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  1. What about leaving the Obeyers and then rejoining them again later in the game? For the remake I originally joined the Obeyers, then switched to the Awakened, and in the end went with the Takers.
  2. Yogi would be a better president than Donald Trump and probably Caligula as well. Under Yogi everybody would get a picnic basket! Wonder where 'the Child' (AKA baby Yoda) would rank on that list if you ever do any more updates?
  3. Bernie would have made a better president than Donald Trump, though I don't know if he would have beaten Trump if he had won the primary back in 2016. He still would have probably fared better than Hillary did. Economically speaking I would say I lean left and am a registered Democrat. Medicare for all would be fine with me, though I think that a public option would probably be more popular with the rest of the people.
  4. And now the Geneforge remake page is available on the website and the Steam page is up as well. Will the remake eventually be getting their own subforum the way the Avrenum remakes did?
  5. There's a new update on the kickstarter page. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/geneforge1/geneforge-1-mutagen/posts/2814851
  6. Nice list. Something that you may want to add though is where these items can be obtained if you are able to always get the same item from a particular location.
  7. Is there a key you can press that would highlight switches and other interactive objects or was that Avadon?
  8. Yeah, If I had a Mac of my own with system 10 I would definitely get it, but I'm running system 9 and I don't think my mom would appreciate it if I was hogging up her Mac to play it.
  9. Any fans of the Dark Castle games? Back in the 90s I had both games on my Mac Classic. The sound for the games was awesome.
  10. Solitaire games can be useful to pass time on your computer while your waiting for something, though I don't play with a physical deck. Windows 7 had some nice card games, but the ones on Windows 10 aren't as good. Does anybody make a free version of Klondike where all the cards are revealed in the beginning so you can plan your moves accordingly?
  11. There's still 4 NPCs still available and 1 chance to name something.
  12. The visions may occur on a certain day (holiday) though I'm not 100% sure.
  13. Will you be able to enter the various buildings in each town similar to Avadon?
  14. It would've been cool if you could continue to play the game after you won. Then I Would go down to Lennus/Squiggus and gloat about being made dervishes of the empire. "I'm pretty sure that attacking an empire dervish is punishable by death. Assuming you survive, that is."
  15. What exactly does the losing text say if you reach day 180 and haven't solved any of the plagues or spoken to princess Prozac?
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