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  1. Thanks Lilith, or Thriel, or what ever name you go by now. Actually I've been spending my time donating to bake sales lately. I've raised over 1k for my charity and I'm quite happy. As far as flamers mentioned above, you're probably the worst. If any single person chased me away from this site, it's you. For what it's worth...
  2. Originally Posted By: Actaeon Many people have appreciated the change. Jeff has the right to follow any legal business model he likes, just as you have the same right not to buy his games. It appears both of you will be exercising those rights. I was not a big fan of A6 or Avadon (thought I bought both), but quite enjoyed AEftP. To each their own. Not only very true, but by far the best response I've received on this forum. To each their own.
  3. I haven't logged in for quite a few months due to the very negative reaction I received from the community about my comments for Avadon. I'll admit, I wasn't thrilled about Jeff making a remake of a remake for the upcoming game. But I decided to check it out. I see now many different prices for Avernum Escape from the pit on several different websites. Not to mention, there's no demo version for the iPad and that's a completely different price. I thought, starting with Avadon, Jeff switched to a universal system that I could use regardless of my platform once I bought the game. Gue
  4. Originally Posted By: Brocktree No he doesn't. An in-game character gives you a non-critical game item for committing a morally questionable act. Big difference. Nice rationalization...killing babies is a questionable act. The item received is irrelevant. Jeff rewards killing babies. Period.
  5. Originally Posted By: Brocktree Originally Posted By: Masquerade Jeff wants me to KILL BABIES No he doesn't. He simply provides you with the opportunity to do so. It's entirely up to you as to whether you are willing to commit mass abortion in order to obtain a non-critical game item. Quote: Sure, the sliths may be at war with humans, but that doesn't excuse a crime of this magnitude. Just imagine what would happen if the sliths did a thing like that to a human village, the people of Avernum would be enraged and rightly so, but in reverse its ok? How is killing a bunch of babie
  6. It's clear my opinion isn't welcome. I can accept that. Not a big deal since the upcoming release is a remake of a remake. It's a shame, there was a lot of potential here.
  7. I think hard should be hard I think torment should torment the player Torment for Avadon is unplayable We’ve been here before, but …well here we are again
  8. Slarty, I don't think torment should be removed. I think it should be adjusted to provide more options. I don't think it should be easy. I don't think it should be hard. I just think it should be playable to those that have warmed up to Spiderweb games. As far as other games go, well we're really in another ballpark. I really liked Escalon 2 (well the story was awesome until the end, but mechanics were great and difficulty was up to the player). Anyways, to clarify, I don't cheat, and I never will. Thanks for the constructive input.
  9. This is an insightful approach to collecting data. Perhaps we could expand it a bit to gain more information? I have some ideas if you're interested, but only if you're interested.
  10. House of S, can you explain how my opinion attacks your freedom? You attack me, but I still feel free to share my opinion until I get sick of you and leave (or get banned). I have thin skin?
  11. Well, thanks for being a bit more reasonable in your responses, maybe I didn't make myself clear enough to begin with so if that's the case I apologize. I guess I'm taking more of a comparative approach to Geneforge which, perhaps I shouldn't do. I'll admit, the respec feature is a great addition. But, as you highlight, the middle path seems to be the only correct path for advancement. Anyways, I'm offering my input because I think I appreciate Jeff's games as much as you do. Thanks for your responses.
  12. It’s interesting to see the utter lack of interest some of you have in evaluating the specific complaints of people playing this game. I guess it’s easier to say you’re an idiot for playing on this difficulty level than actually understand why someone is having difficulty. I offered my opinion because I’ve played the Geneforge games on torment, and I enjoyed it. The Geneforge games were challenging, and yes, sometimes aggravating. But in Geneforge there were options. If you got stuck somewhere, you could go somewhere else. There were many ways to build your characters. Oh, and I r
  13. Hey, I have respect for what all the mods claim about the game. I'm sure most of you do find torment easy. In fact, I'm sure there's a strong correlation between being a mod and being a beta tester. Please correct me if I'm wrong. I'm just wondering, are you mods the market for Jeff's games? Is your experience comparable to what the average gamer experiences? I'm pointing this out because it seems as though it's been an issue since Avernum 6. You can discount my opinion (and others, though I don't speak for them), but are you really helping Jeff build a better game? Maybe..I don't
  14. Originally Posted By: HOUSE of S How many medals require playing on Torment? A small handful, isn't it? What's wrong with having recognition for people who succeed at extreme challenges? That's like saying they shouldn't have professional sports, because then amateur athletes will get discouraged and quit. No Slarty, I think the appropriate analogy would be it's like encouraging amateur athletes to compete in professional sports. That, I'm sure, would encourage them to quit.
  15. Originally Posted By: HOUSE of S Originally Posted By: Barzhal Originally Posted By: Lilith playing the game on a difficulty called Torment... is difficult? oh no! Let me clarify Lilith. The game is not difficult on torment, it's unplayable. Maybe for you. Plenty of us enjoy Torment. But it's not for everyone. Frankly, it's hard to think of a one-word description that would capture this idea ("many people will find it unplayable, but some will enjoy the challenge") better than "Torment". This statement is probably quite accurate from what I've read on the forums here rece
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