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  1. Thanks guys! The more I think about it, the more I think the discussion I'm remembering was a running record of somebody running a Slith singleton. I'll keep looking. Thanks for the suggestions so far though!
  2. For example: Avernum 6 came out?!?! Downloading!
  3. So in the middle of a random conversation with my wife today, the common word "weird" made me think of "Snotberry's weird." Now I'm jonesing for some BoA after not having played regularly in years. I came looking for here, guessed my username, reset my password, and here I am. I guess I'm surprised that there seems to still be some activity here, but not disappointed! Some of my old bookmarks return 404's now though. Specifically, I'm looking for a walkthrough list that somebody had made and posted, rating the scenarios in order of ease of completion and estimated level. I poked around a bit but can't seem to find it. Could anybody direct me there? I've completed the following scenarios: A Small Rebellion, Aphobia, Babysitting, Cave of no Return, Dallerdinsscenario, Death at Chapmans, Diplomacy with the Dead, Echoes Renegade, Embers of Rebellion, Emerald Mountain, Express Delivery, Kill Prize Win Ogre, Kill Them Dead, Lord Putidus, Mad Ambition, Nine Variations, Outpost Valley, Perfect Forest, Rats Aplenty, Roses of Reckoning, Settlers Win, Shades of Gray, Short, Tales from the Tabard Inn, The Empires New Grove, Witch Hunt, and Xerchde. I have Embers of Rebellion, Express Delivery, and Kill Them Dead noted for replay, although I don't remember why. Maybe I felt I missed something, but more likely I particularly appreciated the scenario. My party is currently in A Large Rebellion, although it doesn't seem I've gone far. It's day two and I've entered Alexandra from the North, which appears to be mapped out. The Naga lair is to the south, but I haven't explored up to that point yet, just checked out where I am. Anyway, long story short, I still have like 40 scenarios left to play through, and I'd like to give a number of them a whirl. My party is in the low 30s, and all characters but character 1 have over 50 skill points hoarded. Character 1 has only 17. I hope to be on here often enough to check back around, and I'd welcome any advice or suggestions.
  4. Thank you Slith and Niemand! Worked perfectly, and erased my worries! :-) Just out of curiosity Niemand, how did you find those numbers to check that? I'm new to the scripts part of BoA, but if I can learn basics like that for myself, rather than bothering the board further.... Thanks.
  5. So I'm not the first person to do this, ( a la http://www.ironycentral.com/forum/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=35721#Post35721) but I will follow up my APF question with a question about Rats Aplenty. I'm in the Ancient City, and after killing the rats, and talking to the one, I went back to the city to sell stuff and to rest. Unfortunately, while in the city, I sold off the Ancient Short Sword, Ancient Boots, and Ancient (chain mail?) armour to the junk collector in the bar. Being forced to resort to a readme, I realized that I couldn't continue without those items. Mores the problem, he no longer has them for sale, otherwise I'd just get them back. Is there a way to get these items back, like SDF codes in A5, or with the character editor or something? I'd really hate to ruin my 100% scenario completion rate only 14 into my run. Thanks!
  6. Yeah, I've working my way through the scenarios creating and discussed on this board. My guide for which to play in what order is Imban's experiment with his Avatar and Pariah characters. So far, I've been loving the variety, and can't wait to run through some more!
  7. Ok, so after literally spending a ridiculous amount of the last 28 hours obsessing, i finally figured it out. It would've been helpful if I had actually seen a dialog telling me that I had found a mirror, let alone two. I found the second, and after an inordinate amount of deaths+reloads due to the increased agitation of the 'perfect' spirit, killed the machine and spirit, and powered the portal. This is one scenario that won't get replayed despite the fact that I apparently missed a spaceship somewhere?
  8. Ok, so I've seen this discussed in numerous posts, but none actually gigve me the spoiler I need. I'm stuck with the (first) mirror puzzle. I can't seem to move the mirror out of a few hexes without needing to run all the way around the wall, and move it back. It won't line up with the baddie machine in the north room, so where do i move the mirror, and how do i get it there before the orb sucks all my health? I really hate to ask stupid questions, but I couldn't find a walkthrough or any better explanation than 'you move the mirrors' and I refuse to be beaten by a lousy mirror lol! Thanks!
  9. OK, thanks guys, i got it now. after going through the whole process again, i got pissed and killed the shade. then it gives me the little message across the bottom of the screen.... i thought he would stop during the fight, not that he needed to die... and i much prefer the A5 message thing where you could scroll.... thanks though
  10. Originally Posted By: Tomorrow is on Fire You can heal as much as you want and use Augmentation to stay alive, but the test is actually testing the damage you've taken. Shielding is a bad idea. Killing the shade is a worse idea. —Alorael, who got through by sending in only one character with Augmentation and with healers standing back to heal as necessary. The one character just stood around and got pummeled. It wasn't fun or interesting, but it worked. Ok, i have a question about this... Jus thow much dammage do you need to take? i augmented my main melee fighter, took off his armor, and let him get beat up. I ran out my priests mana on minor heal, then used an energy potion and ran it back down. then i trained my mage in 1 priest skill, and ran out the mages mana on minor heal. then i trained my second fighter in priest, and ran out his 30 mana. thats 80 base health, and 180ish mana on healing, and i have yet to see a message one way of another. just how tedious is this otherwise interesting challenge?
  11. Question: Being as you can script edit your way to anama prices from both seeker meena and minister whoever, is it possible to change the crystal sellling lady also? Her dialog is in z134Tahonardlg.txt and the two sections in question are begintalknode211 and 212. I'm new to script editing, so although I found this, I don't really know what to do with it. :)I was hoping to get some stuff before stealing the scrolls and making them all hostile....
  12. Ok, so here's my question: Seeker Mickelburr.... He is relatively insignificant while in Anama lands. Suppose a party were to steal the Anama scrolls, and in the process happen to slaughter the Anama people. Then, when you go to leave Anama lands, behold! Seeker Mickelburr is leading a band of Darksiders to attack you! And maybe kill you! So here's part one of the question. If you kill Seeker Mickelburr while killing the Anama for being mad at your for stealing their sacred scrolls, does Mickelburr in fact appear at the ambush? If not, who does, just the Darksiders? Or suppose you don't slaughter the Anama. Mickelburr lives, at least long enough to ambush you. Should you spare his life, does your clemency make the Anama forgive you? Or does he just return to his pissed-off-magic-hater friends? Or, option three. You do slaughter the Anama, but either leave Mickelburr alive, or he's not around to kill, or he manages an escape a la Gelmax. You depart, get jumped, and show mercy to him. Does he return to an empty town? Should you return there later via portal, (I know the gate is closed...) is he alone in the town? Is he hostile or friendly? And a much easier to answer question: If you don't show mercy to Mickelburr, and do kill him, are the Anama mad when you return to their town? (provided you haven't yet robbed them?) So yeah, I don't know if this makes too much sense, but I just want to know and I wondered if anybody had tried these options... If not, I'll run them through myself, and post the results here.
  13. Ok, I can't seem to be able to get into the caves at all. In the chitrach nest, theres the seven ladders down, and the NE most s caved in. The SW and mid-W tunnels give me a message saying that it seems that I emerge where I entered, and that the passage seems to be warded to baffle intruders. I've tried to enter these tunnels over 20 times each, walking off screen and returning, and going back to the anama town and returning. Unless I'm really missing it, there doesn't seem to be any passage from the S, SE, NW, or center tunnels. I've gotten the quest from lark, and the hint from kingsley, but I can't find the mindwarp or the queen! This is really bugging me (haha)! ok, so literally, 6 minutes after I post this, I go back down a tunnel, and randomly, all the walls suddenly have new holes in them! So I think I have it now.... But damn that was frustrating!
  14. Originally Posted By: Evnissyen I agree with Catapult on the dialogue system... I find Exile's type-in conversations to be... damn, I'm about to use that phrase again... resist... umm... bothersome? Yes. They were bothersome to the utmost. I mean... "job"? "name"? So I'm to guess that the whole dialogue system is a secret? I need to guess what questions to ask each person, not knowing if it's the correct question to get a desired response, if in fact there is such a desired response forthcoming from that person? To be honest, the dialog system is one of my biggest disappointments switching from Exile to A5.... I loved having to remember random references that other people said, and having to deduce what the key words in someones responses are. Now, all I have are a couple pre-hashed-out sentences..... I'd have to agree with Hobson on this, and also on the need for wicked awesome spells like simalicrum/capture soul and also srcy monster. I mean, Scry was the best way to avoid fireballing a fire-resistant S.O.B. a couple times....
  15. Originally Posted By: The Limper. You aren't supposed to ever get 30 Tool Use- doors like that are meant to be opened by other means. Like quests or joining the Anama. I know, I know.... But I wants it....
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