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  1. QnD trainer, like basically all "trainers", inserts info directly into memory and many AV or IS programs give a false positive as many viruses exhibit similar behavior. If Q&D has not been altered in the last few years a lot of people have used Q&D with much fun and success. No bad behavior.
  2. Originally Posted By: Codec Seraphinianus Jeff has been using SDFs since BoE at least, since they're the way scenario designers handle, well, everything. He's probably been using that nomenclature and variable structure since E1. —Alorael, who is a bit curious as to why Jeff still puts them in that format. It's an odd way to set up what could just as easily be a named variable. Does he still use SDF's in Avadon?
  3. Originally Posted By: Thirsting Gemstone (Answering Warlord) Item editing. Here: begindefineitem 12; it_name = "Coated Cloak"; begindefineitem 12; had to reduce to 99 to prevent lockup. begindefineitem 36; had to reduce to 400 to prevent lockup. Reset 0 to 10 ok. begindefineitem 168; had to reduce to 400 to prevent lockup. Lockups only occurred during combat at my characters turn. At first I wondered why you didn't buff some higher items, then realized that the ones you used were readily available fairly early in game without further scripting signs and such to get them. Good
  4. it_value = 10000;//10000 coins Does indeed give 10000 coins. (I lowered it from earlier amounts because of potential probs mentioned below.) The giveasnack cheat is in most, if not all, Avernum and Geneforge games. The mod varies in effect from one game to another. In one of them if you went over a max of 40000 coins it would zero out your coins. Some it would simply cap at 30 or 40000 and I think I've heard of it leaving just a few coins under certain circumstances. A clean install cures most ills. And hang on to your savegames. Unless they are corrupted. Was "two coins" in addi
  5. Originally Posted By: Warlord Aidan Hey Microphage are there any codes like the alwans SDF codes for taygan and the others? Yes. You need to create them from the "dlg"'s associated with those characters. I've had a series of problems with hard drive crashes in my game machine(s) (and have decided to not use a certain brand ever again) and so have lost appr 4 re-installs of my SpidWeb game collection. I will eventually get back to them but am currently totally immersed in another game. I consistently get more active with SpidWeb forums when the latest Windows release is available. Meanwhil
  6. Originally Posted By: CRISIS on INFINITE SLARTIES Whoa, Microphage, please cool down. Please refrain from making more angry posts here. Thanks. Slarty Am now cooler by appr 3.2 degrees. Literally! Again, apologies to all.
  7. Originally Posted By: ItwasTed Thanks for the great info. On a personal note, I try to read the huge, flashing "please read" portions of any thread. Being the new person, I thought I'd throw that out there. The problem stems from 14 things being flashing, important "you must read!!!" messages. Then you give up. My bad. Sorry. Oh, those "flamey things". They indicate a hot topic. There is a lot to read when you first arrive. Was not having a good week and I took something personal that wasn't mean't that way. The fact is - it was in a thread I started and when I backtracked I cam
  8. Originally Posted By: Andraste Originally Posted By: Drew I've been reading "A Game of Thrones" by George R.R. Martin Crazy. Sporefrog and I are reading it too. Good, but too much incest. I'm halfway through it now! "A Clash of Kings" is waiting (book 2 in the series) next. I've looked for the thread about Doug Adam's "The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" and remembered some new author was supposed to write more since Adam's passing. Couldn't find the thread I wanted, but here goes anyhow... I just finished reading "The Hitchhikers Trilogy" which is all 5 (yes, a 5 volume tr
  9. Originally Posted By: Dikiyoba Still wouldn't work. Some people would still ignore it, and it would be rather annoying for everyone involved as well. Dikiyoba. Originally Posted By: Velzan Pessimist. Realist actually. Noticed "Velzan" is now "Velzan's". It would be more informative if it said "Velzan's Creations Archive". As is, it's kind of like a "mystery gift" in FarmVille. (You don't know what it is till you open it.) Most of us who've been here a while know what to expect from "Synergy" and others. But new people have no idea what any of this is about without a more descript
  10. Actually Slarty's froze upside down within 24 hours of the general ban. I, after 2 years of having a tacky avatar was courteously requested in a PM to change it. I readily agreed and complied. (In my defense I must say I and others thought it funny. Playing game at torment level and cartoonishly bashing my head to pulp on keyboard.) On my machine it played through so fast that until I saw it on a "brand x" dialup machine where it was essentially r e a l l y s l l o o w w I agreed with it being tacky. Comparing SpidWeb forum leadership to Nazism is absurd. I, was a 'bad guy'
  11. Originally Posted By: Master Ackrovan i hate being showed up by a reptile Heheh. Been there, done that. Actually it's a compliment since Dikiyoba is a rarified genius and a very fine person. (for a lizard)
  12. Sorry, no. No way I can find anyhow. Not with full party. New game worked for me... It doesn't take that long to catch up and on 1st play through it's well worth it. I'm not saying it's not possible. The scripts show XP ups, maybe negatives work. Doubt it though. Probably parsed wrong.
  13. I like it! With some minor scripting you can also get specific items* such as: begindefineitem 485; import = 120; it_name = "Scroll - Return Life"; or any other item that way. Very good one. *Note: See my A5 thread for details. Giant Intelligent Friendly Talking Cockroach, welcome to Spiderweb, check your sanity at the door...
  14. BACKUP then open av6itemschars.txt copy and paste the following: begindefineitem 210; it_name = "Tools"; it_graphic_sheet = 2; it_which_icon_ground = 10; it_which_icon_inven = 11; it_extra_description = 26; it_value = 20; it_charges = 1;// stax line added begindefineitem 211; it_name = "Basket"; it_graphic_sheet = 8; it_which_icon_ground = 0; it_which_icon_inven = 1; it_extra_description = -1; it_value = 1 it_charges = 0;// no stax line added begindefineitem 212; it_name = "Research Notes"; it_graphic_
  15. You can always use leetbuffz. Several great buffs for entire party.
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