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  1. That's not what I am doing. I've never needed excuses to feel that hierarchy between people is wrong. Especially if it's not based on true respect.
  2. I'm currently reading Monster, Naoki Urasawa's manga, in Japanese. I read slowly because I have to learn the vocabulary at the same time but I enjoy it a lot! 🤗 I'm also reading Tommy & Tuppence Mysteries #1 - The Secret Adversary, by Agatha Christie and The Lord of the Rings, The Fellowship of the Ring, Book Two. I noticed lots of differences between the book and the film, especially in the way the film depicts the characters. On the other hand, I find myself disturbed when I find passages in the book that remind me too much of the film... I also find disturbing the master/servant relationship Frodo and Sam are having, which is present in both the book and the film. 🤔
  3. I've started learning Japanese; learning lists of words is so boring to me that I decided to read "real" books in Japanese. I read slowly, learn the vocabulary and the grammar on the way and it feels really better. 😀 The book I chose is マインドクロン (Mindclone) by David T. Wolf.
  4. Ah, okay. I thought that taking care of the new Nephil fort was an important quest.
  5. Hi, I just bought the whole Geneforge Saga on GoG. I had already bought them on Steam but Steam doesn't provide offline installers for their games, so... I had started playing Geneforge 1 but I gave up fast because I didn't understand the game and how to play it. I'll go back to it in the future. I also bought Nethergate. I notice that this game doesn't get much attention, why is that? 🤨 Queen's Wish 1 and 2 are not on my GoG list because I bought them directly from the site, which redirects to Humble Bundle.
  6. From what you wrote, I'd say « no ». That said, I just began playing Exile, after playing Avernum. And quite frankly, Avernum is a relief compared to Exile, at least for all things related to the dialogues... The quality of the graphics is secondary.
  7. I am at a loss. I think my party has taken care of the Nephilim fort to the North for Captain Johnson in Fort Duvno but I don't seem to be able to find the proper dialogue to tell him and get a reward of some kind. I couldn't find a way to tell the last prisoner that he could go either. Anybody knows about that? Thanks! Edit: now that I think of it, I couldn't find a way to actually get the mission to kill the Nephilim boss either...
  8. Yes, I took a closer look and indeed it is in the install folder; it's called EXILEED.EXE. Thanks!
  9. In Exile II? I'm playing Exile I. I didn't insist since I've created a new party. I'll look further if one of my characters dies in the future. The editor? I don't have an editor for Exile I....
  10. Thanks for your help! I ended up creating a new party... My choices were about the same, except that I gave levels in Item Lore to everyone except the mage (not enough points, he'll get some later). Ian is best at poles, Arielle is an archer, Nathan is specialised in trap disarming, locks picking and using poisoned weapons and throwing weapons, Catherine uses bashing weapons and is knowledgeable in Mage lore, Item lore and Alchemy, Edwin is the wizard of the group, and is good at Mage lore, Rayna is the shaman and is also good at Mage lore. I also changed the graphics; I was using the old ones only, now I'm using the old terrains and Monsters1 sprites alongside all the other new ones. I had to edit Monsters1 because the "living" statues do not use the "not living" statues sprites. Here is my new party, from the left to the right, Catherine, Edwin, Rayna, Arielle, Nathan and Ian.
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