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  1. 19 hours from now is still the 11th in the USA, although it'd be pushing into afternoon rather than morning. It's the 10th there right now.
  2. I don't think there's a simple way to revive him as such, but I suppose you could copy-paste his dialogue into some other unimportant NPC's dialogue script to effectively transform them into Sniff, so that you could talk to them to complete the quest instead. If it's any consolation, nothing you do in the Inner Crypt is important to how the rest of the game turns out, so if you do end up reloading an old save you could just skip it next time around; it's also the most difficult area in the game, so if you were able to clear it you don't really need any of the loot from it for anything else.
  3. This applied to some of the older games, but it's no longer true in the new remakes. In the new Avernum trilogy, you can only buy two levels of each spell and you have to find the remaining level, but the order doesn't matter; you can get the findable level first and still buy the other two levels.
  4. It's possible to finish the game without ever having to win a fight, so don't panic too much about making the game unwinnable with your choices in gameplay or character-building. Your decisions may lock off some options to you, but you'll always be able to reach some sort of ending.
  5. Rubble makes a different noise when you walk on it.
  6. I can't find data for Resurrection specifically, but some players have conducted experiments on it in other games. In original recipe Nethergate, it decreased your to-hit chance by 10%, but also provided immunity to charm and sleep, which seems like a bug. In Avernum 1, it also decreased your to-hit chance by 10%, and it also seemed to increase your chance of being hit by some status effects by about 30%. So I'd guess that in Resurrection, it probably decreases your to-hit chance and status effect resistance.
  7. I don't remember any other differences for playing a servile, but I didn't do every ending as both a servile and a non-servile so I can't say for sure. In general, the number of things that affect the ending text in G5 is quite small (mostly just which faction you sided with and whether certain NPCs are alive), and the possible variations on each faction's ending are pretty minor. There's an older thread that sets out some information about the possible endings, although it doesn't have an exhaustive list of which actions affect which ending.
  8. There's an extra line of text for that specific circumstance. You get very sick but eventually recover, presumably due to being so heavily and repeatedly reshaped that the disease doesn't know what to do with you.
  9. Errors like this are an indication that the scenario's custom graphics file is damaged or missing. There are a few things that could cause this, but the most common is that Windows doesn't correctly handle the file format used for custom graphics, so if your copy of the game ever passed through a Windows computer that would explain it. It could also be something to do with the program you used to extract the game from the archive file after downloading it.
  10. Projects in this community that require the collaboration of a large number of people do not have a great history of getting finished. Realistically, for a project like this, one person is going to have to do enough work to make the wiki already useful before anyone else is going to jump on board. It wouldn't even have to be a tremendous amount of work: once the game is released and people start posting information about it, you could ask their permission to copy-paste relevant chunks of text to the wiki. But by and large, I feel like the people who are collecting data on the game don't want the hassle of maintaining a wiki on top of that.
  11. Dark Castle is one of the first games I ever played, back when my dad used to bring his Mac Plus home from work along with a box of discs full of various software. (He wasn't happy when I somehow figured out how to register his copy of Quicken in my name...) There's actually a third game now, Return to Dark Castle, which was released in 2008 after a long, long development process. It also includes fully playable versions of Dark Castle and Beyond Dark Castle with updated graphics. As far as I know, it's only available for Mac; there was talk of a Windows version but that doesn't seem to have happened.
  12. Yeah, the more recent games have phased out the various things you can do to make towns hostile to you, presumably because it created too many plot and gameplay complications. I kinda wonder how the Geneforge remakes are going to handle it, since attacking friendly NPCs unprompted was sometimes a legit choice in those.
  13. I mean, it's hard to find another single word that encompasses all spin-off material including novels, TV/film adaptations, video games, etc.
  14. Yes. The gameplay content is still the same; the only differences are in the user interface. The iPad versions are actually of the remakes rather than the original trilogy, though, so make sure you're checking guides for the correct version as there are some differences. (The easiest way to tell is probably to see if the spell list in the game matches up to the spells mentioned in the guide, since spells were reworked significantly between the originals and remakes.)
  15. I guess the reason that kind of stuff doesn't bother me much is that I've done enough work on the design and writing side of games that I can't ever really not see under the hood any more. Plus, I get frustrated enough by missing out on content that compromising believability for the sake of player convenience feels like a good tradeoff for me personally. So for what it's worth, there are players who actively prefer the design choices you dislike.
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