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  1. And... how are things going on right now? I hope you're doing well...
  2. My herb collection. Sorry, I forgot to put this in the previous post.
  3. HAHA! Completed all the three great quests of Avernum, and I have a great herb collection at the end! I think I barely used them... I can just remember making a couple energy elixirs but nothing else, killing Hawthorne was easier than I thought as I explored throughout the Spire, killed all of his mages and other things and finally got a cure for the vengeance. I would to share that pic, but <DATA LOST>. I am starting Avernum 2 the very next day which is today, and I think I would share some funny moments of replaying it too!
  4. I had already been through this empire place when I was exploring the Scree Pits but I had to come back there for joining Scimitar because I didn't know of the orb thing the first time and I saw all of the empire wizards and soldiers respawned in the same location as if they were never killed. I know that respawning is a thing but at times it can be extreme... also I had to face 5 drakes in a line that were never before after exiting the crypt in Foul Cavern. Alas, that image is lost. Empire thing: Hmm
  5. I know that this is due to certain limitations within the game, but whatever, its funny. Inkedbrilliant avernum_LI.webp (600×424) (wixstatic.com) And yeah, I am replaying the game. I honestly dunno if to place this in general or avernum forums but I placed it in general as this is slightly off-topic. Hope to add more if I find funny stuff.
  6. Yeah, I had abandoned everything, started afresh and am working on it for 3 days.... very minimalist not like the 1st attempt I tried to make, simple enough to complete and will be probably out in 10 days if not for outside disturbances... And it was not like the 1st attempt was too hard to script, but I felt that the plot was just too dumb and why I was putting such effort on my first scenario. I'm certainly sure of completing this time but I'm not expecting it to be perfect but clean. The best way to start for first scenario-makers.
  7. Something should happen if you skip the whole thing altogether except just nagging as Avernum 3 has interesting progress with the movement of time. I once remember Anaximander's soul talking to me in the game at a point after Day 160... but I never played that one farther so I don't know, maybe someone else encountered some issues after that, you can tell it here.
  8. Yeah, I had crossed Day 160 in Avernum 3 when I played and also successfully destroyed the portal but I am curious about what happens if you never do anything about it and just roam in the surface. Please give an descriptive reply as no other walkthroughs (I saw) tell about this.
  9. We have already discussed this topic in another topic but I think Queen's Wish 2 and Geneforge 2 Remake are in his main focus next. There are probabilties of Avernum 0 but we should remember that not every story finds itself as a game. We have even imagined like... its plot! But in real world scenario I think he's done with Avernum for now. That makes sense. I can't see a future for Spiderweb after he retires as he doesn't employ a big group. So maybe A3RW is the last Avernum game or we can see a twist.
  10. 2 parts of the stream Avernum 3: Ruined World done by Jeff are released in YouTube under the channel spiderwebsoftware1 on 1/30/21.
  11. Too excited for the homeland to arrive.
  12. The topic of new year resolutions pleases me always, but I have decided that there is not going to be any ''''''resolutions'''''' next year because I don't just follow them any year. 😁
  13. Yeah, I know I am not making any progress. But don't think that I am one of those who makes oaths of creating scenarios and do nothing. I thought that the plot was too dumb and large for a first timer to do with and I am busy with my work too right now. But hopefully I will create something decent and never go scenario-less.
  14. Yeah, I know that Rosetta 2 exists to allow old X86 based programs to run on new ARM chips, but I predict that these won't last longer as like the previous transition. And Spiderweb games have historically been played for a longer time, and it is evident from games like Exile which are still played (Not on new macs). So, it makes sense to create some piece of innovation that helps this to continue. I know that most of the gamers don't use Macs, but some folks are out in there. Why would we like someone to say, "I unfortunately can't play Geneforge: Mutagen in my 2025 iMac." ???
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