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  1. No resolutions at all; nobody follows them anyway.
  2. Well, I'm afraid the gameplay is suspended right now, for various reasons. I'll get back to it one day or another.
  3. Didn't you get keys when you bought them? Didn't you save them?
  4. Nothing I guess; they are still resting until the Exile party has caught up with them.
  5. I'm still playing Exile, it's just that I haven't managed to get enough spare time lately to play significantly. Right now my party is in the Nephilim Fort near Formello, trying to recover the necklace. With them levelling up, fights have become less frustrating.
  6. Ha ha! Death with twitch gameplay! Long live turn-based gameplay!
  7. What are "twitch" aspects to gameplay? Yeah, this is old stuff that was fashionable twenty years ago; it has been abandoned by probably every game developers by now. What is fashionable today is crafting; who makes a game without crafting nowadays, hey? Even in Queen's Wish! It doesn't mean that it cannot come back of course.
  8. I think it's the last drop but what do you think of that? Pete Hines: "Why Microsoft Is the Perfect Fit". Todd Howard on joining XBox.
  9. These guys are tough indeed. My party will go back there later too. By the way, I know how to avoid monsters spawning too often: do not sleep outside...
  10. Nothing much to say about this week's round. The party went up North after freeing the prisoners from the Nephilim fort, exploring. They stumbled on a "remote temple" and managed to get out of it alive, but it was close. They carried on exploring and eventually found Formello. They visited the city and found its hidden treasure; they disarmed the traps but left the loot on the spot. Then they paid a visit to the mayor who tasked them with retrieving her magic necklace. On to the Nephilim Fort then! Before that, they need to go back to
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