying to use, since an archer character has to unequip their melee weapons for poison to apply (including from spells). Monsters/NPCs preferentially summon way too much Most summoning spells (except for Demon and Guardian) just clog the battlefield and eat up turns. I'd like to have mon
  8. Feel free to add your own below. TBH I'm considering making a CBoE fork where some of these are dealt with, or at least have compatibility options for enabling/disabling them. Acid So in the final version of CBoE, as in original BoE - Acid has no damage cap for PCs, and each attack (acid spit, touch or whatever) adds to the damage. - Avatar is the only spell that can remove the acid status. Otherwise you have to use items or get onto the outdoor map. - This makes acid pretty much the deadliest thing in the game for PCs. OTOH, against monsters and NPCs
  9. Missile weapons would be fun if they hit more often and did useful damage more often. Maybe if dexterity or archery skill increased missile damage rather than just hit chance? IMO it shouldn't be as cost effective as strength is for melee (the long range is a big advantage already). But as things are, an archer with 20 dexterity, 20 archery, a magic crossbow and magic bolts, and maxed out bless level, is practically useless compared to a fighter with 8 strength, some iron weapons, and maxed out bless. The balance is just really, really bad.
  10. Wow. Have I mentioned I love this scenario? The Magites really are the absolute worst. Edit: OMG Anyway yeah I'm pleasantly surprised by how well this scenario has aged, the usual early 2000s video game flaws notwithstanding. Edit 2: okay have to say though, if I'd known ahead of time how the lich in Balinport has to be dealt with (and that this quest is not optional), I probably would have avoided the scenario. That part is about the lowest low point I can think of in any BoE scenario I've played, and it's made all the more gratuitous IMO by the amount of filler in that p
  11. OMG thank you @The Almighty Doer of Stuff! Let's give that a try. ... Nope. Didn't work. Edit: ah, found the issue! I was supposed to talk to Capt. Viatrix after coming back from Tel'moria, not Gen. Vargas. I guess Vargas not being in his office was a feature, and the secretary not knowing was a bug.
  12. So because I have a bunch of free time from now until two weeks after my second vaccine dose, I decided to complete this hugest ever of BoE scenarios... I'm at the part where I just had to take Sister Elysia to Tel'moria, and General Vargas got back to me on the talking crystal saying basically "Come see me immediately once you're back in Zenith." So I went back to Zenith... and he wasn't in his office. Nobody at all behind his desk. The soldier at the front desk still talks about him being there and gives me an appointment though, so... bug? I think? I also checked the League of Zinlasian
  13. @The Almighty Doer of StuffI think Drizzt's page might also be in the Truesite archive? And I've added the files to my archive FYI. Directory structure now looks like game/ BoE-1.2.0a-win32.exe scenarios/ alcritas-final-versions/ [Alcritas scenarios] truesite-archive/ [Scenarios from the Truesite archive] Link is in my signature.
  14. @Celtic MinstrelI know the archived Lyceum had the final version of Falling Stars, but AFAIK it disappeared when Truesite went down, and the Wayback Machine didn't catch most of the HTML let alone the zip files. The version in the scenario archive was always earlier than the one from the archived Lyceum. If there's still an archive of the Lyceum floating around though, it might still have the final version. (And if anyone sends that my way, I'll update the one in my own archive mirror.) Edit: yes, the Lyceum is still archived! http://truesite.openboe.com/SWArchive/Geocities/blyceum/index.h
  15. @The Almighty Doer of Stuff- oh, then maybe there never was a fix for the item placement thing. I might have misremembered v1.0.2 existing. @Ess-Eschasand anyone else - Falling Stars for me is v1.0.1, and Shadow of the Stranger is v1.2.0. Thanks y'all! @Celtic Minstrel- yeah, the versions on Spidweb's own downloads page are the same as those I have.
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