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  1. Oh, interesting... I had already bumped all the walls in that building, a couple of times... perhaps it was before I talked to Sylak?? Thank you!! I'm making a lookup file of all these various hidden things, in case I play this again in the future...
  2. dammit... "in the center of the east side"... "it's easy to find if you know exactly where to look for it"... obviously I don't...
  3. I really would like to obtain Key VI, and supposedly it is only available via a quest from someone named Genevieve, but I don't see *anyone* by that name in Hidden Hollow... what is the trick here?
  4. I'm playing N:R... I recently got polished breastplate after the Lamp battle, but when I tried to put it on my fighter, it told me I am not sufficiently trained to do this. I found a post from Randomizer, back in 2007, referring to original Nethergate: "The polished breastplate and all plate mail are only wearable by Romans. This is to provide some game balance since Celts are now allowed to wear up to chain mail." Is this still true in Resurrection?? Or do I just need to boost his stats in some way?
  5. Ahhh!! Thank you... I wish the in-game map was more useful... Yep, found it... thank you very much!!!
  6. I encountered this place before, but was way under-powered for the final battle. Now I'm ready to handle it, but I cannot find the dungeon!! The game gives no clue, even under the quest listing, it mentions the two people involved, but not the dungeon name... sadly, there are no walkthroughs online that even mention this quest... can anyone give me a lead on this?
  7. I am playing GOG version of Nethergate: Resurrection. My druid has level 8 Craft Circle, and has learned Break Barrier, but it is greyed-out on the casting menu. What else is required for her to cast this spell?? Later note: Nevermind, I figured out how to read the spell requirements. My Craft spell was high enough (because I got it boosted somewhere, I don't recall where), but Druidism wasn't high enough yet...
  8. Which is a shame; now I wish I'd made a copy of those pages, back when they existed. That's what I get for revisiting a game more than 10 years after it was re-released...
  9. Oh My!! That must be it!! And I found those at roughly the time that this started occurring.... What a dilemma; those are pretty nice gauntlets... I'll have to decide how badly I object to getting acidified...
  10. Heh... interesting... actually, I had *two* of them, but not in normal inventory, I had them in our junk bag. I had read that we could safely carry them in the junk bag, and I wondered if I'd eventually find a use for them (which I haven't, so far). Well, apparently I can carry *one* of them safely in junk, since I was doing so for most of the game, but when I grabbed the second one awhile back, that *does* seem to be when our 'entertainment' began... Anyway, thanks for the warning, they're gone now... //**************************************** Later note: no, I'm still getting acid attacks: "One of your characters suddenly falls ill for some reason!" I have gold, fine steel, iron ingots, but uranium any more. Junk bag is empty. And as far as I can tell, I don't have the Xian Pouch either.
  11. Actually, I'm getting acid-ed... it happens every once in awhile, and doesn't really do a meaningful amount of damage, but it's just odd!! I'm assuming I picked up some Xian item that I shouldn't have, and I *do* have several Xian items, though most of them I'm not wearing, but the only one that I've read about that has such an effect is the Xian Pouch, which I don't have in inventory, as far as I can tell. I should probably check Special Items; maybe it's hiding there; or maybe the Xian-item definitions changed in A3RW??
  12. Aye, that I was able to do, once I realized that I needed to seek out that option!!
  13. I'm not entirely sure whether we're talking about the same bridge?? When I left Blackcrag, both times, I backtracked back to where the bridge-that-cannot-be-walked-on was, and in both cases the walls giving access to the bypass passage had closed again, and Move Mountains 3 did not open them... without Prazac's key to the portal, I could not leave. I tried 'u' in every room between the bridge and the walkway up into the castle, and found no hidden passages anywhere... ???
  14. Wow!!! You're right, I never knew about that!!! Thanks... ITM, using 'u' confirms that there are no controls anywhere around that inaccessible switch in the smugglers' tunnel; Is that room accessible from some other path?? Anyway, I'll going back to the Empress and talk to her again; I don't recall if she previously gave me a key or not. Later: That's cool... to get her key, I have to pursue the comment about "the mayor told me to give you this receipt to get a reward" ... I would not normally have broached such a trivial topic with the Empress of the Empire !!! Unfortunately, it seems like that's the only way to successfully escape from the castle...
  15. Well, I'm mystified by all this... I fought my way in the first time, saw a lever in a room but can't find any way to access it. Pressed two buttons to go around the side path, but after dealing with things in the fortress and coming back this way, I found myself trapped here, with the side access closed off, and no access to the buttons. The bridge, of course, cannot be used. Cannot shoot the buttons with a bow. Does that switch in the closed-off room have anything to do with this trap? So then I started the whole thing over, and now am trying more determinedly to get to that switch in the inaccessible room, but I don't see *any* way to get there... What am I missing???
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