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  1. >> http://content.invisioncic.com/r224167/monthly_2020_08/1701648792_ADoSCrest.thumb.png.e466795adc0a0fd1052a73fef0c22f38.png Member 4,733 posts LocationMassachusetts Posted 23 hours ago >>The idea is the Cave Lore gives them better navigational skills, so they avoid pricking themselves on poisonous fungi or falling into toxic sludge.<< That must be it. They still get poisoned in combat like any other group I had, but they don't outside.
  2. >>Good Constitution reduces the impact of poison and disease, yes. That's it's primary function. << But it never saved them from getting poisoned in the first place. Really, I don't consider it logical that cave lore will let them cross a swamp without getting poisoned while a char without cave lore gets poisoned after two moves, but it does.
  3. AFAIK there aren't as many rings etc of poison resistance in Exile II as there are in Exile I. No idea whether higher poison resistance would be part of either good constitution or toughness which all of them have anyway. But in that old save only one of them had cave lore and that one would be the only one not getting poisoned while crossing a swamp. That's why I gave cave lore to everyone in the new party as I couldn't be bothered curing poison every few steps. But that cough is still getting on my nerves....
  4. A few weeks ago, I saw that all of my PCs showed signs of poisoning, while crossing a swamp, all save the one with the characteristic 'cave lore'. Shortly after the machine that game was on broke and the saves on it couldn't be recovered without professional help. So I created a new party on a machine running Windows Vista and gave cave lore to everyone. I usually give several charactaristics to each character as I enjoy roaming the countryside killing everything that will fight, and I almost never finish a game lower than lvl 40, so the extra 9 points won't matter. None of them get poisoned any more when crossing a swamp, but they still get that nerve-racking cough. Did anyone here know, that cave lore could do that?
  5. Then I hope they've waited for me, as I've been to Vahnatai land and back and have already gained royal clearance. Or I might have forgotten all about killing them. Thanks for your help.
  6. Some distance south of Fort Draco on the opposite side of the river there's a special where a ghost appears who promises a reward if you would take revenge on some ogres he couldn't escape from. Has anyone ever been able to resolve this event, find and kill the ogres and be rewarded? With such a lot of knowledgeable people here, I'm holding my breath. -> Traute
  7. Outdoors? I thought they might be found in a crypt. Outdoors? My bet is on the Tower of the Magi quest. More time, as my party is still lvl 6 hunting for random encounter. BTW I found another good use for 'wound'. Fighting Garzahd my caster ran out of smoky crystals. I had three fighters with low lvl priest skills and, of course, a high lvl priest. I had them gang up on Garzahd and shower him with 'wound' spells. They got him in about four rounds. 'Wound' was the only spell he wasn't immune to.
  8. Does anyone know where to find crypt shrooms? During my last time through Exile 2 I just found two or three lots. Are they supposed to grow in crypts? I don't think there's a shop selling them, or I must have missed it.
  9. After putting the levers in the correct pattern - took me ages - I reached the place where Delrin-Bok was supposed to be and found - nothing. Now I didn't use shockwave as I don't have it yet, or he just might have dropped some item, so where is he? Has anyone ever seen and fought him? I wonder. I have moved on free Caffren-Bok, and I enjoyed the battle at the Guardian Plains very much, only I couldn't save many of the Vahnatai troups, they're dying like flies left, right and center. I even killed Garzahd, the dialogue said he was dead, but of course he will pop up again for the end fight.
  10. It's south-east of the Nephilim castle. Anyone ever got in there? I've been wasting my time trying. Traute
  11. The same Walner ? Thanks, then I'll risk a trip to Fort Duvno. I hope they'll survive the journey, but I planned on concentrating on random encounters for the next day or so anyway. Thanks.
  12. After four games of Exile Escape From the Pit, I started Crystal Souls last night. After finishing the thieves' hideout under Fort Draco and abt. two dozen random encounters, my party's inventory is bursting with unidentified items, and there's no sage at Fort Draco. Of course, there's always the problem of identifying an item for more than it's worth, but I'd really like to know what to throw out and what to keep. I'm looking forward to your replies. Best regards, Traute
  13. I finished the game. What worked for me was to operate the topmost button first, then the one next to the entrance and after that the one to the east, beyond the sea of lava. The button behind the stalactites stayed blocked, so it must have been a red herring all along. I'm in the middle of creating my next party. Thanks to all for your help.
  14. Thank you. I think I start with the one to the right of the entrance and work my way up to the one with the lava boat, then over to the top left. I only hope that after button No. 3 I can reach the one behind the stalactites that was visible right from the start.
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