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  1. Wow. Have I mentioned I love this scenario? The Magites really are the absolute worst. Edit: OMG Anyway yeah I'm pleasantly surprised by how well this scenario has aged, the usual early 2000s video game flaws notwithstanding. Edit 2: okay have to say though, if I'd known ahead of time how the lich in Balinport has to be dealt with (and that this quest is not optional), I probably would have avoided the scenario. That part is about the lowest low point I can think of in any BoE scenario I've played, and it's made all the more gratuitous IMO by the amount of filler in that p
  2. OMG thank you @The Almighty Doer of Stuff! Let's give that a try. ... Nope. Didn't work. Edit: ah, found the issue! I was supposed to talk to Capt. Viatrix after coming back from Tel'moria, not Gen. Vargas. I guess Vargas not being in his office was a feature, and the secretary not knowing was a bug.
  3. So because I have a bunch of free time from now until two weeks after my second vaccine dose, I decided to complete this hugest ever of BoE scenarios... I'm at the part where I just had to take Sister Elysia to Tel'moria, and General Vargas got back to me on the talking crystal saying basically "Come see me immediately once you're back in Zenith." So I went back to Zenith... and he wasn't in his office. Nobody at all behind his desk. The soldier at the front desk still talks about him being there and gives me an appointment though, so... bug? I think? I also checked the League of Zinlasian
  4. @The Almighty Doer of StuffI think Drizzt's page might also be in the Truesite archive? And I've added the files to my archive FYI. Directory structure now looks like game/ BoE-1.2.0a-win32.exe scenarios/ alcritas-final-versions/ [Alcritas scenarios] truesite-archive/ [Scenarios from the Truesite archive] Link is in my signature.
  5. @Celtic MinstrelI know the archived Lyceum had the final version of Falling Stars, but AFAIK it disappeared when Truesite went down, and the Wayback Machine didn't catch most of the HTML let alone the zip files. The version in the scenario archive was always earlier than the one from the archived Lyceum. If there's still an archive of the Lyceum floating around though, it might still have the final version. (And if anyone sends that my way, I'll update the one in my own archive mirror.) Edit: yes, the Lyceum is still archived! http://truesite.openboe.com/SWArchive/Geocities/blyceum/index.h
  6. @The Almighty Doer of Stuff- oh, then maybe there never was a fix for the item placement thing. I might have misremembered v1.0.2 existing. @Ess-Eschasand anyone else - Falling Stars for me is v1.0.1, and Shadow of the Stranger is v1.2.0. Thanks y'all! @Celtic Minstrel- yeah, the versions on Spidweb's own downloads page are the same as those I have.
  7. @Celtic MinstrelNope, my Google Drive scenario repo is basically just mirrored from there; the versions are the same.
  8. At the Gallows - last I checked, the version I have archived has a rather amusing bug where an important item is right on the floor in front of the wizard you're supposed to give it to. Falling Stars - the archived version doesn't have the completed hall of contributors (in the starting town) or the Denmark quest. The Shadow of the Stranger - archived version doesn't let you turn off tree climbing, final version did.
  9. Nope. Not possible in original BoE or CBoE. I suppose you could utilize the kill/resurrect bug plus stat boosting nodes to create a "new PC" as long as the original party was small enough, and just provide a note that the player should change the name and graphic manually; but I think that's as good as it gets. It'd be pretty kludgy. NPCs joining the party has been a thing for a while, but that's done with normal friendly NPCs and special nodes, and the ability to actually command them is... limited at best. The usual thing for making them more effective has been to limit their capabilities
  10. Now that I'm revisiting BoE because lockdown yay. IMO... Sanctuary. And Mass Sanctuary, but especially the level 1 version if you habitually play singletons. - It's pretty useless against casters, but prevents a lot of melee and archery attacks from hitting at all - IDK about original BoE, but in CBoE spellcasting only breaks it for attack spells - With a few levels and a little spending on INT, it can last several turns... - Allowing your fighters (or singleton) to close the distance to enemy spellcasters more easily - Also allows singletons a bit of extra time to buff in surp
  11. Yay thank you! I'll update my sig to indicate my link is a backup. The magnet link: lemme try again. Edit: % aria2c 'magnet:?xt=urn:btih:d5356f060c104e9fd1dbf7a23fe348c6c26897da' 11/17 12:40:48 [NOTICE] Downloading 1 item(s) 11/17 12:40:48 [NOTICE] IPv4 DHT: listening on UDP port 6952 11/17 12:40:48 [NOTICE] IPv4 BitTorrent: listening on TCP port 6961 11/17 12:40:48 [NOTICE] IPv6 BitTorrent: listening on TCP port 6961 [#5f2fca 0B/0B CN:0 SD:0 DL:0B] I think the problem may be on my end. N/M.
  12. @The Almighty Doer of StuffYAY thank you! I will grab all those as soon as I can. Edit: here we are! Seriously thanks, you're a godsend. https://tinyurl.com/blades-of-exile
  13. So... openboe.com is down, the zip files are not archived on the Wayback Machine, and the magnet link is also down. Anyone got backups? I figure I might as well just host everything on my Google Drive, since I started paying for it and now have like 100 GB of space.
  14. So kind of belated, but I took a look at the CBoE (legacy Windows) source code recently and the issue seems to be fixed. Throwing weapon hit chance checks throwing weapon skill in CBoE. Defense skill is probably still a better investment though.
  15. It's a definition thing. "Freedom" to sensible people includes things like freedom from fear (as FDR described, though this country has never lived up to any his Four Freedoms). But "freedom" to a lot of USians also, or sometimes only, means "power" - the ability to do what you want without consequences. When a USian tells you "It's a free country!" they're probably not asserting their right to one of FDR's Four Freedoms, but rather their privilege to bully or endanger you in some way. Source: my life, constantly on the business end of "It's a free country!" when getting insults, punches, a
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