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  1. I'm really happy with the current state of our difficulty system (as seen in new Geneforge and Queen's Wish). There are basically 4 sorts of people who play our games, and each difficulty caters very well to one of them. The difficulties are distinct enough that they're basically 4 different games. There really are people who play these games who insist on achieving maximum efficiency with their characters and being destroyed if they don't, and Torment is for them. Veteran is the Serious Gamer/Actual Challenge setting. It is quite tricky. I don't play it.
  2. It sounds like the experience you are looking for is what I balance Veteran difficulty to be. Torment is meant for players who really, really want a total min-max challenge in these games. Shapers are meant to be fragile cloth-wearers. They are supposed to hide behind their wall of monsters. In return for their weakness, their creations can become amazingly powerful fairly quickly.
  3. This dialogue doesn't give the quest. You need to talk to Sessina and hear Sessina's entire story. Then the question = "Let's talk more about the danger here."; prompt will appear and you can get the actual quest.
  4. Yeah, this is not the desired behavior. Fixed in v101. I don't want the drayk to be able to solo Trajkov at all, but he is a useful ally.
  5. I put them there because I thought it was funny. Now that you got them the hard way, you can have a ton.
  6. Thank you for the email! This is fixed in v101. (I usually watch the forums for bugs the first month after release, but emailing me is always the best way to get things fixed fast.)
  7. I pay very little attention to any forums most of the time, but I do watch forums right after a release. If you wanted to have one bug collection thread, I would follow it. But the fastest way to get a bug alert right in front of me is to write support@spiderwebsoftware.com. Thanks! I'll look at those typos for v101.
  8. Thank you so much for making this. It's an incredible resource.
  9. I'm sorry about this. The game only supports iPhone 6 or later. I will push an update through as fast as I can to add this information to the game description. In the meantime, you can get a refund here ... https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204084 Our bad. I'll get the description updated asap.
  10. We never got this bug report (sometimes emails get lost), but I lucked into this thread. The Peadar thing is fixed. Thanks!
  11. I'm honestly not sure what's happening either. I just gave this code a good long look and I can't figure out the problem or reproduce it. Have you made the Ahriel your vassals again? If so, on what side? Have you used any cheat codes?
  12. Hello, we’re Spiderweb Software! We’re a husband and wife time in damp Seattle, WA who have been creating fantasy adventures since 1994. Our games are low-budget, retro, and indie, but feature cool stories, unique worlds, and fun game systems. We have made Avernum saga (old-school, combat-heavy adventure in a vast underworld), the Geneforge series (utterly open-ended gameplay in a sci-fi flavored fantasy setting), and Avadon series (brutal politics in a vast, war-torn continent), and the new Queen's Wish series (a giant fantasy adventure where you are royalty commanded to prove yourself by restoring the power of your empire). If you would like to follow us and learn more about what we’re doing, we hang out in a lot of spaces. Our official Spiderweb forum, a home for helpful and friendly fans for decades, is where you're at right now. You can join our mailing list and get all our new announcements (but only 3 or 4 a year, tops) here ... http://www.spiderwebsoftware.com/ We also share our thoughts and plans on our Twitter ... https://twitter.com/spiderwebsoft and our Facebook ... https://www.facebook.com/SpiderwebSoftware/ Finally, we have started a Discord, where fans of retro RPGs can meet up, chat, and trade recommendations. https://discord.gg/fAHCRYQ Thanks again for giving us a chance! We have a lot of different games for different sorts of fantasy fans. Hopefully one of our series will be just what you're looking for!
  13. There have been some reports of long pauses during combat when offscreen characters are having their turns. I never got reports of this during testing, and it kind of caught me by surprise. If I had a saved game where it was happening, I could fix it for v103 (and Queen's Wish 2-3). If someone has a fight where it's reproduceable, I'd love to look at it. Save the game to the upper left corner save slot. Send the saved game folder Save0 to support@spiderwebsoftware.com.
  14. I'll fix that Ghorsh typo. That singleton win is very interesting!
  15. I'll be reworking this a lot in Queen's Wish 2. There are the banners, but yeah, it's not ideal as it is.
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